Batshit Crazies

Apparently, last night the Americans came within an inch of attacking targets in Iran:

Donald Trump ‘cancelled Iran strikes with planes in the air’. Military operation reportedly called off, as Democrats warn US could ‘bumble into’ war

I say ‘apparently’ because these strikes were supposed to be in retaliation for a US spy drone that the Iranians shot down earlier in the day. Given the prominence that the presstitutes have given to these cancelled strikes it seems likely that the story is a face saving exercise for Trump & Co (ie, they never intended to take military action), and also to make them appear ‘reasonable’ (reasonable..? the people that Trump surrounds himself with should all be in straitjackets). Even without any military action from the Americans, Iran has already threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz. This after the Americans unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal (known as the JCPOA) last year and increased the already mega economic sanctions, in an attempt to prevent Iran from exporting its oil. The recent attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman could well have been the work of the Iranians, to show that they’re serious about stopping the passage of tankers. Economic sanctions are just another form of warfare, and sanctions kill people just like a hot war does (the sanctions imposed in the run up to the invasion of Iraq, for instance, killed a huge number of people, including half a million children). From the noises coming out of Tehran over the last year it’s obvious that the Iranians have reached the end of their tether. American actions have cornered Iran, and we all know how dangerous a cornered animal can be.

So what would happen if the Iranians close the Strait of Hormuz and prevent tanker traffic in the Gulf of Oman? Well, 30% of the world’s tanker traffic passes through this region. Most analysts agree that if this traffic were stopped the price of oil would go through the roof, possibly reaching as much as $1000 a barrel (and if America starts a war with Iran in an attempt to keep the oil flowing the result would be the same). This would tank the American economy, which in turn would bring down the world banking system and lead to a global depression the like of which has never been seen before. It’s called playing with fire. The Americans must be aware of all this, but the problem is that Washington is stuffed full of batshit crazies…

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It’s Iran Wot Dunnit

Moon of Alabama disagrees with the consensus in the alternate media, and states that Iran might well have been responsible for the attacks this week on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Who knows..? What I do know is that there is going to be another big war sometime soon (and it might come from an unexpected direction), because we consent to allow psychopaths to rule us, which always means the ongoing destruction of the planet and endless wars.

On a less depressing note, let’s have some more of John Betjeman, this time messing around on trains in Norfolk in the 1960s. Having been born in 1964 (2 days before the Vietnam War officially kicked-off, following the Gulf of Tonkin false flag) I can just about remember this era of British Railways and steam trains. I don’t want to romanticise these times, because the psychos who rule Britain were back then involved in a number of vicious conflicts around the world as part of the retreat from Empire. I suppose my rose tinted glasses are because British society did seem to be a bit more civil back then…

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Cold Wars and Cold Shoulders

Last weekend marked the 30th consecutive week of gilets jaunes protests (Acte 30). At my local roundabout on the autoroute there were about 20 gilets jaunes on the roadside, as there has been ever since these protests started last November. This in all weathers and despite the fact that the roadside protests have been banned in many parts of France. The violence meted out by the police against the gilets jaunes continues unabated. During Acte 30 some of the worst violence occurred in Montpellier, which is in the south of France…

When it comes to civil rights things are little better on the other side of the Channel:

MI5 accused of ‘extraordinary and persistent illegality’

And in America they’re even passing a law where you can potentially be arrested and charged for just thinking about committing a crime. Yup, this one is straight out of 1984, including the legal gobbledygook which tries to cloak what’s going on with HR 838…

a national strategy to prevent targeted violence through behavioral threat assessment and management, and for other purposes.

All of this is against the backdrop of last week’s D-Day commemorations. Macron, May and Trump were on parade, mouthing the usual platitudes such as ‘they died to give us our freedom’. Ha! The Russians, of course, were not invited to the commemorations, despite the fact that if it were not for the Red Army and the tremendous sacrifice of the Russian people we would probably all be speaking German now (depending on whose estimates you go on, anywhere between 30 and 40 million Russians were killed during World War Two). ‘Surreal’ is not the word for the D-Day commemorations.

But it wasn’t always so surreal. In the two or three decades after World War Two there did seem to be some morality in politics, at least on the surface. President John F Kennedy had many faults (not least his handling of the escalating conflict in Vietnam) but he is generally taken to be ‘a good guy’. I am reminded of what is probably Kennedy’s most famous speech. Known formally as the ‘American University Speech’, but more widely known as the ‘Peace Speech’, it’s an address he gave to graduating students at the American University in June 1963; this not much more than 9 months after the Cuban Missile Crisis. In the speech President Kennedy is articulate, intelligent and well-rounded (for the era) as he holds out an olive branch to the Soviets and acknowledges the tremendous sacrifice that the Russian people made during World War Two. Have I mentioned Macron, May and Trump..? who are like five-year-olds on LSD by comparison. The following is an excerpt from Kennedy’s Peace Speech. Five months after making this speech President Kennedy was assassinated. It’s a funny old world, isn’t it…

JFK’s complete Peace Speech can be found here.

As an aside, President Khrushchev was deeply impressed by Kennedy’s Peace Speech and allowed it be broadcast and published freely in the Soviet Union without any censorship. This was most unusual for back then.

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The Freedom and Democracy Car Crash

Yesterday President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May gave a 30 minute long press conference that was both astonishing and embarrassing in large measure. Well, perhaps not so astonishing for those who take a close interest in what really goes on in this world. The embarrassing part comes from watching two low IQ psycho puppets (May looked like she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown) mouthing blatant lies and the usual hoary old cliches, such as the ‘freedom and democracy’ rollocks. A small number of questions were taken from some of the premier presstitutes, in an attempt to give some credence to the charade. No one mentioned the plight of Julian Assange during this so-called ‘press conference’.

With regard to free speech, today we’ve had this: ABC raid: Outcry as Australian police search public broadcaster and earlier this week it was announced that George Galloway has been sacked from his gig on UK TalkRadio. Galloway has been under starter’s orders for quite a while now, following complaints about his comments on the Salisbury ‘poisoning’ and the anti-semitism witch hunt. According to Galloway, TalkRadio haven’t paid him for the last two months, and last week they sacked his producer. Shortly after being sacked, George Galloway appeared on Good Morning Britain, where he was squared-up against Lord Alan Sugar. As well as the points I’m trying to make about freedom of speech, this is car crash television and is well worth a watch…

I’ve mentioned here two high profile instances of the ever encroaching police state. The assault on freedom of speech is happening all across the board, and particularly in the so-called ‘alternative media’ (you can find a recent example here). Some would say that George Galloway has been foolish to throwaway such a mainstream platform as TalkRadio (arguably he was the last independent voice in the mainstream media); but on the otherhand, the presstitutes are now such a joke that maybe George has timed this just right. He has a huge following on social media and has said that his radio show will be back on the alternative media.

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Chemical Gina and Julia Assange

There’s been rumours flying around for a number of weeks now that the security services (those jolly chaps in MI5 and the CIA, et al) have been administering psychotropic drugs to Julian Assange in Belmarsh Prison, in London. Today there’s been many reports that Julian Assange is ‘gravely ill’ and has been moved to the hospital wing of Belmarsh Prison. Are they trying to kill him..? Who knows, although my take on it is that the psychopaths who rule us would prefer to make an example of Julian Assange, rather than simply snuff him out. Oh, and as an aside, I wonder if British people are aware that MI5 agents can now murder anyone they wish on the streets of Britain without any legal redress whatsoever. The security services are totally out of control and without any proper oversight at all.

But getting back to Julian Assange, an MI5 agent by the name of David Shayler was also banged up in Belmarsh Prison. This was back in the early 2000s. Shayler was prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act for revealing that a British security service plot to kill Colonel Gaddafi in Libya resulted in a large number of innocent civillians being killed. David Shayler spent 3 weeks in Belmarsh Prison (followed by 5 weeks in Ford Open Prison). After serving his time, Shayler became ‘a bit strange’, describing himself as ‘the son of God’ and adopting a transvestite alter ego called Delores Kane. Does this have shades of Chelsea Manning? (although the official story states that Manning came out as transgender before doing prison time in the US). Don’t be surprised if Julian Assange starts describing himself as ‘Julia’ and starts wearing lipstick and stockings and suspenders.

Remember, we are ruled by psychopaths.

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Au Revoir Treason May

Almost three years ago, shortly after a referendum that asked for Brexit, the then Prime Minister David Cameron stood at a podium outside No.10 Downing Street and announced that he was resigning. After giving a short speech, Cameron turned and made his way back into No.10. He was whistling a tune, although it was hard to hear above all the camera clicks. As he got to the door of No.10 he began humming the tune…

This morning Cameron’s successor Prime Minister Theresa May also stood at a podium outside No.10 and announced her resignation. May spoke for about six minutes, and finished in tears. There’s much in what May said, not least the Jewish/anti-semitic angle, climate change and the Grenfell Tower fire, but I’ll leave it to others to interpret all this, because there’s been reams written about Treason May today. Not surprisingly, the Establishment have been fawning over our soon to resign Prime Minister. Getting back to David *don’t mention pigs* Cameron, his response to the resignation has been typical…

Theresa May’s resignation announcement comes hot on the heels of news that last year’s Douma chemical attack was a false flag event, a false flag that gave Theresa May, along with the US and France, the excuse to drop lots of bombs on Syria, killing a large number of people. Also, yesterday the criminal psychos who run the USA announced a huge number of espionage charges against Julian Assange, charges that could result in Assange being sentenced to 175 years in jail, simply for telling the truth and lifting the stone to reveal these cockroaches.

I thought that one of the best responses to Theresa May’s resignation today was from Afshin Rattansi. I find this clip to be quite funny, because the presenter keeps trying to shut down Rattansi, no doubt fearing a lawsuit or action by OffCom. Everything that Rattansi says here is true. Go look it up if you don’t believe me…

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A French Lawyer Speaks Out (Again)

In a previous post I featured a video put out by a French lawyer called Georgia Pouliquen. The video was English language and featured some of the violence being meted out during the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) protests. Georgia Pouliquen lived just down the road from me (in Limoges). She’s now had to flee France for fear of persecution. Georgia Pouliquen is now in the UK (she must be mad, thinking that the UK is any safer) and gave a talk at Ian Crane’s recent Alternative View (AV) 10 conference. The embed that follows is well worth a watch, because this kind of state violence will be coming to your western country sometime soon, if you try to resist. I will follow it with some quick vids from the demonstration last weekend, Acte 27, which whilst comparatively peaceful in Paris saw major (police) violence in places like Reims and Toulouse…

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Gatekeepers and Propagandists

Any well-connected blogger who does not mention what’s going on in France at the moment is either a gatekeeper and/or a propagandist…

It’s really that simple.

Likewise, all bloggers who ban links back to me are also gatekeepers/propagandists.

The world is in a very terrible state at the moment.

Fuck the scum, let’s have some music…

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More About the Gilets Jaunes

Perchance, shortly before I made my previous post about the gilets jaunes, Russia Today (RT) put out a documentary about them. You can compare this with another documentary from Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster, called France’s yellow rebellion – a movement against Macron. It’s all propaganda, but I can tell you, as someone who lives in France, that the DW documentary is not very accurate, whereas the RT documentary is bang on the mark…

Note: I’m using Twitter more and more to embed videos because using YouTube directly is becoming so restricted/censored.

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Gilets Jaunes Acte 26

This weekend marks the 26th consecutive week of gilets jaunes (yellow vest) protests. All across France a huge number of people took to the streets, this despite rainy weather in much of the country. The demonstration in Paris was smaller than usual, and surprisingly there was very little violence meted out by the police…

Yesterday’s demonstration in Lyon was not so calm. If you watch the following video you’ll see that the police are responding brutally towards what are mostly peaceful demonstrators, demonstrators of all ages and from all walks of life. This police brutality has been a hallmark of the last six months…

The gilets jaunes movement stems largely from rural France, which is where I live. Over the last decade things have changed in this neck of the woods. For example, in my nearest big village the swimming pool has been closed, the little branch line rail service has been suspended, the big hotel in the village has been derelict for years and the cave/wine cellar has shut up shop. In the smaller villages around here most of the general stores have closed. Likewise with petrol stations. In the last few years even village boulangeries have started to close. The cost of living keeps going up and up, whilst wages stagnate. A lot of people can’t afford to live anymore and feel like they have nothing to lose; what’s that old saying? when people have nothing to lose, they lose it. In the history of the modern western world I can’t think of anything that’s been remotely like the gilets jaunes movement, a movement that encompasses all strands of politics and has no leadership structure.

During the early weeks of the gilets jaunes protests some people were comparing them to the uprising in France in 1968. Back then it was students who started protesting, and they were later joined by factory workers. Whilst the gilets jaunes hold many of the same views as the students in 1968 (against capitalism, consumerism, American imperialism and traditional institutions) they encompass a much wider range of people, desperate people from all corners of France. Also the gilets jaunes don’t just want reform, they want to completely change the way that France is run. The 1968 protests ended after 7 weeks when President De Gaulle dissolved the National Assembly, and called for new parliamentary elections. Now, after 26 weeks of protests, the totally despised President Macron refuses to go and continues a programme of austerity and globalisation. It’s a terrible situation, and it’s very difficult to predict how it will end…

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The National Security State – Gore Vidal

When Julian Assange was carried out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London last month, looking haggard and hirsute, he was brandishing a book (don’t you just love the smirking police officer in the foreground)…

The book Assange was clutching was published quite recently, in 2014. It’s a collection of interviews and essays by Gore Vidal and is called A History of the National Security State. The book covers stuff that Gore Vidal was saying many decades ago. In light of that I thought I’d post a speech given by Gore Vidal to the National Press Club (annual dinner) in Washington. What I find fascinating about this is that Vidal gave this speech in 1998, more than three years before 9/11. The video is a bit grainy in parts (it’s more than 20 years old)…

Gore Vidal died in 2012, aged 86. You can find a video obit here.

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It Just Gets Madder and Madder

On Friday at Westminster Abbey there was a thanksgiving service for British nuclear weapons. Prince William attended. This bizaare and somewhat controversial thanksgiving service has been barely reported in the mainstream media; and talking of news, this collage has been doing the rounds just recently (and perchance the news headlines coincide with the Extinction Rebellion rollocks)…

A higher resolution of this image can be found here (these are all real news headlines).

Such obvious manipulation/propaganda is quite easy to achieve, because the western media get most of their news from just three press agencies: Associated Press in America, Reuters in the UK and Agence France-Presse in France. These news agencies were long ago totally infiltrated by the corrupt intelligence services and now just push out the agenda of the psychopaths who rule us.

Sticking with news manipulation, this weekend marks the 25th consecutive week of gilets jaunes protests. The number of protestors grows ever greater, and in recent protests the gilets jaunes have been joined by members of the CGT, which is a massive trade union. There’s a revolution going on in France, but barely a peep about it in the western media, and in particular, barely a peep about the incredible police brutality at these demonstrations. If this was happening in the likes of Russia or Iran or North Korea the western media would make it constant front page news…

I would say that the tidal wave of propaganda/news distortion, and the ever increasing Orwellian nature of western societies, all stems from a certain event that took place on September 11th 2001. On that day, just as it was all starting to kick off, President George W Bush was sitting in a classroom in Florida. Don’t you just love conspiracy theories…

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Jolly Subjects – Chernobyl and Fukushima

I haven’t mentioned much about Fukushima this last year or so. This is probably because one finds one’s self banging their head against a brick wall. The appalling state of the mainstream media (which is now almost entirely controlled by our totally corrupt intelligence services) is often put down to the Snowden revelations in 2013. I would say that the take over of the mainstream media was most notable before then, in March 2011 when the Fukushima nuclear disaster began. In the first week or so the mainstream media covered the disaster with reasonable honesty, but then the veil came down: an almost total media blackout that’s continued to this day. For those interested in these things, this is all covered in my book Fukushima: The First Five Years.

The latest ‘news’ on Fukushima is that fuel rods have started to be removed from the spent fuel pool inside the reactor 3 building, which is somewhat of an impossibility, since the reactor 3 building was absolutely blown to smithereens by a ‘hydrogen explosion’ during the first few days of the disaster (sadly, at the time of writing, in the last 8 years only 130,000 people have watched that link I’ve just given). Then we have:

Japan needs thousands of foreign workers to decommission Fukushima plant, prompting backlash from anti-nuke campaigners and rights activists

Activists are not convinced working at the site is safe for anyone and they fear foreign workers will feel ‘pressured’ to ignore risks if jobs are at risk

Towns and villages around the plant are still out of bounds because radiation levels are dangerously high

And lastly, on the latest Fukushima news, which involves next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, we have Fukushima soccer facility, repurposed after 3/11 disaster, fully reopens.

Whilst Fukushima barely gets a mention thesedays, Chernobyl is still described as ‘the worst nuclear accident in history’, I will remind readers that the No.4 reactor that blew its top at Chernobyl suffered a partial meltdown, and was one third the size of each of the three reactors at Fukushima that have been in complete and ongoing meltdown for more than 8 years now. On top of this, there’s 40 years worth of spent fuel stored on site at Fukushima (because they don’t know what else to do with it), and at least one of these spent fuel pools went up in smoke during the early days of the disaster (as well as the spent fuel pool in the reactor 3 building, there’s also much evidence that the spent fuel pool in the reactor 4 building also went up in smoke). What with all the atom bomb tests since the 1950s, and these nuclear power accidents, I’m baffled why many people still can’t get their head around the cancer epidemic that we have at the moment.

Dr Kate Brown was on RT’s Going Underground programme this week, and her recent research sheds new light on the Chernobyl disaster. If you watch this 12 minute clip bear in mind what I alluded to earlier: Chernobyl is chicken feed compared to the ongoing disaster at Fukushima…

Kate Brown has also written a book called Plutopia: the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters which is fascinating/horrifying stuff. If interested you can find her being interviewed about this book here.

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Piers Corbyn on Climate Change and Extinction Rebellion

I’ve had all kinds of stuff going on just recently, not least technical problems with my web hosting company. Hopefully the technical side of things will now be back to normal.

I’m afraid that the term ‘normal’ can no longer be applied to the world we live in. Here’s a little timeline of some recent events:

Fifty people died and dozens more were injured in the attacks on two mosques in Christchurch on 15 March

Blaze Erupts at Jerusalem’s Historic al-Aqsa Mosque as Notre Dame Burns (VIDEO)

Notre-Dame blaze: 24 hours that rocked Paris and shocked the world

Sri Lanka Bombing Maps: What We Know About the Attack Sites

Make of all this what you will. I’ll just say that these ‘events’ always seem to miraculously mirror political unrest in the West. Talking of which, we have an obviously manufactured group called Extinction Rebellion who have been protesting just recently against ‘climate change’ (Here and Here for further information about this group). Extinction Rebellion have no anti-war or anti-austerity message, and the Presstitutes just love them, as do the police and the authorities. These things on their own should tell you just how phoney Extinction Rebellion are. It’s like living in China during the Cultural Revolution. That’s how bad things have now become in the West; and if you’re still having a hard time understanding just how evil the Presstitutes are see Here.

Whilst climate change is real – they used to have ice fairs on the river Thames and long before that the Romans grew grapes in the north of England. This is historical fact – man made climate change is a somewhat contentious issue that I normally steer clear of. However, due to all the recent Extinction Rebellion rollocks I thought I should present an alternative point of view, in the form of Piers Corbyn, the brother of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. I just say to people, make up your own mind about all this…

Richie Allen – Piers Corbyn on climate change and ER from es1964RobG on Vimeo.

The complete Richie Allen show can be found here.

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Julian Assange – the Age Old Battle

There’s been a mountain of commentary about Julian Assange’s arrest, and I’m not going to add to it. I’ll just say that it’s a part of the age old battle between good and evil, something I’ve had some experience of just recently. In my opinion one of the best commentaries about the Assange arrest came from Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), on Jason Liosatos’ Outside The Box YouTube channel. PCR is as burnt out as me with all this; but it’s always onwards and upwards, folks. Remember, the adage on the header of this blog is ‘never let the bastards grind you down’…

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