Let me adjust my tin foil hat

Whether you love him or hate him, I would guess that the unprecedented hate campaign in the UK against Jeremy Corbyn has opened many people’s eyes as to the actual nature of the society they live in, and in particular the role of the media; but increasingly you’re not allowed to question things; you’re force fed the official narrative and anyone who looks outside of this narrative is called a ‘tin foil hatter’ or a ‘conspiraloon’ et al; which of course brings me onto events in Nice last week, where we’re told that a large lorry ploughed through hundreds of people, killing 84 of them (and not a spec of blood on the lorry). Many people are questioning this narrative, which is not surprising, given the timing of the Nice attack and a whole heap of other things that just don’t add-up.

Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. Last weekend he appeared on the Sunday Wire radio show as a guest of Patrick Henningsen. The subjects were the Nice attack and the coup in Turkey. Here are some excerpts from the programme. If you have the inclination, have a listen and make up your own mind as to whether these people are ‘conspiraloons’, or whether they are just talking common sense…

The complete interview is an hour long and can be found here (it starts 93 minutes into the programme).

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Bonjour Dear Psychos

In the aftermath of the terrible events in Nice on Bastille Day, people are quite rightly asking why is it France that keeps being attacked? Well, first you have to look at exactly what these attacks are. One obvious thing in Paris and now Nice is the almost complete lack of footage from mobile phones and security cameras. You can call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but the lack of footage of these events, which both occurred in very crowded places, is not theory, it’s fact. There’s lots of other things as well that point towards these events being put-up jobs, but I’m not going to get into all that now.

Next you have to look at what’s been happening in France; ie, the largest civil unrest since the French Revolution more than 200 years ago. You could say it started with the massive pension protests back in 2010, when the government raised the retirement age, and it’s been bubbling along ever since then. It kicked-off big time again in March of this year, and to begin with the mainstream media covered it. When it became apparent that these strikes and demonstrations were going to be ongoing, an almost complete media blackout came into play. The French people are not just demonstrating about the new employment laws which were forced through by President Hollande without allowing parliament a vote on it. There’s also anger about the ongoing state of emergency – which effectively suspends the rule of law in France – introduced after last November’s terror attacks in Paris. Then there’s the TTIP trade deal currently being negotiated between America and the EU, not to mention a number of other things. It can all be summed-up as a mass protest against what’s called ‘globalisation’, which is a polite term for America’s attempt to take over the world.

In the early hours of Friday morning, shortly after the Nice terror attack, president Hollande addressed the nation. He stated that France was now at war and the state of emergency, which is due to expire on 26th July, will be extended by another 3 months. There’s every indication that the state of emergency will become permanent (think about that: France under permanent martial law). Also, yesterday it was announced that France has called up 12,000 police reservists. The attack in Nice was terrible, but does it really merit such measures? or are these moves to keep the lid on civil unrest and force the neo-con agenda on the French people? (which includes racking-up the war in Syria)

This brings us to the other side of the Channel, where there’s also large scale protest against the neo-con agenda. This not only involves demonstrations and strikes (including the junior doctors, who have never gone on strike before) but also the Corbyn phenomenon and the unprecedented hate campaign against him. In recent years the frightening thing is that the mainstream media, all across the spectrum, are not only now all singing from the same neo-con hymn sheet, it’s co-ordinated propaganda.

The antithesis of the lunatic asylum that is modern day Britain could be seen last Wednesday, when Theresa May became prime minister (the 13th prime minister under the reign of Elizabeth II, and May was appointed on the 13th day of the month, if you’re superstitious). As she was making her acceptance speech outside No.10 you could clearly hear a noisy demonstration going on. As far as I’m aware none of the presstitutes commented on this, or mentioned the fact that it was DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) who were demonstrating; this while Theresa May was spouting the usual nonsense about David Cameron’s great social legacy, and how under her leadership Britain will become an even more fairer and inclusive place, etc, etc.

They say that Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable, but what about the Tories? Will the doctors vote for them? will the teachers? etc, etc. What about the appalling ‘austerity’ they’ve forced on the country, which the UN has declared to be in breach of international human rights obligations. As in France, the people of Britain have had enough of this nonsense, hence the Corbyn phenomenon. Since Corbyn became leader 10 months ago, the membership of the Labour Party has more than doubled, making it by far the largest political party in the UK (and in western Europe), and an opinion poll this week puts Labour 5 points ahead of the Tories. If Corbyn can survive the leadership challenge, and the completely underhand tricks the red tories are playing against him, not to mention the presstitutes spewing out a barrage of propaganda against him, what chance would he have in a general election against the most authoritarian, racist and austerity-obsessed government in British history?

Ha, you really don’t need to ask!

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99 Red Balloons

The Establishment are shitting themselves. They are shitting themselves because of an MP called Jeremy Corbyn, who last year, by complete flook, was put on the ballot for the Labour Party leadership and won it in the first round with a record-breaking 60% of the vote. Amongst other things, Corbyn and his team are anti-war and anti-nuclear, pro-Palestine, and they want to nationalise the railways and the Bank of England. Also, if a Labour government is elected Corbyn & Co want to re-evaluate Britain’s relationship with America. You can perhaps imagine how all this goes down with the batshit crazies who presently inhabit Washington, and so we’ve got the absolutely unprecedented hate campaign against Corbyn. I’ve been following politics for more than 4 decades and I’ve never seen anything like it. Whether you love or hate Corbyn, I would guess the non-stop vitriol from the presstitutes has opened many people’s eyes with regard to the kind of ersatz democracy that Britain has become. Here’s some of what the media whores don’t tell you:

Since becoming leader of the Labour Party, Corbyn has more than doubled its membership, making it by far the largest political party in the UK; and more recently, despite the tacky coup against Corbyn, another 100,000 people have joined the Labour Party since the EU referendum result.

In the short time that Corbyn has been leader, the tories have been forced to u-turn on tax credit cuts, the disability benefit cuts, a deal to run prisons in Saudi Arabia, the forced privatisation of every school in England and police budget cuts. This is more than his predecessor Ed Miliband managed in five years as leader.

They say that Corbyn is not ‘leadership material’, yet he’s managed to weather the biggest hate campaign ever seen in British politics, which includes being stabbed in the back by a large majority of his own MPs.

Talking of which, yesterday, in a carefully choreographed show, Theresa May was anointed as the next tory PM. Inbetween bashing Corbyn, the presstitutes were crowing over the fact that May’s speech contained ‘socialist ideas’. At exactly the same time, and all part of the choreography, Angela Eagle mounted her leadership bid against Corbyn. It’s all totally laughable, it really is.

At the time of writing it’s still uncertain if Corbyn will survive as leader of the Labour Party. The stakes here are colossal, because of what’s going on with Russia: NATO is continuing its expansion along Russia’s borders, and the Americans recently announced that they are going to base missiles in Romania and Poland. It’s highly likely that Russia will not tolerate this (how would the Americans react if Russia based missiles in Canada and Mexico?) and will take out these missiles before they can be properly installed. This brings us back to the batshit crazies in Washington, many of whom are eagerly awaiting the Rapture and talk openly of war with Russia. In fact, the biggest propaganda machine in history, which is directed from Washington, is preparing the people of the west for war. You know, the constant Putin and Russia bashing that spews forth from the vile propaganda scum who work for the MSM.

Jeremy Corbyn is by no means perfect, but if he does become PM (and the Establishment know there’s every chance of this) he’s the only western politician at present who will try to prevent this madness.

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Party Games

Considering the Brexit vote, and then the coup against Jeremy Corbyn, yesterday’s PMQs was a very muted affair. Things only heated up with Corbyn’s final two questions…

Today the tories kicked off their leadership contest, with Theresa May being the main contender. May says she is opposed to an early election. This is because Jeremy Corbyn is not going anywhere, and will easily beat the likes of Theresa May in a general election. ‘They’ know this and it’s why they are terrified of Jeremy Corbyn. Hence the totally pathetic ‘coup’ against him, which has no real public support. The ‘ordinary voter’ is starting to realise just how completely rotten the system is, and that their elected representatives have nothing but utter contempt for them…

With the Chilcot Report coming out in the next week or so public opinion will force a general election in October or November, which Corbyn will win.

What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

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History and Histrionics

Whether you were a Remainer or a Brexiteer, I think it’s safe to say that this morning the majority of Brits (myself included) were surprised to find that the referendum vote went in favour of a Brexit. Despite being very pro-Europe and a strong believer in European unity, I was in the Brexit camp, and I found myself with some unlikely bedfellows. No doubt many will say that Brexit means a lurch to the right, but Britain has been a neo-con right wing madhouse for years now, and it comes from both of the two main political parties. I went Brexit to give two fingers to Washington and to try to prevent World War Three. On this blog I have banged-on about how totally wacko the EU referendum debate has been, with no real issues being talked about. This lack of reality, served-up by the politicians and presstitutes, made many people confused about the vote. Bottom line, this was all about the American empire and its control of Europe, which is why someone like me had to hold their nose and try to avoid the smell of kippers.

Whatever your take on it, Brexit is a mega historical event, if it happens… prime minister David Cameron did not resign this morning (as I believe he should have done). Instead he announced his intention to resign in 3 months time, and he said he would leave it to his successor to invoke article 50, which will make Britain’s exit from the EU legally binding.

A referendum is advisory rather than mandatory. Yesterday’s Leave vote does not put any legal obligation on the government to carry through the wishes of the people. Cameron’s ‘resignation speech’ this morning has kicked the can further down the road for at least another 3 months, and anything could happen over the next three months. There’s a long history in the EU of governments ignoring referendum votes. Denmark held a referendum in June 1992 and voted against the Maastricht treaty, the re-negotiated version was approved in a second referendum in May 1993. In 2001 Irish voters rejected the Treaty of Nice, and likewise in a second referendum in 2002 it was approved. France voted in May 2005 against the proposed European Constitution, so the EU decided to modify the text and sign it as a treaty by the national governments, on which a referendum would have no influence (this is what we have today as the Treaty of Lisbon). It goes on and on, and of course the most recent example was last summer, when the Greek people voted against ‘austerity’, and the supposed anti-austerity Syriza government completely ignored them.

So, Brexiteers, don’t start celebrating too soon; and you Remainers might well find that you remain in the EU.

And let’s not forget that amongst all the histrionics an MP was murdered.

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Those that Brexit, they be the lucky ones

I’m dead on my feet at the moment with a bad chest infection, so just a quick run-through:

Yesterday in the House of Commons there was one of those very rare and quite remarkable occasions; in this instance tributes to Jo Cox…

The sitting in the Commons lasted for an hour and about 15 MPs spoke, starting of course with Cameron and Corbyn. Whilst many paying tribute mentioned Cox’s work with the ‘Friends of Syria’, only Corbyn gave a brief mention of her support of the Palestinian cause, but not her support for a boycott of Israel. Cox was a Blairite, which would make her a political enemy of me. However, like most human beings she was multifaceted and I’m sad that in the tributes to her this was brushed under the carpet. The day after her death friends of Jo Cox set up a fund in her name to raise money for three causes that she fought tirelessly for as an MP. One of those causes is a ‘charity’ operating in Syria called the White Helmets. It seems likely that Jo Cox didn’t know what the White Helmets really are. It’s a fact that many MPs are just as propagandised and gullible as the general public.

Talking of which, a poll commissioned by LBC Radio was released this morning that shows almost half the Brexiteers think that the referendum will be rigged in favour of Remain. In the same vein, this is one of the most important votes in recent UK history, yet strangely the major broadcasters, like the BBC and Sky, are not doing an exit poll (there was the same lack of an exit poll with the Scottish referendum). Similarly, Tommy Mair, the man accused of the brutal murder of Jo Cox, has made an extraordinary number of court appearances so soon after the event. Mair was in court last Saturday, again yesterday, Monday, and his next court appearance will be on Thursday, the day of the referendum.

One can only ponder about what the shenanigans around the EU referendum are really all about.

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The Murder of an MP

Last Wednesday in the UK there was a totally surreal event that just about sums-up the EU referendum debate: a flotilla, with Capn’ Farage in command, sailed up the River Thames to the Houses of Parliament, to make the case for Britain to leave the EU. But there were Remainers on the port bow, headed by Bob Geldof. Those that Brexit, they be the lucky ones…

The next day, Thursday, Capn’ Farage & Co were completely forgotten about as news came in of the tragic and brutal murder of Jo Cox MP. She was 41 years old and had two young children, and it appears that she was murdered by a right wing lunatic called Tommy Mair. The murder of Jo Cox was a genuine event, in that there’s lots of eyewitnesses and mobile phone footage, but it has to be said that coming exactly 7 days before the referendum, and with the Brexiteers comfortably ahead in the opinion polls, it does seem suspicious. If there is something shady about the murder of Jo Cox it has badly backfired, because the Brexiteers are now even further ahead in the opinion polls.

Jo Cox’s murder is even more tragic because it’s a result of the completely wacko EU referendum debate, where nothing real is talked about. There’s no mention of the TTIP trade deal, which has been described as the most egregious assault on civil liberties in history. There’s no discussion about why Europe is experiencing the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War (American-led wars in North Africa and the Middle East). There’s no debate about the EU’s relations with Russia, our nearest big neighbour and natural trading partner which is currently being encircled by NATO bases. Instead, the Brexiteers focus almost entirely on the domestic immigration issue, whilst the Remainers are doing a re-run of Project Fear.

One of the main reasons there’s no real debate is because we don’t have a free and open press. Instead we have a corporate/right wing propaganda machine, all across the spectrum, from the Times to the Guardian, from the Sun to the Daily Star. The Fourth Estate have had a large part to play in the terrible murder of Jo Cox. In my lifetime I’ve never seen such a constant stream of bile and hatred that’s now spewed out by the hacks. In the UK violent attacks against homeless people are now commonplace, because we’re told that it’s the ‘welfare scroungers’ who have crashed the economy (whereas, of course, it’s the vermin who inhabit the City of London and Wall Street who are responsible). Here in France there’s a football tournament going on, and the UK media are deliberately downplaying the violence from British fans, fans who are all pumped-up to hate the French, the Russians and of course the immigrants.

Then there’s the army of security service trolls who now infest news comment threads, trolls who pump out the same message of hatred and promote British and American ‘exceptionalism’.

In this climate it’s perhaps surprising that the murder of an MP hasn’t happened sooner. Just look at the unprecedented hate campaign against Jeremy Corbyn.

The presstitutes should be in the dock, every bit as much as Tommy Mair.

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Swiss Satanism?

The opening ceremony of the Gotthard tunnel earlier this month drew a lot of attention from the mainstream media. Here’s how the Daily Mail reported the event. It also drew a lot of attention from the alternative media, with many claiming it was a satanic ceremony.

Make up your own mind…

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Bombs, Brexit and Batshit Crazies

Last Thursday in France there was only one print edition daily newspaper on the stands: L’Humanité, which is affiliated with the communist party. All the other newspapers couldn’t be printed, because the print workers went on strike. They were striking because all the other newspapers refused to publish an opinion piece by the CGT union leader, Philippe Martinez. These strikes and demonstrations all across France look set to continue into next month, making it the biggest display of public anger in modern French history. They’re not just demonstrating about the new employment laws, which were forced through by President Hollande without allowing parliament a vote on it. There’s also anger about the ongoing state of emergency – which effectively suspends the rule of law in France – introduced after last November’s terror attacks in Paris. Then there’s the TTIP trade deal currently being negotiated between America and the EU, not to mention a number of other things. It can all be summed-up as a protest against what’s called ‘globalisation’, which is a polite term for America’s attempt to take over the world.

Following the break up of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, president George W Bush assured president Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO wouldn’t expand one inch further east towards Russia. Since then NATO has gone from 16 member states to 28 currently, including Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania, all of which have a border with former Soviet republics. Worse still, earlier this month it was announced that the US had activated a ‘missile defence’ base in Romania, with another base to follow in Poland. Also, it’s recently been announced that Sweden has joined the NATO Host Country Agreement, which is a precursor to becoming a full-blown member. It’s a bit like pushing a stick into a hornet’s nest, and in this instance the nest is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. So who’s actually pushing the stick..? The batshit crazies in Washington, of course, including General Breedlove, the NATO allied commander, who’s a re-run of General Jack D. Ripper.

The biggest propaganda machine in history, aka the western media, never properly report the sort of things I’ve outlined in this post; but getting back to France, you can be sure that many of the demonstrators are aware that a bunch of neo-con loons are leading us by the nose to WW3, and the likes of Hollande, Merkel and Cameron are all bought and paid for by Washington (all of them, for instance, are keen supporters of the TTIP trade deal); which brings me onto next month’s referendum in the UK about whether to leave the EU. The remain camp are doing an exact re-run of ‘project fear’ during the run up to the Scottish independence referendum. The leave camp seem to center mostly on the immigration issue and don’t cover any of the things I’ve said here. The leave camp appear to be some sort of parody to push people towards the remain camp.

I’ve always been strongly pro-Europe, but I fear that the EU is now so corrupt it is beyond redemption (what these bastards have done to the likes of Greece is criminal). If Britain leaves the EU other countries may well follow, and this could lead to the break up of NATO (which is America’s quisling military force). The whole rotten structure will tumble gloriously down. The alternative is the very real possibility of World War Three, which really will be the final war on this planet. There you go, I’m doing my own ‘project fear’ in this post. I can only hope that the links I’ve given here will back-up my concerns.

Here’s Paul Craig Roberts, in an interview he gave yesterday, talking about all this stuff…

The original interview can be found here.

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The Eagles of Bullshit

Yesterday it was reported that two big French music festivals have cancelled shows by the ‘Eagles of Death Metal’. This was because of comments made by Jesse Hughes, the band’s frontman. It seems as though Hughes repeated claims that he made earlier this year, that staff at the Bataclan theatre were complicit in the massacre that apparently took place there last November (the Eagles of Death Metal were on stage when the massacre began). Jesse Hughes is a bit of a character, to put it mildly. He’s extremely right wing, a gun nut, a religious nut (he’s also an ordained priest), a racist and a mega drug addict. In fact, Hughes is just the sort of person who would be top of the CIA’s shopping list to be involved in a false flag operation. Formed in 1998, the Eagles of Death Metal have put out just four records since 2004, which makes you wonder how Hughes supports his humungus drug habit. To give you a flavour of Jesse Hughes, here’s a short clip of him performing at a U2 concert in Paris last December. This was the first time that the Eagles of Death Metal had appeared on stage since the Bataclan theatre massacre…

Incidentally, to provide short clips I obviously download the original video and edit it. I use the Firefox extension ‘VideoDownloadHelper’ to do this. For some reason I was unable to download any of the video of this Eagles of Death Metal performance (and I’m not going to tell you how I did eventually manage to produce the above short clip). Maybe I’m paranoid, and it’s just a software glitch. The original complete video can be found here, if you want to have a go at downloading it yourself.

This brings me onto the massive civil unrest that’s occurring in France, which is of historic proportions. The media frame these demonstrations as protests against the proposed reforms to employment laws, but there’s more to it than this. In the wake of last November’s ‘terror attacks’ in Paris, a 3 month state of emergency was introduced. This state of emergency effectively suspends the rule of law in France. In February President Hollande extended it by another 3 months. This week the French parliament voted to extend it again by another 2 months. France is turning into a police state. That’s why at many of the demonstrations you’ll see protesters going to great lengths to destroy CCTV cameras. A lot of these protestors will also share my suspicions that the November terror attacks were a false flag job.

The media also frame the civil unrest as revolving around the Nuit debout movement, but once again there’s more to it than that. Some people have the view that Nuit debout, just like Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain, are patsies, used to channel people’s anger and to ensure that no real change ever happens. One such is Gearóid Ó Colmáin, an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris whose work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle. Here’s Gearóid Ó Colmáin yesterday on Press TV having a heated debate about what’s going on in France…

Gearóid Ó Colmáin has written a very detailed piece about the Nuit debout movement. You can find it here.

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