Activists and Assassinations

At last night’s closing ceremony of the Olympic Games the Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe was dressed as Nintendo’s Super Mario. Abe was there to accept the Olympic Torch for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo; which is a tad surreal when you take into account that just 150 miles (250km) from Tokyo there are three commercial-size nuclear reactors in complete and ongoing meltdown. Despite the high levels of radiation, they are even planning to host some of the events in Fukushima, which is rather jolly.

Talking of which, during 2014 and 2015, Dana Durnford spent 260 days on the ocean carrying out his crowd-funded Expedition for Life, which documented the damage that Fukushima radiation has done to the tidal zones of British Columbia (which is downwind and downstream of Japan). The following is an excerpt from a video that Dana put out on the 14th of this month…

The complete 1 hour video can be found here.

The 14th was a Sunday, and after posting this video Dana set out on a journey to Victoria, on Vancouver Island, where on the Monday he was due to make his sixth court appearance. Dana lives in Powell River, on the Sunshine Coast, and it’s a hell of a journey by ferry and road to get down to Victoria. Well, Dana never made it because while driving at high speed two of the wheel bearings on his vehicle seized up, and he came very close to having a nasty accident.

Yesterday Dana put out a video prior to setting off on what he describes as the final Expedition for Life. In this video he displays his usual fighting form, but there’s a resigned air about him, as though he knows he won’t be coming back. Here’s an excerpt…

The complete 30 minute video can be found here.

Dana’s web site:

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Propaganda and Pyrotechnics

Media Lens celebrated it’s 15th birthday last month. It’s founders, David Cromwell and David Edwards, said this in a fundraising editorial…

We began Media Lens, not because we believed high quality broadsheets were offset by a morally debased tabloid press; not because the ‘left-leaning’ liberal press was fine, but the Tory press was dreadful; not because the press as a whole was biased on some issues, or plagued by ‘churnalism’. We started Media Lens because the deeper we looked into almost every issue, the more we found that the truth of corporate media performance was actually breath-taking, jaw-dropping, sci-fi surreal. We found that the entire system had evolved and been designed to systematically filter out, reject, marginalise, mock and ignore just about everything and everyone that threatened the elite-run, state-corporate status quo.

I concur, and nowhere is this more apparent at the moment than in the UK, with the unprecedented hate campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, who one year ago became leader of the Labour Party. Ed Torsney is a film maker who also has a lot of experience producing and directing live broadcast TV. He’s done the following critical analysis of a recent Channel 4 News interview, and it’s well worth a watch…

This brings me on to 9/11, not only because there are so many anomalies surrounding the events of September 11th 2001, but also because 9/11 has to be seen in the context of a totally bent mainstream media. Debates about 9/11 tend to get very polarized. Back in 2014 George Galloway did a ‘Conspiracy Special’ on his TalkRadio show. I include it here because it’s a very balanced and level-headed debate, giving the pros and cons an equal voice…

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A Dose Of The Trots

Another week in the lunatic asylum…

In the UK on Monday a high court judge ruled that 130,000 new members of the Labour Party would be eligible to vote in next month’s leadership election, in which Jeremy Corbyn will be up against a total non-entity called Owen Smith. This court case came about because the Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC) ruled that only people who had been a member for more than six months would be eligible to vote. The NEC pulled this stunt because they know that most of the new members will vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Last month the NEC also increased the membership fee from £3 to £25 in an attempt to discourage the record-breaking numbers of people who are now joining the Labour Party. No, I’m not making this up.

Then on Tuesday this was all over the media…

Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, has said his party is at risk of being taken over by hard-left “Trotsky entryists”, who are “twisting the arms” of young members, sparking a furious response from backers of Jeremy Corbyn.

During the unprecedented hate campaign against Jeremy Corbyn there have been many accusations of ‘hard left infiltration’ of the Labour Party, but these accusations are very easy to disprove.

Then on Friday we were back in court again, as the NEC appealed against the court ruling earlier in the week. This time three judges ruled in favour of the NEC: the 130,000 new Labour members will not be allowed to vote in the leadership election. Aside from the fact that one of the judges has close connections to Tony Blair, the five new members who brought the original case have been lumped with £60,000 in legal costs. This ruling is quite extraordinary, because it leaves contract law in tatters (which is why the judge on Monday, who ruled in favour of the new members, said that there’s no way the NEC would win an appeal). The new members were told that if they paid a £25 membership fee they would be allowed to vote in the leadership election, but then the NEC changed the contract by refusing to allow new members a vote. It’s a bit like ordering and paying for an expensive smart phone from Amazon, and then Amazon change what they’ve been contracted to do and instead send you an inferior model, and they can do this quite legally. That’s effectively what Friday’s court ruling means, and it’s why it seems certain that the case will go on to the Supreme Court (and the irony is that the NEC are funding these legal actions with membership money).

Even without those 130,000 new members voting it’s odds-on that Jeremy Corbyn will walk next month’s leadership election. Last year by a complete flook Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, and ever since then a large majority of his own MPs have tried every dirty trick in the book to unseat him; yet it’s this kind of gutter politics that drives people in droves to Corbyn. Plotters like Tom Watson, Angela Eagle, Owen Smith and Hilary Benn don’t seem to care that they’re committing political suicide. They also seem to be quite happy to totally destroy the Labour Party if it would get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. In the wake of the legal stuff this week many people are asking why would the plotters behave in such an extreme manner?!

The answer to that is simple: Britain is a vassal state of the American Empire, and Washington will never allow a real socialist to attain a position of political power in Britain.

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The Silly Season

In the UK the month of August is traditionally known as the ‘silly season’, because the mass media often focus on trivial or frivolous matters for lack of major news stories. Well, after more than three decades of neo-conservatism it’s now the silly season 365 days of the year. Take the Olympics, for example, which have just kicked off in Rio de Janeiro. Aside from the Russian ‘doping scandal’, which is yet another piece of clumsy anti-Putin propaganda from Washington, there’s actually a right wing coup going on in Brazil which is also orchestrated by Washington; and talking of coups, last month we had the failed coup in Turkey. This one continues to puzzle observers, although the general consensus is that Uncle Sam was behind it, because Turkey is shifting away from the western sphere of influence and cosying-up to the Russians. Back to the Russians again, and that terribly evil president Putin, because a WikiLeaks release of emails showed that Democrats were cheating Sanders out of the presidential nomination, so the Democrats blamed the e-mail hack on the Russians in order to deflect attention from the most corrupt presidential candidate in US history. Dang, those evil Russians! Attempts to ban them from the Olympics failed, but Russian athletes have been banned from the Paralympics; and sticking with sport, in June we had the Euro 2016 football tournament taking place in France. Half way through the tournament, in Paris there were some of the worst riots in modern French history. The presstitutes didn’t think it was worth mentioning, or that it’s real perdy that the French people are rising up against the neo-con agenda and American hegemony. It seems all roads lead to the USA.

Don’t go playing down any abandoned mine shafts, little Johnny…

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Fukushima Fatigue

I haven’t written anything about Fukushima since the 5th anniversary of the disaster last March. I call it ‘Fukushima fatigue’ and many in the anti-nuke community are suffering from it. We’ve had five years of trying to make people aware of the horror story that is Fukushima, and now we’re somewhat burnt out. My own little contribution was 80 or so blog posts, starting right from the get go on 11th March 2011.

Today I came across this piece in the Guardian:

According to the Guardian, sales of tuna are being withdrawn due to over-fishing; but maybe it’s somehow connected to this…

All along the western Canadian coast, mussels are dying. Their blobby bodies are swollen by tumors. The blood-like fluid that fills their interiors is clogged with malignant cells. They’re all sick with the same thing: cancer. And it seems to be spreading.

Is the tuna over-fishing stuff a fishy cover-up..? well, last month TEPCO actually admitted that they were covering-up the Fukushima disaster. It was one of those rare instances when something resembling the truth makes it into the mainstream media. Likewise, earlier this year, ABC made a 30 minute documentary about Fukushima. Some parts of this documentary will bring a wry smile to seasoned Fukushima watchers, but, surprisingly, overall it’s quite truthful and accurate and is well worth a watch. One thing that struck me is how beautiful the countryside is, countryside that’s now contaminated and uninhabitable practically for ever…

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The Nightmare Begins

The last ten days have certainly been eventful, to put it mildly. It started on 14th July, Bastille Day, with the terror attack in Nice. As always with these sort of events there were lots of anomalies: an almost complete lack of mobile phone and security camera footage, barely any blood on the roadway, no blood at all on the lorry, no footage of the lorry actually hitting anyone, etc, etc; and talking of that big, white lorry, a German journalist called Richard Gutjahr just happened to be sitting on a hotel balcony as the lorry went by on its attack run (his mobile phone footage is the usual bad quality that you get with these events). Eight days later Richard Gutjahr just happened to be outside a MacDonalds in Munich as a gunman started going on a shooting spree. This could just be a coincidence (Gutjahr lives in Munich), as could the fact that he’s married to an Israeli politician called Einat Wilf who has close links with Mossad. Gutjahr’s photos of the shooting spree were widely used by the media, but once his connections became known these photos all now seem to have disapeared, including the ones he posted to his Twitter account:

Gutjar twitter

The plot thickened last Thursday when reports surfaced that the French anti-terrorist police had asked the authorities in Nice to delete all CCTV footage of the terror attack (original French language report here). This may just be the French police trying to cover-up their blunders in preventing the attack, but when you combine it with everything else I’ve outlined here you might start to smell fish.

In France we’ve had the Charlie Hebdo attack in January 2015, the ‘Paris attacks’ in November 2015 and the Nice attack in July 2016. Inbetween these major events there’s been lots of very minor events (example), but nonetheless they’ve been completely hyped-up by the media whores and described as ‘Islamic terrorism’. So where is all this leading..? Well, after the Nice attack the state of emergency, introduced in the wake of the Paris attacks, was extended by another six months, and it looks like the state of emergency is set to become permanent. Think about that.

This brings us on to Germany, where there have been 4 ‘terror attacks’ in the last 7 days:

An Afghan asylum seeker armed with an axe and a knife attacked and wounded five people on a train near Würzburg.

An Iranian-German shot dead nine people in Munich, which Herr Gutjahr kindly photographed for us

A Syrian asylum seeker killed a woman with a machete

A Syrian man killed himself and injured 12 people after a ‘deliberate explosion’

All of these attacks happened in Bavaria, in southern Germany, and they were all totally hyped-up by the presstitutes. If you wanted to stir-up racial hatred and start a race war there’s no better way of going about it. Incidentally, the Munich shooting spree took place at what was the site of the 1972 Olympics, where a Palestinian terrorist organisation murdered 11 Israeli athletes. Last week’s events in Munich took place on the 22nd of July, which is the anniversary of the King David hotel bombing, which is a significant event in Israeli history. The 22nd of July was also the fifth anniversary of the Brevik massacre in Norway. Is this all just coincidence..? I’ll leave that one with you.

If events in Germany follow the pattern in France we’ll have a ‘terrorist spectacular’ sometime soon, and the German government will just have to introduce a state of emergency. Do you see where this is going..? (and Britain will probably be next) These ‘terror attacks’ are happening at an ever increasing pace. I don’t pretend to know what’s really happening here, but I do know that something’s going down, and it’s something big. It could be the total economic collapse that many have been predicting. It could be war with Russia. It could be the complete corporate take over. Who knows..?

“May you live in interesting times” is not really an old Chinese curse, yet it is entirely applicable to our present age.

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Let me adjust my tin foil hat

Whether you love him or hate him, I would guess that the unprecedented hate campaign in the UK against Jeremy Corbyn has opened many people’s eyes as to the actual nature of the society they live in, and in particular the role of the media; but increasingly you’re not allowed to question things; you’re force fed the official narrative and anyone who looks outside of this narrative is called a ‘tin foil hatter’ or a ‘conspiraloon’ et al; which of course brings me onto events in Nice last week, where we’re told that a large lorry ploughed through hundreds of people, killing 84 of them (and not a spec of blood on the lorry). Many people are questioning this narrative, which is not surprising, given the timing of the Nice attack and a whole heap of other things that just don’t add-up.

Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. Last weekend he appeared on the Sunday Wire radio show as a guest of Patrick Henningsen. The subjects were the Nice attack and the coup in Turkey. Here are some excerpts from the programme. If you have the inclination, have a listen and make up your own mind as to whether these people are ‘conspiraloons’, or whether they are just talking common sense…

The complete interview is an hour long and can be found here (it starts 93 minutes into the programme).

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Bonjour Dear Psychos

In the aftermath of the terrible events in Nice on Bastille Day, people are quite rightly asking why is it France that keeps being attacked? Well, first you have to look at exactly what these attacks are. One obvious thing in Paris and now Nice is the almost complete lack of footage from mobile phones and security cameras. You can call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but the lack of footage of these events, which both occurred in very crowded places, is not theory, it’s fact. There’s lots of other things as well that point towards these events being put-up jobs, but I’m not going to get into all that now.

Next you have to look at what’s been happening in France; ie, the largest civil unrest since the French Revolution more than 200 years ago. You could say it started with the massive pension protests back in 2010, when the government raised the retirement age, and it’s been bubbling along ever since then. It kicked-off big time again in March of this year, and to begin with the mainstream media covered it. When it became apparent that these strikes and demonstrations were going to be ongoing, an almost complete media blackout came into play. The French people are not just demonstrating about the new employment laws which were forced through by President Hollande without allowing parliament a vote on it. There’s also anger about the ongoing state of emergency – which effectively suspends the rule of law in France – introduced after last November’s terror attacks in Paris. Then there’s the TTIP trade deal currently being negotiated between America and the EU, not to mention a number of other things. It can all be summed-up as a mass protest against what’s called ‘globalisation’, which is a polite term for America’s attempt to take over the world.

In the early hours of Friday morning, shortly after the Nice terror attack, president Hollande addressed the nation. He stated that France was now at war and the state of emergency, which is due to expire on 26th July, will be extended by another 3 months. There’s every indication that the state of emergency will become permanent (think about that: France under permanent martial law). Also, yesterday it was announced that France has called up 12,000 police reservists. The attack in Nice was terrible, but does it really merit such measures? or are these moves to keep the lid on civil unrest and force the neo-con agenda on the French people? (which includes racking-up the war in Syria)

This brings us to the other side of the Channel, where there’s also large scale protest against the neo-con agenda. This not only involves demonstrations and strikes (including the junior doctors, who have never gone on strike before) but also the Corbyn phenomenon and the unprecedented hate campaign against him. In recent years the frightening thing is that the mainstream media, all across the spectrum, are not only now all singing from the same neo-con hymn sheet, it’s co-ordinated propaganda.

The antithesis of the lunatic asylum that is modern day Britain could be seen last Wednesday, when Theresa May became prime minister (the 13th prime minister under the reign of Elizabeth II, and May was appointed on the 13th day of the month, if you’re superstitious). As she was making her acceptance speech outside No.10 you could clearly hear a noisy demonstration going on. As far as I’m aware none of the presstitutes commented on this, or mentioned the fact that it was DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) who were demonstrating; this while Theresa May was spouting the usual nonsense about David Cameron’s great social legacy, and how under her leadership Britain will become an even more fairer and inclusive place, etc, etc.

They say that Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable, but what about the Tories? Will the doctors vote for them? will the teachers? etc, etc. What about the appalling ‘austerity’ they’ve forced on the country, which the UN has declared to be in breach of international human rights obligations. As in France, the people of Britain have had enough of this nonsense, hence the Corbyn phenomenon. Since Corbyn became leader 10 months ago, the membership of the Labour Party has more than doubled, making it by far the largest political party in the UK (and in western Europe), and an opinion poll this week puts Labour 5 points ahead of the Tories. If Corbyn can survive the leadership challenge, and the completely underhand tricks the red tories are playing against him, not to mention the presstitutes spewing out a barrage of propaganda against him, what chance would he have in a general election against the most authoritarian, racist and austerity-obsessed government in British history?

Ha, you really don’t need to ask!

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99 Red Balloons

The Establishment are shitting themselves. They are shitting themselves because of an MP called Jeremy Corbyn, who last year, by complete flook, was put on the ballot for the Labour Party leadership and won it in the first round with a record-breaking 60% of the vote. Amongst other things, Corbyn and his team are anti-war and anti-nuclear, pro-Palestine, and they want to nationalise the railways and the Bank of England. Also, if a Labour government is elected Corbyn & Co want to re-evaluate Britain’s relationship with America. You can perhaps imagine how all this goes down with the batshit crazies who presently inhabit Washington, and so we’ve got the absolutely unprecedented hate campaign against Corbyn. I’ve been following politics for more than 4 decades and I’ve never seen anything like it. Whether you love or hate Corbyn, I would guess the non-stop vitriol from the presstitutes has opened many people’s eyes with regard to the kind of ersatz democracy that Britain has become. Here’s some of what the media whores don’t tell you:

Since becoming leader of the Labour Party, Corbyn has more than doubled its membership, making it by far the largest political party in the UK; and more recently, despite the tacky coup against Corbyn, another 100,000 people have joined the Labour Party since the EU referendum result.

In the short time that Corbyn has been leader, the tories have been forced to u-turn on tax credit cuts, the disability benefit cuts, a deal to run prisons in Saudi Arabia, the forced privatisation of every school in England and police budget cuts. This is more than his predecessor Ed Miliband managed in five years as leader.

They say that Corbyn is not ‘leadership material’, yet he’s managed to weather the biggest hate campaign ever seen in British politics, which includes being stabbed in the back by a large majority of his own MPs.

Talking of which, yesterday, in a carefully choreographed show, Theresa May was anointed as the next tory PM. Inbetween bashing Corbyn, the presstitutes were crowing over the fact that May’s speech contained ‘socialist ideas’. At exactly the same time, and all part of the choreography, Angela Eagle mounted her leadership bid against Corbyn. It’s all totally laughable, it really is.

At the time of writing it’s still uncertain if Corbyn will survive as leader of the Labour Party. The stakes here are colossal, because of what’s going on with Russia: NATO is continuing its expansion along Russia’s borders, and the Americans recently announced that they are going to base missiles in Romania and Poland. It’s highly likely that Russia will not tolerate this (how would the Americans react if Russia based missiles in Canada and Mexico?) and will take out these missiles before they can be properly installed. This brings us back to the batshit crazies in Washington, many of whom are eagerly awaiting the Rapture and talk openly of war with Russia. In fact, the biggest propaganda machine in history, which is directed from Washington, is preparing the people of the west for war. You know, the constant Putin and Russia bashing that spews forth from the vile propaganda scum who work for the MSM.

Jeremy Corbyn is by no means perfect, but if he does become PM (and the Establishment know there’s every chance of this) he’s the only western politician at present who will try to prevent this madness.

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Party Games

Considering the Brexit vote, and then the coup against Jeremy Corbyn, yesterday’s PMQs was a very muted affair. Things only heated up with Corbyn’s final two questions…

Today the tories kicked off their leadership contest, with Theresa May being the main contender. May says she is opposed to an early election. This is because Jeremy Corbyn is not going anywhere, and will easily beat the likes of Theresa May in a general election. ‘They’ know this and it’s why they are terrified of Jeremy Corbyn. Hence the totally pathetic ‘coup’ against him, which has no real public support. The ‘ordinary voter’ is starting to realise just how completely rotten the system is, and that their elected representatives have nothing but utter contempt for them…

With the Chilcot Report coming out in the next week or so public opinion will force a general election in October or November, which Corbyn will win.

What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

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