The Eagles of Bullshit

Yesterday it was reported that two big French music festivals have cancelled shows by the ‘Eagles of Death Metal’. This was because of comments made by Jesse Hughes, the band’s frontman. It seems as though Hughes repeated claims that he made earlier this year, that staff at the Bataclan theatre were complicit in the massacre that apparently took place there last November (the Eagles of Death Metal were on stage when the massacre began). Jesse Hughes is a bit of a character, to put it mildly. He’s extremely right wing, a gun nut, a religious nut (he’s also an ordained priest), a racist and a mega drug addict. In fact, Hughes is just the sort of person who would be top of the CIA’s shopping list to be involved in a false flag operation. Formed in 1998, the Eagles of Death Metal have put out just four records since 2004, which makes you wonder how Hughes supports his humungus drug habit. To give you a flavour of Jesse Hughes, here’s a short clip of him performing at a U2 concert in Paris last December. This was the first time that the Eagles of Death Metal had appeared on stage since the Bataclan theatre massacre…

Incidentally, to provide short clips I obviously download the original video and edit it. I use the Firefox extension ‘VideoDownloadHelper’ to do this. For some reason I was unable to download any of the video of this Eagles of Death Metal performance (and I’m not going to tell you how I did eventually manage to produce the above short clip). Maybe I’m paranoid, and it’s just a software glitch. The original complete video can be found here, if you want to have a go at downloading it yourself.

This brings me onto the massive civil unrest that’s occurring in France, which is of historic proportions. The media frame these demonstrations as protests against the proposed reforms to employment laws, but there’s more to it than this. In the wake of last November’s ‘terror attacks’ in Paris, a 3 month state of emergency was introduced. This state of emergency effectively suspends the rule of law in France. In February President Hollande extended it by another 3 months. This week the French parliament voted to extend it again by another 2 months. France is turning into a police state. That’s why at many of the demonstrations you’ll see protesters going to great lengths to destroy CCTV cameras. A lot of these protestors will also share my suspicions that the November terror attacks were a false flag job.

The media also frame the civil unrest as revolving around the Nuit debout movement, but once again there’s more to it than that. Some people have the view that Nuit debout, just like Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain, are patsies, used to channel people’s anger and to ensure that no real change ever happens. One such is Gearóid Ó Colmáin, an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris whose work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle. Here’s Gearóid Ó Colmáin yesterday on Press TV having a heated debate about what’s going on in France…

Gearóid Ó Colmáin has written a very detailed piece about the Nuit debout movement. You can find it here.

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité

The French word for protest is ‘protestation’, and the French word for demonstration is ‘manifestation’. What’s happening in France at the moment is quite extraordinary. I’ve never seen anything like it; well, in my very rural part of France you wouldn’t know that historic events are taking place, but there’s massive demonstrations going on in more than 60 towns and cities. This all started kicking off at the end of March and is centered around the Nuit debout movement. Obstensively a huge number of French citizens are demonstrating against proposed reforms to employment laws, which amongst other things will make it much easier for employers to hire and fire people. On 31st March there was a week long general strike, and last Tuesday another general strike began. This latest strike was called because President Hollande – in an act of incredible insensitivity and stupidity – forced through the new labour reforms last week without parliament’s approval. Incredibly, yesterday there were large demonstrations by the police all over France. They were demonstrating against a surge of ‘anti-cop hatred’ over the last two months. At the rally in Paris a counter-demonstration took place and a police car was set on fire…

Thus far, considering the numbers of people out on the streets, these demonstrations have largely been remarkably peaceful. They’re not just protesting about the new employment laws. There’s a slew of other things, such as high unemployment, ‘austerity’, the TTIP trade deal with America, and the state of emergency, introduced after last November’s terror attacks. The state of emergency, which effectively suspends the rule of law in France, was supposed to last for 3 months, but President Hollande has extended it by another 3 months. Yesterday the French parliament voted to extend it again by another 2 months. Here’s a piece from Press TV that was broadcast last weekend…

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Fraud And Forced Adoption

People laugh at me when I tell them that to all intents and purposes Britain is now a police state. Still not convinced..? Howabout the Conservative party election expenses scandal. This took place during last year’s general election, when up to 29 Conservative candidates are believed to have fiddled their campaign expenses, as revealed by Channel 4 in what is thesedays a very rare piece of investigative reporting. This is now being looked into by the Electoral Commission and 10 police forces. The Conservatives won the 2015 general election with a slim majority of 18. If the 29 Conservative MPs are found guilty of election fraud – and there’s every likelihood of that – it will mean that each seat will have to be contested again. This could mean that the present Conservative government will no longer be the government.

Now, I think most people would consider this to be a huge story, the biggest scandal in modern-day politics, but has it been widely reported..? Nope, particularly in the run-up to last week’s local elections. The Conservative election expenses fraud has been reported in the MSM, but only in coy copy buried away in the back pages. Media Lens have recently done a very good two-parter on how the mainstream media operates. It doesn’t directly address the Conservative election expenses scandal, but it does show how the propaganda arm of the UK police state works.

Still not convinced..? Howabout the forced adoption scandal, which is all about corruption and making money. If you’re not familiar with forced adoption I’d strongly advise you to watch this recent ITV documentary. If this isn’t a corrupt police state I don’t know what is…

Further info about forced adoption and help can be found here.

Update: for a brief moment today the Guardian featured this prominently; no reader’s comments allowed, of course…

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Homo Insaniens

The Pacific Ocean is by far the largest body of water on the planet and covers one third of the Earth’s surface. Billions of people rely on the Pacific as a source of protein. Millions of people rely on the Pacific as a source of employment. But the Pacific Ocean is now not-so-slowly dying. There are wildlife mass extinctions taking place the like of which have never been seen before in history. I’ve been making posts about the death of the Pacific for quite a few years now. What’s worrying just recently is that these wildlife die-offs are getting exponentially worse. Here’s some of the latest reports…

Why Are Chilean Beaches Covered With Dead Animals?

Millions of dead fish wash up on Vietnam’s coast in huge environmental disaster

Alaska’s massive seabird die-off spreads to Katmai National Park

What is the cause of these unprecedented die-offs..? One clue might be that they first started happening over four years ago on the west coast of North America, where the fisheries have now all but been wiped out. The west coast of North America is downstream and downwind of Japan.

Fukushima: for more than five years now three full-size commercial nuclear reactors have been in complete and ongoing meltdown. Nothing meaningful is being done to try to re-mediate the situation at Fukushima. There’s no international effort. Instead there’s a media blackout and business as usual attitude. Mind you, does the sorry story of Fukushima make any difference in the grand scheme of things..? Here’s part of a speech that President Kennedy gave in 1960…

“It is true that the amount of radiation created by bomb tests so far offers no serious threat to the well-being or existence of mankind as a whole. But it is also true that there is no amount of radiation so small that it has no ill effects at all on anybody. There is actually no such thing as a minimum permissible dose. Perhaps we are talking about only a very small number of individual tragedies – the number of atomic age children with cancer, the new victims of leukemia, the damage to skin tissues here and reproductive systems there – perhaps these are too small to measure with statistics. But they nevertheless loom very large indeed in human and moral terms.

Radiation, in its simplest terms – figuratively, literally and chemically – is poison. Nuclear explosions in the atmosphere are slowly but progressively poisoning our air, our earth, our water and our food. And it falls, let us remember, on both sides of the Iron Curtain, on all peoples of all lands, regardless of their political ideology, their way of life, their religion or the color of their skin. Beneath this bombardment of radiation which man has created, all men are indeed equal.”

John F. Kennedy, 1960

Kennedy’s military advisors were lying to him. In 2009 the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR) released a detailed report which showed that the fallout from the nuclear age has killed more than 60 million people (here), which is mass murder on an unprecedented scale; and the legacy of the nuclear weapons programmes continues to kill people. For example, there’s a huge amount of radioactive crap that is still knocking around from the Manhattan Project, which took place more than 70 years ago. Most famously there’s Hanford, in Washington state, which produced the plutonium for the Manhattan Project and is known as the most contaminated place on Earth.

Much more recently, and much less well known, is the West Lake landfill site in St Louis, Missouri. West Lake contains a huge amount of radioactive crap from the Manhattan project. It adjoins a regular landfill that’s been on fire for more than five years now. They can’t put the fire out. The following diagram shows the layout…

West Lake landfill

The fire in the regular landfill is heading towards the nuclear waste landfill, and if it reaches it and sets it on fire it will be goodbye St Louis. I will be making a more detailed post about West Lake sometime soon. I mention it in passing here because it’s just like Fukushima, just like Hanford: a major disaster that the authorities are doing diddly squat to alleviate; and of course all this has come about just so that the grown men can incinerate countless millions of people at the push of a button.

If that’s not insanity I don’t know what is.

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The T-Tip Tiptoe

This morning Greenpeace Netherlands released a package of leaked Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiation texts. The documents run to 248 pages of legal gobbledy gook and can be found here. The accompanying Greenpeace press release can be found here. For those that don’t know, TTIP is a trade deal between the USA and the EU that’s currently under negotiation. Greenpeace’s release today of negotiation texts is the biggest leak since Wikileaks published part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the sister trade deal that the USA has already negotiated with 12 Pacific rim countries. The TTIP negotiations are being carried out in complete secrecy, but from what’s leaked out it appears that TTIP is the most egregious assault on civil liberties in history, and will have a profound effect on everything from national sovereignty to workers rights to digital freedoms. It is, in effect, a corporate coup d’etat.

There’s nothing new about corporate greed, but what’s breathtaking about these trade deals is the complicity of high level officials. Governments negotiate trade deals: Barack Obama, David Cameron, François Hollande, Angela Merkel, et al, they all know what TTIP really involves and are completely betraying the people who elected them. The fact that TTIP is being negotiated in total secrecy perhaps shows that this is high level treason. Until today’s leak by Greenpeace, elected representatives were only able to view TTIP documents under guard, in a secure room, without access to expert consultation, while being forbidden from discussing the content with anyone else.

I only wish I were making this up.

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The Peasants Are Revolting

On Thursday night there were riots in a number of French cities, including Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse. The riots came out of a movement called the Nuit debout, which loosely translates as “protest at night”. Nuit debout started big time on 31st March and the protests have been almost entirely peaceful. These protests are now happening every night in France in more than 60 towns and cities. The media frame this civil unrest as protests against new labour laws that the Hollande government are bringing in, but it goes much deeper than that.

Also on Thursday French MPs voted in favor of a resolution to lift the EU sanctions imposed on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine. When the sanctions were brought in, Russia responded in kind and banned many products from the EU. The agricultural sector has been hit hardest by this and French farmers have been protesting about it since 2014. The resolution to lift sanctions on Russia is not binding. Even if President Hollande does not block the resolution it seems unlikely that the 28 EU member states will ratify it, because of course just about all the governments of these countries are bought and paid for by Washington, which was behind the coup in Ukraine. The USA forced the EU to impose sanctions on Russia. Why would EU governments have ratified the sanctions – and by doing so hurt their own citizens economically – if they were not in the pocket of the USA? This vassal state stuff is particularly disturbing with regard to France, a country which used to be proudly independent. For instance, France opposed the Vietnam war and the invasion of Iraq, and largely stayed out of NATO. This all changed when Nicolas Sarkozy became president in 2007, and the neo-con agenda has been carried on by the supposedly socialist François Hollande, who has become the most hated president in French history.

The EU governments might be bought and paid for but European citizens are not. A good example of this is what happened in Holland last month: a referendum was held in which the voters overwhelmingly rejected an EU partnership deal removing trade barriers with Ukraine (which would bring Ukraine more fully into the US sphere of influence and further isolate Russia). Without the deal being ratified by all the member states it can’t go through, but with breathtaking arrogance EU leaders have said that they are going to ignore the wishes of the Dutch people.

Perhaps the best example of corruption in the EU is a forthcoming trade deal with the USA called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). This trade deal is being negotiated in secret and is barely ever mentioned by the mainstream media, despite the fact that it will have a profound effect on everything from national sovereignty to workers rights to digital freedoms; but ever increasing numbers of the peasants are waking up to what TTIP will mean for them. Last month there was a massive demonstration in Hannover and there’s been a large number of anti-TTIP demos all over Europe. There’s also a growing movement of local councillors in Europe who are pledging to make their councils a ‘TTIP Free Zone‘.

Despite the somewhat dubious origins of the European Union I’ve always been very much for it. However, the institution has now become so corrupt that I’m not sure if it can be fixed. Next month a referendum is being held in the UK on whether to leave the European Union. If the UK does leave its citizens will no longer have the protection of the European convention on human rights (ECHR), and with the tories in charge it will probably become some kind of Dickensian theme park (the UK does not have a proper constitution and its citizens do not have any real rights).

Today is May Day, which was started in Chicago in 1886 by a union demanding an eight-hour workday. On 1st May 2016 there’s going to be many demonstrations all around the world, and particularly here in France.

We live in totally crazy times.

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28 Pages

The Howard Stern Show broadcasted out of New York City between 1986 and 2005. The show had a huge amount of listeners all across the USA. Stern was live on air on the morning of 11th September 2001. The following is a 10 minute excerpt from that show. It starts just as the news was coming through that the Pentagon had also been hit by a hi-jacked plane…

The complete show, which is 3 hours long, can be found here.

What struck me about the above 10 minute clip was the hysteria, which is perfectly understandable, and also the naivety: Oh my God, we’re being attacked! Here are some lines from a famous speech that Martin Luther King gave in New York City in 1967…

I knew that I could never again raise my voice… without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today – my own government… for the sake of the hundreds of thousands trembling under our violence, I cannot be silent.

What do they think as we test out our latest weapons on them, just as the Germans tested out new medicine and new tortures in the concentration camps of Europe?

Martin Luther King Jr.

Less than a year after giving this speech, King was assassinated, by his own government (and it’s wonderfully Orwellian that ‘Martin Luther King Day’ is celebrated every January in the US). The United States of America has by far the largest empire the world has ever seen. At present there are more than 1000 US bases overseas (at its height the British empire had 41 overseas bases). Since its inception in 1776, the US has invaded 80 other nations. Since becoming a superpower at the end of World War Two the US has overthrown or attempted to overthrow about 62 national governments, the majority of them democracies (here).

As well as having the largest empire the world has ever seen, the US also has the largest propaganda machine ever seen. Howard Stern & Co are living in The Matrix. Another thing that struck me about Stern’s 9/11 show is that, despite the hysteria as events unfolded, Stern and his crew were asking some obvious questions. Why weren’t there US Airforce fighter planes in the sky? How could the Pentagon, one of the most heavily defended buildings in the world, be hit by a hi-jacked plane? The 9-11 Commission Report, the official investigation into the events of 11th September, was a complete whitewash. There were also 28 pages redacted from the report. However, following calls from a number of US politicians it now looks like the Obama administration is going to release these 28 pages into the public domain. It’s expected that these pages will show the involvement of Saudi Arabian officials in the 9/11 attacks; but remember, the US empire never does anything without there being some ulterior motive. The psychos in Washington want to launch a war against Russia.

Perhaps the inhabitants of The Matrix need further distraction?

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A Time Of Treason

David Cameron, François Hollande, Angela Merkel, et al, are all bought and paid for by Washington. These people are total (and I do mean total) traitors who are selling out their own people to corporate interests. Nowhere is this shown more starkly than with a forthcoming trade deal called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). On Friday, during a press conference with UK prime minister David Cameron, President Obama stated that Britain should remain in the EU and he alluded to this trade deal, although he didn’t directly name it…

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is being negotiated in secret and is barely ever mentioned by the mainstream media, despite the fact that it will have a profound effect on everything from national sovereignty to workers rights to digital freedoms. Paul Craig Roberts, who amongst other things was part of the Reagan administration and a former editor of the Wall Street Journal, has summed-up TTIP quite succinctly…

As I have emphasized since these “partnerships” were first announced, their purpose is to give corporations immunity from the laws in the countries in which they do business. The principle mechanism of this immunity is the granting of the right to corporations to sue governments and agencies of governments that have laws or regulations that impinge on corporate profits. For example, France’s prohibitions of GMO foods are, under the “partnerships,” “restraints on trade that impinge on corporate profits.

The “partnerships” set up “tribunals” staffed by corporations that are outside the court systems of the sovereign governments. It is in these corporate tribunals that the lawsuits take place. In other words the corporations are judge, jury, and prosecutor. They can’t lose. The “partnerships” set up secret unaccountable governments that are higher and have power over the elected governments.

You can ask yourself how much money the representatives of the countries who “fasttracked” this system were paid by the corporations and how much the bribes will be to get the agreements approved by the legislators. As you witness American, British, German and other government officials agitate in behalf of corporate rule, you will know that they have been well paid.

Peter Liley, Minister of Trade and Industry in Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government and currently a Conservative member of the British Parliament took the trouble of looking at the Trans-Atlantic partnership and is warning against it. As a politician he cannot speak as forcefully as he might like, but he gives you the picture. Here is Eric Zuesse’s report:

No government representative who has the slightest bit of integrity and patriotism would have approved these agreements, and no legislative body that is not competely corrupt would hand its power and function over to global corporations.

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Oil Tanks And Terrorism

I’ve now just about finished the works around the oil tank in the back garden. Originally we were going to do a complete stone wall around the tank, which would haven been about six feet high. However, we decided that such a wall would have been a bit imposing, so instead we’ve done about two thirds of the height in stone and the rest in timber. Here’s where the stone wall reaches its height…

Doing the stone wall was back-breaking work and for the last couple of days I’ve been doing the timber stuff, which is a piece of piss by comparison. Money is in short supply at the moment and I’ve had to knock-up the timber paneling and frame from whatever I could find laying around. Here’s where things presently stand….

Money is in short supply because our gite business has been decimated. We let-out the main house as a gite, and it can comfortably sleep 12 people. In January 2015 our enquiries and bookings went into a nose-dive as a result of the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris. There was also a general election in the UK in May 2015. Nevertheless, we still managed to get six weeks of bookings in 2015.

Then we had the November 2015 ‘terror attacks’ in Paris. It’s notable that enquiries for our gite all dried-up after these terrorist incidents (we have an equal measure of French and British customers). We’re now well into April and we still haven’t got one booking for this season, and the Brits are holding a referendum in June on whether to leave the European Union.

Hard times.

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In a time of universal deceit…

… telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Talking of which, last Monday, as a prelude to next month’s G7 summit in Japan, ministers from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States laid white wreaths at a cenotaph in Hiroshima to the victims of the August 6th 1945 bombing (you can find my post about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs here). Germany has pledged to close down its nuclear power stations by the end of 2022, which for the moment leaves Italy as the only G7 country which does not use nuclear power. Italy did build nuclear power stations back in the 1960s, but in 1987, in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster, a referendum was held and the public voted to have them all shut down. In 2008 the Italian government started trying to revive nuclear power, but another nuclear disaster in 2011, Fukushima, put the kybosh on that. We are now five years down the line with Fukushima, and it’s at this stage that cancers start showing up. Children are particularly susceptible to radiation, and in adults it can take many decades for cancers to emerge, which is how the psychopathic cabal that is the nuclear industry get away with mass murder.

To mark the fifth anniversary of Fukushima, Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education went on a speaking tour of Japan (you can find my post about it here). On his return to the United States he gave an interview to his local community tv station. None of the mainstream media would air what Gundersen says about the cancer cover-up in Japan, and the appalling conditions that Fukushima refugees have to endure. Here are some excerpts from that interview…

The complete interview can be found here.

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