Truly Terrifying

This is now so blatant…

One dead and 11 injured after van ploughs into Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park in fourth UK attack in past three months

… and odds-on that we would have another ‘terror attack’ shortly after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, in which it seems hundreds of people have died, due entirely to political and corporate corruption. The Finsbury Park event was certainly horrific, but does not merit blanket front page coverage by the mainstream media, blanket coverage that’s designed to push the Grenfell Tower tragedy down the news cycle. I don’t call them ‘the presstitutes’ for nothing.

Likewise, on Sunday in France the neo-con/Washington puppet known as President Macron and his La République en Marche (La REM) party made big gains in the legislative elections. Macron formed La REM little more than a year ago with no political base whatsoever. Now, with massive help from the French pressitutes (who in many respects are even worse than the British presstitutes), Macron is now President, having previously never been elected to any kind of political office, and has a large majority in the French parliament. Macron will eviscerate French society over the next five years; this in a country that’s on the cusp of revolution; so, just to jolly things along after the legislative elections we get more nonsense…

Champs Élysées: driver dead as car carrying firearms rams police van

These ‘terror attacks’ are so clumsy and blatant, and totally hyped-up by the presstitutes. What’s going on at the moment is truly terrifying: we are witnessing what might be the final moments of civil society and democracy in the West. Let’s get back to the UK and an interview that Piers Morgan did yesterday with Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Gove totally encompasses the paucity of intellect and total lack of morals in the ‘government’…

Sticking with the subject of Grenfell Tower, at the weekend the SundayWire podcast did an excellent programme about the tragedy. This is well worth a listen, and can be contrasted with what Michael Gove says in the above interview …

Listen to “Episode #190 – SUNDAY WIRE: 'The Grenfell Effect' with Mike Robinson, Miles of Truth, Basil Valentine and guests” on Spreaker.

The original programme can be found here.

For ongoing information you can try:

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You figure it out…

Anger at the scene of the Grenfell Tower fire…

Everything is being censored and controlled by the likes of these vermin…

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Missing Persons

The Grenfell Tower tragedy has echoes of 9/11. On the day 9/11 unfolded, fleets of ambulances were summoned, hospitals all across New York were put on alert, off-duty medical staff rushed back to work; but there were barely any patients to be treated: the vast majority of people died in the twin towers. Whilst smaller in scale, in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire a huge amount of food, clothing, etc, has been donated by the public, to help the survivors, but there’s not many left to benefit from these donations. Most of the inhabitants of that tower block appear to have been killed by the fire, and we’re talking about hundreds of people here. This is reflected by the fact that offers of help, to put-up those made homeless by the fire, have been rejected by the authorities. A DJ and artist by the name of Isla summed it up very well yesterday (sorry about the bad sound quality in this clip) I’m mirroring this clip because I know that the original will be totally censored on the western internet…

You can find DJ Isla’s Instagram page here.

DJ Isla is quite correct when she says that the mainstream media are deliberately playing down the death toll, because of course if they reported it honestly there would be wide scale civil unrest, civil unrest that’s been brewing for a long time now, before this terrible fire happened. The above interview with Isla was done by PressTV, who are a state funded Iranian broadcaster. In 2012 PressTV were banned from broadcasting in that wonderfully open and democratic country known as the United Kingdom. Likewise, last year there was an attempt to prevent Russia Today (RT) from broadcasting in the UK (a good piece from RT about the Grenfell Tower fire can be found here). In a similar vein, George Galloway is now back on the airwaves courtesy of Talk Radio. I’ll give the usual caveat, in that I don’t agree with everything George says, but his show yesterday evening, just days after the Grenfell Tower fire, was a blinder. Galloway is the only independent voice you can still hear on the mainstream media…

George Galloway – TMOATS – 16th June 2017

George Galloway is on air on Talk Radio every Friday evening at 7pm UK time. You’ll find a number of people on YouTube re-posting the show on the following day.

And I’ll finish up with Ismail, who also tells it like it really is…

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The Grenfell Tower Fire

There’s not much I can add to this amongst the tidal wave of news and comment, except to give my deepest condolences to all involved.

I will say, though, that I’m reminded of a similar tragic event that happened almost 30 years ago: the Kings Cross Underground station fire. This happened in November 1987, when it’s believed that someone dropped a cigarette at the bottom of a wooden escalator, which set fire to rubbish that had collected underneath the escalator. The Kings Cross tube station was built from a plethora of flammable materials, plus there was no proper fire safety systems in place. It caught fire like a Roman candle; this during the evening rush hour when the station was crammed with people. 31 people died and more than a 100 were seriously injured on that day almost 30 years ago. There are similarities with what’s happened at Grenfell Tower this week, except that Kings Cross Tube station had many more escape routes. Grenfell Tower only had one escape route, a single stairwell from 24 storeys up. Thus it seems likely that there’ll be many more deaths this time round.

Some years later I wrote a poem about the Kings Cross disaster. Bear with me here as I reproduce the poem…


Black lines, black tiles, a furtive smoke
inside the drop space, where clicks and
clacks rise with the heat; wet rubbers hiss,
soft plastic drips, inside the sheol
a lonely dermis cackles over
thin metal sunk in dura mater.
The locks dissolve along with air,
flickers hurry to the surface
without minding the gap between
two sides divided by a rattle:
number one hundred and fifteen
now waits inside a paupers grave
his foreign parts forgotten.

“No.115” refers to an unidentified body after the Kings Cross disaster, and is the number assigned by the coroner. This last victim to be named was Alexander Fallon, who had been living rough in London. His body was not officially identified until January 2004 and he was buried in a paupers grave more than 15 years after the disaster.

With the scale of the Grenfell Tower fire, I’m afraid we might see similar scenarios.

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We now live in a complete crap shoot, and so I invite people to post here

You don’t need an account to post here. I do not censor anything beyond the usual hate speech stuff.

So, if you have the inclination, let us know what you think.

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We now live in a total lunatic asylum, so how do I address that?

I honestly don’t have the energy at the moment. The easy thing is to bow out with yet another music link…

Nick Drake was a bit of a genious, a bit of a genious who thought about things too much and succumbed to suicide. Don’t knock the ‘death wish’, because many people, from all walks of life, feel it.

I can only say that despite the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune I’ve experienced, fortunately, I’ve never felt the death wish; but I do understand how people arrive in that place.

I’m not sure what I can say to such people, except that the sun still rises each morning, and streams/rivers still flow.

But perhaps the worst thing is that you’ve got cantankerous bastards like me giving the finger to all these scumbags who want to destroy you.

For those who suffer from depression, or addiction, or all the rest of it, there’s no magic cures. I will just say that we’re now just about into the summer months. Have a glass of water and watch dawn arrive tomorrow morning, which will start happening around 5.30am.

It’s quite amazing, and will hopefully take you out of that ‘other world’.

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Enough of politics, let’s go to, Alaska

You can overdose on spectacular scenery in these parts, yet the Haines Highway still won’t disappoint. Boreal forests, high mountain peaks, glaciers, rivers, lakes, you name it and you’ll see it along the Haines Highway. To the west of the highway is a vast expanse of mountain wilderness, home of the “glacier bear,” a rare form of black bear that has smoky-blue fur. Well, I suppose the glacier bear has got to live somewhere, and condos are so expensive.

After nearly three hours driving through this wonderland we reached the summit of Three Guardsmen Pass. On the other side of Three Guardsmen Pass the Haines Highway descended steadily into a lush coastal forest. Halfway down the grade were the Canadian and US Customs posts. I was back in Alaska again, but only because of cheating Russian map makers and traitorous Brits.

On the Alaskan side of the border there were road works. The Haines Highway was undergoing major repairs and every few miles or so a flagman controlled the traffic. It was rough going and after clearing the last of the stretches of road works we were following the flats of the Chilkat river; and that’s when I got a puncture. It was the first flat tyre on the trip. The rear on the driver’s side was the casualty. I glanced at the mileometer and did a quick calculation. The Yukon Queen had travelled more than 10,000 miles from Savannah, over some of the roughest roads in North America, until here, in this beautiful spot, she finally needed use of one of the six spare wheels we’d brought along with us.
Certainly a beautiful spot, but it was also probably the worst place to have to change a wheel. Most of the valley floor was taken up by the broad flats of the Chilkat river. On either side were very steep hills that in the west rose to the Takhinsha Mountains. The road clung to the side of the valley. It was narrow. There was nowhere to pull off the road.

I switched on the hazard warning lights. They didn’t work; the pounding up in the Arctic had seen to that. The Haines Highway is one of the main routes from the ferries to the Alaskan interior. There was quite a lot of traffic about. To safely jack up the car I would have to remove its contents, but there wasn’t anywhere to put a gearbox, suspension arms, six spare tyres, etc, etc. On one side of the road lay the fast flowing Chilkat river, on the other side a rock wall.

I lit-up a cigarette and watched an eagle hovering high above the valley. The Chilkat river is fed by underwater springs that keep it at a constant 40 degrees fahrenheit. The warm water keeps sections of the river ice-free during the early winter and supports a late run of chum salmon. Eagles migrate here from all over the north west to feast on the salmon. Nowhere else in the world do eagles gather in such numbers. Of course, I was back in Alaska, the land of superlatives.

There seemed no choice. To unload all the spare parts from the car and lay them out in the road would present too much danger to other traffic. Due to the peculiar suspension on a 2CV they are extremely difficult to jack up when fully loaded. The car is so near to the ground that you have to lift it twice as much as you would with an unloaded 2CV. I found two flat rocks and put them under the car. I then placed the hydraulic jack on the rocks, hoping they’d give me the extra lift required. I began pumping on the jack and wished I hadn’t just had a cigarette. After five minutes the drivers side of the car sat so high off the ground it looked like the car was going to topple over, but the rear punctured tyre was just above the road surface. I grabbed the tyre spanner. At that moment I heard an almighty crack and the car dropped back a short distance. The head of the jack had gone through the underside of the car, but the thicker part of the jack arm beneath the head still held the car up. I decided to risk continuing and began pumping again. This time there were no further relapses and as quickly as possible I put the spare wheel on. Now, the moment of crisis: – as I released air from the jack, and the car began lowering to the ground, would the damaged chassis give way when the full weight of the car rested on the ground..? No, it settled down quite comfortably without any ominous creaks or cracks. I could get moving again. Haines lay just short distance down the road and it was early evening as I rolled into town.

Haines sits on a narrow peninsula between Lynn Canal and Chilkat Inlet at a spot known to the Tlingits as Dei shu or “the end of the trail”. Two principle bands of Tlingits inhabited this area, the Chilkat (translated as “basket of many fish”) who inhabited the valley to the north, and the Chilkoot (“basket of large fish”) who lived to the east along Lynn Canal. The Tlingits had quite an advanced culture, based on fishing for salmon and trading seashells and eulachon oil inland for furs, hides, and meat. They lived in large dwellings made of cedar planks and were renowned for their artistic abilities, which included totem poles, intricately patterned baskets and the distinctive Chilkat blankets.

Explorer George Vancouver was one of the first Europeans to visit this area. He named the deep fjord east of town Lynn Canal, after his home port of King’s Lynn in England. In 1879 the Chilkats invited naturalist John Muir and Presbyterian minister S. Hall Young to establish a mission and school at the current site of Haines. The settlement soon grew, with clapboard Victorian houses and tidy, fenced yards. Nowadays it’s the venue for the Southeast Alaska State Fair and Music Festival, which is held each August. You can sometimes see humpback and killer whales in the deep waters of Lynn Canal.
Yup, Haines looked a real dandy place, yet I drove straight on through to the ferry terminal, which was a few miles further up the Lynn Canal. I then received the bad news: an extremely pleasant young lady behind a sheet of glass told me that all the southbound ferries were booked solid. Well, how solid is solid, I asked? She tapped away at her computer terminal and frowned. The next available space for a car going south was in eight days time. By way of an apology she told me that next week the tourist season was almost over and there’d be more space on the ferries.

Beautiful as Haines is, I couldn’t afford to spend eight days there. Hmm… maybe I could spend the winter in Haines, and get my masterpiece written? I pondered on this idea, but not for long. Haines is a very small town and with the tourist season over it seemed an unlikely place to find work for a down-on-his-luck Englishman without a work permit. If I was going to stay on in North America for the winter I needed to earn some money. I’d left the golden opportunity for this behind in Fairbanks. Therefore I needed to head down south, back to civilisation and a job market.

I’d spent the best part of the day driving down the Haines Highway, and spectacular as the scenery was, I had no desire to spend most of tomorrow driving back up it. I consulted a big area map on the wall of the ferry terminal. Skagway seemed to be the answer, just ten miles further up at the end of the Lynn Canal. From Skagway I could drive back to the Alaska Highway, thereby saving hundreds of road miles.

The pleasant young girl said there’d be no problem taking the ferry to Skagway. That was northbound. At this time of the year everyone was heading southbound at the end of their Alaska vacations. The northbound ferries were largely empty. The next one left at 5am the following morning. I booked myself and the car on the ferry and asked if a sex doll could be taken on board at child rates.

Back in Haines I found Saturday night in full swing. There are only three bars in the town. I avoided the rowdiest one and the quietest one and went for the mid option, a joint called the Blue Lobster. I had a steak there and watched the Saturday night rituals taking place around me. You know that feeling you have, when you just eaten a big and satisfying meal, and are sipping beer, or whatever? That’s how I felt, an outsider in this small community in the middle of nowhere. It was the night of the full moon. A huge golden globe hung over the fjord, throwing twilight across the surrounding mountains and forests. The juke box had been playing all night, and then someone put on Neil Young’s Harvest Moon

Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin’
We could dream this night away

But there’s a full moon risin’
Let’s go dancing in the light
We know the music’s playin’
Let’s go out and feel the night

If interested you can find my book about the Alaska trip here.

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I Burn But I Am Not Consumed

I’ve tried to video capture this one for posterity, but alas I’ve been unsuccessful, hence the link to a BBC web page…

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Let’s count the Dickheads

This prat has banned just about everyone from his blog who disagrees with him:

The Bleating of the Blairites

It’s really boring stuff, and involves MI5 and MI6, who are totally criminal entities.

I really can’t be bothered at the moment (I need a good night’s sleep). I will do a RentoKill job on these vermin over the coming days.

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Laughing And Falling

Well, having been up half the night, following the UK general election, and having to deal with a death in the family, I’m totally exhausted. It was the ‘youth vote‘ that brought Jeremy Corbyn within a hair’s breadth of becoming prime minister, and has resulted in a hung Parliament. I’m going to bed…

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Prime Minister Corbyn?

In my post yesterday I was banging on about how crucial the youth vote will be in today’s election. Well, by all accounts there’s been a large turn out of young people today. Some of the biggest polling station queues have been reported at universities.

Also, an opinion poll released yesterday puts Labour three percentage points ahead of the Tories…

This certainly goes with the trend, albeit the above is not a standard opinion poll.

So, I’m not going to call it just yet for Corbyn and Labour. A hung Parliament seems most certain, which is still a massive victory. The champagne chilling in my fridge is awaiting the greater victory tomorrow morning.

If the Tories win this election it will mean the end of Britain as a civil society.

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The Battle of Britain

Today has seen one of the last spurts of bile from the mainstream media before the dust settles on Friday morning. Here’s this morning’s front page from the Daily Mail and the Sun

This is what Corbyn & Co are up against, because unfortunately a large number of people are swayed by these comics. On the plus side, over the last decade ‘alternative news’ on the internet has played an ever increasing role in forming public opinion. This is perhaps why there’s been some surprises in recent years, such as Brexit and President Trump, and it’s why the likes of Theresa May want to censor the internet. Who knows how much play the ‘internet factor’ will have in tomorrow’s election? Likewise with the ‘youth vote’. In the 2015 general election only 40% of eligible voters aged 25 and under turned out to vote. It’s generally accepted that a high youth vote tomorrow will almost certainly ensure a Labour win.

If Corbyn does find himself to be prime minister on Friday morning, there’ll be some trembling knees in the rank recesses of the British Establishment. One of the first things prime minister Corbyn needs to do is to set-up a proper inquiry into why there were two terrorist attacks during the general election campaign, attacks that made absolutely no logical sense from a terrorist’s point of view, attacks that happened at extremely opportune moments for the Tories, attacks that have been milked for all their worth with regard to the mainstream media’s demolition job on Corbyn. Hopefully, the result of such an inquiry would result in certain people doing some serious jail time.

Here’s Corbyn being interviewed by the BBC this morning, and the interview is all about terrorism. At the end of it the BBC bod says to Corbyn that “he sounds tired”, which is a classic character assassination ploy. Just listen to Corbyn’s reply…

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It’s Like Shooting Tortoises

If the mainstream media had any integrity, instead of the morals of a Turkish brothel keeper, Theresa May and the Conservatives would be finished:

We are now days away from one of the most important elections for decades, with Jeremy Corbyn rapidly closing the poll gap between himself and May, and the BBC, ITV News, Sky News and Channel 4 News are choosing not to tell the British voting public that the Tory leader oversaw, and (necessarily) approved, the withdrawing of terrorist control orders for known Jihadists in Manchester that they might travel freely between that city and Libya and so aid the UK government’s effort to overthrow Gaddafi. They are choosing not to inform voters, at this most crucial time, that Theresa May knew, ‘a thriving community of listed terrorists exists…in the midst of the British public, without any intervention by the UK government, security or intelligence agencies’

I’ve mentioned a number of times now just how corrupt the Conservative Party are, but it’s worth repeating:

Move Your Money and Debt Resistance UK have just reported fresh evidence raising questions over the Conservatives 2010 and 2015 election funding, exposing millions of pounds of dirty money flowing into the Conservative Party via IPGL Ltd and HSBC.

You can find yet another example here, involving the then prime minister David Cameron, which once again if properly reported would have brought the government down; and, surprisingly, being widely reported today is this:

Boris Johnson has said it is right to raise questions about foreign funding of radicalisation in the UK, including with Saudi Arabia, and insisted the government is not suppressing a delayed Home Office report on the issue.

Next Thursday is going to be the most important general election since 1945, which resulted in an unexpected landslide victory for Clement Attlee’s Labour Party over the war hero Winston Churchill’s Conservatives, giving Labour its first majority government which led to the formation of the welfare state. Whatever happens next Thursday, some things seem certain: Theresa May will get the bullet and Jeremy Corbyn will remain leader of the Labour Party. If Corbyn greets next Friday as prime minister, and if Corbyn is genuine, we will be into a whole new dynamic, not just for Britain but also for the rest of the world.

Here’s part of a speech that Corbyn gave yesterday in Gateshead, in the north of England…

You can find the full speech here.

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Extraordinary Stuff From The Guardian

Remember, the Guardian is now a CIA controlled rag…

What’s going on here..?

More later.

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Politics and Psychopaths

The terrible events in London last night might have thrown a spanner into my theory about the UK general election. So, where do I start with this latest terror attack..? I’ll begin with an opinion poll that was released yesterday afternoon:

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s gamble on a June 8 snap election was thrust into doubt after a Survation poll showed her Conservative Party’s lead had dropped to a new low of just one percentage point.

As with the Manchester bombing last month, the timing of last night’s terror event is very convenient for a failing government that’s trying to get re-elected. Also, during this election campaign prime minister Theresa May has been heavily criticised for cuts to the police service. Surprise, surprise, last night the police apparently responded within eight minutes and immediately shot dead all three terrorists. All very convenient.

Well, you know where I’m going with this; but before I continue I should also add that Britain is a vassal state of the American Empire, and there’s no way that Washington would allow a real socialist to become the British prime minister (unless that socialist prime minister was being set-up for a fall – see here). The biggest problem that most people in the West have is understanding that their own government would kill them for political advantage. I can cite many examples of this, yet let’s stick with the UK for the time being: this Tory government has introduced policies which have killed huge numbers of UK citizens. The politicians are well aware of the effect of these policies. Likewise, these politicians are delighted to drop bombs on other countries, bombs that kill huge numbers of civilians. Theresa May & Co are complete psychopaths. Fullstop. They are also totally corrupt. Is it really such a stretch to imagine that creatures like this wouldn’t allow their own citizens to be killed for political advantage?

This morning prime minister Theresa May spoke to the presstitutes outside No.10 Downing Street. It was one of the most chilling speeches I’ve ever heard. May, as Home Secretary, was the architect of the British police state. Now, as prime minister, she’s trying to push through an ‘Espionage Act’, an Act that will mean that people like me, who write posts like this, can be prosecuted and jailed. Here’s the latter part of May’s speech this morning, in which she talks about censoring the internet, more endless war and beefing-up the police state…

You can find the full seven minute speech here.

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