The Chain Of Life

Earlier this week the Japan Times ran a piece which began:

Thyroid cancer in local children and adolescents following the Fukushima nuclear disaster was probably caused by radiation released in the accident, four researchers said Tuesday in a report.

Annual thyroid cancer incidence rates in Fukushima Prefecture from March 2011 through late last year were 20 to 50 times the national level, said a team led by Toshihide Tsuda, professor of environmental epidemiology at Okayama University. The findings were published in the electronic edition of the journal of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology.

Considering the new security laws which have been passed in Japan, which now means you can be prosecuted for saying anything bad about Fukushima, I was somewhat surprised to read those first two paragraphs. However, the Japan Times piece then goes on to rubbish the report, and it finishes with this:

But the prefectural government and many experts have doubted whether these cases are related to the nuclear disaster, as the amount of radioactive iodine released during the crisis was smaller than that following the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident.

New report links thyroid cancer rise to Fukushima nuclear crisis

The Japan Times piece has been picked up by the rest of the mainstream media, including the London Times

The complete video can be found here.

Dana Durnford’s Expedition for Life involved covering all 15,000 miles of the Canadian Pacific coastline, documenting the damage done by Fukushima radiation (the west coast of North America is downwind and downstream of Japan). Most of the tidal zone life in British Columbia has died off. This hasn’t been reported by the mainstream media. However, earlier this year there was this jolly report by CTV News in Vancouver: B.C. cancer cases to rise 57 per cent by 2030, agency warns (no mention of Fukushima, of course). Much of the alternate media is just as infiltrated/controlled as the mainstream. However, some of the alternate media still fight the good fight: Government Emails Reveal Fukushima Radiation Could Cause Thyroid Cancer to Skyrocket in Americans.
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Egg On Face

Sometimes words fail me; so instead…

The Conservative Party conference kicked off in Manchester on Sunday, and so did a demonstration in which an estimated 80,000 people took part. Here’s two young Tories braving a baying mob outside the conference centre:

I can’t think why the mob are so angry.
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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Four and a half years ago the human race entered completely new territory: never before in history had three full size commercial nuclear reactors gone into complete and ongoing meltdown, side by side on the edge of the ocean (it should be noted that the No.4 unit at Chernobyl was a much smaller reactor, and it only had a partial meltdown, and it was contained in 10 days, at huge loss of life). How have us humans reacted to the Fukushima disaster..? We’ve done an ostrich. The neo-con forces which now rule our planet refuse to talk about Fukushima, let alone do anything about it, because it would ruin business. This obtuse greed and stupidity may well result in the extinction of our specis.

There was a recent, well-researched article in the Asia-Pacific Journal which gives a very good assessment of where we presently stand with Fukushima, both in terms of how much radiation has been released and continues to be released, and in terms of the impact on human health (not good) and the environment; but Eiichiro Ochiai, the author of the article, does not mention the Pacific Ocean, which is now on its last legs (I’ve made a number of posts about this). Ochiai does however touch upon something that’s very pertinent with regard to Fukushima:

In Dec. 2014, the official nuclear regulatory committee (Japan) published a report to indicate that Fk-1 is still emitting I-131 and other I-radioisotopes. According to their report, trans-uranium Cm-242 and other such nuclides were formed in the fuel rods during the operation, and they fission spontaneously, as a result producing radioactive nuclides including I-131

Cuddly iodine 131 (I-131) is much beloved by the nuke industry, because it has a half life of just 8 days: “see it’s short lived and soon disappears!” What they don’t tell you is that iodine 131 is always accompanied by much greater quantities of iodine 132 and iodine 129, which has a half life of 15 million years. However, the propaganda aside, iodine 131 does have a practical value, in that it’s a by-product of nuclear fission and its short half life proves that fission has taken place very recently. It fulfills this role as an indicator because the environment is already full of manmade radioactive crap, from bomb tests and accidents, etc, and isotopes with longer half lifes could have come from any of this.
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Van the Man

Van Morrison is a prolific singer, songwriter and musician who was born in Northern Ireland in 1945. His music covers rock, rhythm and blues, folk, blues, soul, celtic, jazz, country and gospel, and to date he’s released 34 albums during a music career spanning six decades. Pretty impressive stuff, wouldn’t you say. Well, Van the Man, as he’s known to his fans, has never really lit my fire (I’ll now have to duck as the fans throw rotten fruit). Although Van Morrison is a very talented artist his music just doesn’t seem to gell for me; except for a handful of songs.

I’ll start with Moondance, from an album of the same name released in 1970. Moondance is one of Van Morrison’s best known songs. Here he is performing it live in Ireland in 1979…

In 1982, Morrison released an album called ‘Beautiful Vision’. The third song on the album is called Dweller On The Threshold. In the sleeve notes Morrison says that the song was inspired by Alice Bailey, an esoteric author, who wrote there are a series of what she calls ‘glamours’ which are mental illusions creating a fog that veils the spiritual wanderer from seeing the world as it truly is. He becomes illuminated as a ‘dweller on the threshold’ when the ‘Angel of Presence’ purifies the soul with light…
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The Expedition for Life

Dana Durnford lives on the the Sunshine Coast, the mainland and chain of islands that stretches for a hundred miles or so north of Vancouver, in western Canada. Dana used to be a commercial diver and ran big operations on both the east and west coasts of Canada. Seventeen years ago he had a serious accident while diving off the coast of British Columbia. The accident left him crippled, and he spent ten years in a hospital bed. Dana has been on YouTube for years and used his channel to promote indie music artists (his username ‘BeautifulGirlByDana’ comes from the nurses who tended to him after his accident). He also posted his own rants about current affairs, including a couple of pieces about Fukushima when it kicked off in 2011. Since then, Dana was largely silent about Fukushima; that is, until the Autumn of 2013, when the full horror of it all hit him like an express train…

Well, Dana didn’t stop blogging; in fact something snapped in him and he started doing hour-long livestreams on YouTube, seven days a week, about Fukushima and all things nuclear. Dana’s somewhat quirky character and indepth research soon attracted a large audience. Dana was particularly known for his rants and barrage of swear words…
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Cry havoc! and let slip the Pigs of War

We’re now on day 2 of the Daily Mail’s serialisation of Lord Ashcroft’s unofficial biography of David Cameron, and some more serious stuff is starting to emerge; but before I get into that let’s stick with the less serious stuff…

So far, Downing Street has not commented on Lord Ashcroft’s revelations about Cameron. However, last night Cameron gave a speech during a fundraiser at the Carlton Club:

He told the 300 guests that he had had to go to hospital earlier in the day for a bad back, the result of some over-energetic wood chopping in his constituency at the weekend.

The surgeon told Mr Cameron that he would need an injection and asked him to lie on his front.

The doctor then said: “This will just be a little prick, just a stab in the back.”

Which, the prime minister said, “rather summed up my day”.

Mirror Mail 22nd Sep 15

Amongst other Ashcroft revelations that have come out today we have:

The White House was irritated by Cameron’s failure to win the vote authorising intervention in Syria in 2013. One “Obama administration insider” said: “It was one of those astonishing displays of incompetence that sort of leaves you wondering about how, you know, have we all got this far?” The book says the White House considered it had been “fucked over” on both Libya and Syria.

The following is an interview with John McDonnell, done 2 years ago. Back then McDonnell was a rebel backbench Labour MP. Now, of course, he’s the shadow chancellor in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, and his views haven’t changed one iota…
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The Pork Lance

Yesterday the Sunday Times ran a story which reported that an anonymous general has warned that a Jeremy Corbyn government could face “a mutiny” from the Army if it tried to downgrade them (here); another anti-Corbyn story, it seems, amidst the barrage being put out by the entire mainstream media, such as the recent criticism of Corbyn for refusing to sing the National Anthem during a Battle of Britain commemoration service.

Then today we had ‘PigGate'; not Corbyn this time, but prime minister David Cameron, who allegedly during his days at Oxford University, as part of a student society initiation ritual, put his penis into the mouth of a dead pig. Perhaps surprisingly, the story surfaced in the Daily Mail, which is publishing extracts from Lord Ashcroft’s unofficial biography of David Cameron. Ashcroft is a former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and has donated millions to the Tory cause. Ashcroft said that he has a personal “beef” with Cameron because he did not give him a role in the coalition government that came to power in 2010, and the Daily Mail are publishing it all… It seems that we now have a night of the long knives going on in the Tory party. The Mail and its editor, Paul Dacre, want to spear Cameron and replace him with an even more ruthless and hard right psycho called George Osborne.

Corbyn Cameron

Of course, the likes of Twitter have been having a field day with PigGate, and even if the allegations prove to be untrue I’m not sure how Cameron will be able to survive as prime minister. It’s one thing to have extra marital affairs, but to have a dead pig peform fellatio on you is quite another. Next time Cameron is facing political opponents, or having tough negotiations with other countries, they need only to go oink oink.
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The Empire Files

Started in 2005, Russia Today is an English language 24 hour rolling news channel that’s funded by the Russian government. For this reason it’s often called ‘PutinTube’. Nowadays it’s known simply as ‘RT’ and also broadcasts in Arabic, Spanish, French and German. In 2012, RT America launched an investigative journalism show called Breaking the Set, hosted by California-born Abby Martin. In March 2014, Martin drew widespread media attention when she closed the show with a minute-long statement condemning the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. RT put out a press release afterwards which said: “Contrary to the popular opinion, RT doesn’t beat its journalists into submission, and they are free to express their own opinions, not just in private but on the air.” Abby Martin quit RT earlier this year, saying she had decided to focus on investigative field reporting. Shortly after quitting, Abby Martin gave an interview to RT Deutsch in which she talks about RT, propaganda and the media in general. Here’s some excerpts from that interview…

The complete interview can be found here.

In the final minutes of the above clip, Martin states that because she’s upset so many people her employment prospects are bleak, and she’s thinking of crowd funding her journalism projects (this seems to suggest that she was pushed rather than jumped from RT). Well, Martin did find gainful employment again, and with another state funded broadcaster called TeleSUR, a pan Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network with headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela. TeleSUR is funded by the governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela, and is firmly Left Wing Land.
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Mr Corbyn goes to Westminster

September 2014 to September 2015 has been the most extraordinary political year I have ever witnessed in the UK. The Scottish independence referendum last September kicked things off. The backdrop to the referendum was a massive barrage of propaganda from the Establishment and the entire mainstream media, all pushing for a No vote against independence. Scots called it ‘Project Fear’, because headline after headline proclaimed all sorts of doom and gloom if Scotland became independent. In the event the No vote won by 55% to the Yes for independence vote of 45%.

In the immediate aftermath of the referendum the Scottish National Party (SNP) were in disarray. Who would have thought back then that little more than 6 months later the SNP would win an astonishing 56 of the 59 seats in Scotland in the UK general election (previously the most seats ever held by the SNP was 7). This landslide came about not so much because of nationalism, but more due to the fact that the SNP were running on an anti-austerity ticket, and (here’s the important bit) a large number of people in Scotland stopped believing the bullshit peddled by the mainstream media.

The SNP victory wiped out the Labour Party in Scotland, although this didn’t effect the result of the general election, which gave the Conservatives a small majority. After the election, party leader Ed Miliband resigned. Harriet Harman took over as temporary leader pending a leadership election. The Parliamentary Labour Party then nominated three candidates for the leadership: Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, all Blairites, all politically to the right of center and all firmly inside the Westminster bubble; ie, totally out of touch with the mood on the streets of Britain. The nominees were the same old same old that lost Labour the election. In an effort to counter this image some Labour MPs then nominated a fourth candidate, Jeremy Corbyn, an old-style socialist.

Most of the MPs who nominated Corbyn thought that he didn’t have a hope in hell of winning the leadership (Corbyn was a 250-1 outsider when he first entered the race), but the old-style socialist, campaigning on an anti-austerity ticket, drew large crowds wherever he spoke. Then polls started coming out which put Corbyn way ahead of the other contenders, and so the mainstream media started another Project Fear (including the ersatz left wing Guardian and Mirror) prophesying all sorts of doom and gloom if Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party. However, whatever mud they slung at Corbyn just made him more popular with the public, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The results of the Labour leadership election were announced last Saturday, 12th September, at the Queen Elizabeth Centre in London. Here’s a clip of Corbyn arriving at the Centre…

Corbyn won in the first round ballot with an incredible 60% of the vote. It was a bit of history: no previous Labour leader had won by such a large margin.
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The Death of Democracy

Craig Murray is an author, broadcaster and human rights activist. He was British Ambassador to Uzbekistan from August 2002 to October 2004 and Rector of the University of Dundee from 2007 to 2010. Craig was dismissed from his post as Ambassador after exposing the UK government’s complicity in intelligence obtained from suspects who had been tortured by the Uzbekistan Government. Yesterday, on his blog, Craig posted a quite extraordinary article. I reproduce it here in full, with his permission.


Exclusive: I Can Reveal the Legal Advice on Drone Strikes, and How the Establishment Works

by craig on September 9, 2015 2:17 pm in Uncategorized

This may be the most important article I ever post, because it reveals perfectly how the Establishment works and how the Red Tories and Blue Tories contrive to give a false impression of democracy. It is information I can only give you because of my experience as an insider.

It is a definitive proof of the validity of the Chomskian propaganda model. It needs a fair bit of detail to do this, but please try and read through it because it really is very, very important. After you have finished, if you agree with me about the significance, please repost, (you are free to copy), retweet, add to news aggregators (Reddit etc) and do anything you can to get other people to pay attention.

The government based its decision to execute by drone two British men in Syria on “Legal Opinion” from the Attorney-General for England and Wales, Jeremy Wright, a politician, MP and Cabinet Minister. But Wright’s legal knowledge comes from an undistinguished first degree from Exeter and a short career as a criminal defence barrister in Birmingham. His knowledge of public international law is virtually nil.

I pause briefly to note that there is no pretence of consulting the Scottish legal system. The only legal opinion is from the Attorney General for England and Wales who is also Honorary Advocate General for Northern Ireland.

So Jeremy Wright’s role is as a cypher. He performs a charade. The government employs in the FCO a dozen of the most distinguished public international lawyers in the world. When the Attorney-General’s office needs an Opinion on public international law, they ask the FCO to provide it for him to sign.

The only known occasion when this did not happen was the Iraq War. Then the FCO Legal Advisers – unanimously – advised the Attorney-General, Lord Goldsmith, that to invade Iraq was illegal. Jack Straw asked the Attorney General to dismiss the FCO chief Legal Adviser, Sir Michael Wood (Goldsmith refused). Blair sent Goldsmith to Washington where the Opinion was written for him to sign by George Bush’s lawyers. [I know this sounds incredible, but it is absolutely true]. Sir Michael Wood’s deputy, Elizabeth Wilmshurst, resigned in protest.
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