Inverted Totalitarianism

Earlier this month Chris Hedges gave a very good speech at the Earth at Risk Conference 2017. Those familiar with Chris Hedges will know that he often talks about ‘inverted totalitarianism’. What I liked about this particular speech is that Hedges gives the concept a lot of context, starting from the end of the Second World War to the present, and he talks about resistance movements. Hedges also mentions the civil liberties lawsuit he took out against President Obama (with regard to a law that’s been passed that allows for the indefinite detention of Americans without trial), which Hedges initially won but which was later overturned. If interested in the background to it all, you can find one of my posts about it here.

This is the mid part of the speech Hedges made earlier this month, and although he is talking about America it applies equally to many of the western nations, particularly Britain…

The complete speech can be found here.

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Is Donald Trump Insane?

This is just a quick follow up to my previous post about the situation with North Korea. The following is an excerpt from George Galloway’s show on UK TalkRadio last Friday. Galloway interviews John LeBoutillier, a former Republican Senator, and asks: is Donald Trump insane? As always I don’t agree with everything that’s said here. It’s just that amidst all the corporate media propaganda garbage it’s refreshing to hear an intelligent, adult conversation…

The complete show can be found here.

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Fu Man Chu meets Dr Strangelove

There’s acres being written at the moment about the crisis on the Korean peninsular, and I wasn’t going to add to those acres. However, there’s been an important development today that hasn’t been widely reported…

China should also make clear that if North Korea launches missiles that threaten US soil first and the US retaliates, China will stay neutral. If the US and South Korea carry out strikes and try to overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the Korean Peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so.

The Global Times is a state run newspaper. The Chinese government usually uses ambiguous language. The above statement uses very plain language.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that a small, impoverished nation like North Korea could be any kind of a threat to the United States of America. If Kim Jong Un launched a nuclear weapon against the US, North Korea would be instantly incinerated, to state the obvious; but Kim Jong Un is mad, according to the mainstream media, the same mainstream media who told us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, etc, etc. In fact, there is some humour in this very bleak situation: the way the MSM are trying to present North Korea as a massive threat to the world, when it is quite patently not.

North Korea, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, et al, all have one thing in common: they are (were, in some instances) all socialist societies with a nationalised central bank and an independent currency and foreign policy, independent of Uncle Sam and the US dollar. Now, there’s a coincidence. Uncle Sam only ever attacks small, largely defenseless countries that fit this remit, although the intervention of the Russians in Syria, at the invitation of the Syrian government, has somewhat thrown a spanner in the works. Maybe that’s why the American Frankenstein is now stomping around North Korea, an impoverished country but one with great potential.

Today’s statement by the Chinese government, saying that it will come to the aid of North Korea if that country is attacked, makes it quite plain that this could turn into a major war. So far the Russians have remained diplomatic about it all, but it should be noted that in the last few years President Putin has stated a number of times that Russia will no longer tolerate American hegemony (none of which is reported by the MSM).

In normal times, under these circumstances, the Frankenstein would back off, but these aren’t normal times: Capitol Hill is now infested with batshit crazies, many of whom are fundamentalist Christians who are eagerly awaiting the Rapture.

Sleep well tonight.

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Hiroshima Mon Amour

On this 72nd anniversary of the nuclear bombs being dropped on Japan I thought I’d link to a previous post of mine, about Midori Naka, a well-known actress who was in Hiroshima on 6th August 1945 and survived the nuclear bomb blast. Unfortunately she died later that month and became the first person in the world to have radiation poisoning listed as an official cause of death. She also provided the first live testimony of the Hiroshima bombing to be widely publicised in the Japanese media. Incidentally, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a uranium warhead, whilst the bomb dropped a few days later on Nagasaki had a plutonium warhead. These were both big cities with little military value. Both nuclear bombs dropped by the Americans were tests, to see the effect on a civilian population (see the link above to my previous post). These two atom bombs killed at least 120,000 people almost immediately, and God knows how many millions since then, because manmade radiation is lethal poison and is the gift that keeps on giving, and also kills many generations that follow.

Also on this 72nd anniversary of these nuclear bombs, John Pilger has published a very good piece about how we are on the cusp of a nuclear war right now (and he’s right). It’s why I haven’t posted much on this blog recently, because I feel like I’m living in a complete lunatic asylum, all egged-on by the absolute cockroaches in the mainstream media. What can someone like me do against the biggest propaganda machine ever seen in history?

But don’t worry, I will continue to rant and rave right up until the moment we are all incinerated.

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I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

The political scene is so completely mad at the moment (and we are at a greater risk of major war than at any time during my life), and the populations of the western nations are so propagandised, that I can’t even be bothered commenting on it all at the moment. So, while populations sleepwalk to their deaths, led by a bunch of totally corrupt psychopaths, I thought I’d play you out with some music:

Brian Wilson’s recent gigs in London haven’t been much liked by the critics. Now well into his 70s, it’s amazing that Wilson is still with us. The Beach Boys seminal album, Pet Sounds, was released in 1966…

Pet Sounds was released at the height of the Vietnam war, in which more than 50,000 American military people were slaughtered and God knows how many millions of local residents. For what..? The Presstitutes had an answer at the time, just like they do today.

Brian Wilson was the driving force behind the Pet Sounds album. In the Autumn of 1965, after suffering not one, but two nervous breakdowns, at the age of 23 Wilson dropped out of a Beach Boys world tour. In December of 1965 the Beatles Rubber Soul album was released. Wilson was so impressed by the production techniques used on this album that it became the main inspiration for Pet Sounds
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Get A Grip On Yourself, The Stranglers

As usual I find myself having to update old posts, because a lot of YouTube vids don’t stay up for long. In this instance a post I made way back in 2011, about the Stranglers (who were an Anglo-French band). But I suppose it gives me the excuse to play some of the music again. This one’s called Get A Grip On Yourself

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Common Sense and Common Law

On this blog I often bang on about what’s going on in France, a country that’s on the cusp of revolution, none of which ever gets properly reported by the mainstream media. Well, in Britain, too, there’s a huge social upheaval going on at the moment, but it’s more reserved (and of course not reported by the Presstitutes). I could use the term ‘a very British revolution’. In recent years this ‘reserved revolution’ (maybe Brits should eat more garlic) has been very evident in election and referendum results, and in strikes by NHS doctors, etc. The burnt-out image of Grenfell Tower embodies it all.

The following piece is very interesting to watch. It’s Jason Liosatos interviewing Justin Walker, Campaign Director of The British Constitution Group, on Liosatos’ Outside The Box podcast (which is always worth a listen). I’ll give my usual caveat, in that I don’t agree with everything that’s said here. I find it interesting because it shows a side of British society that most of the public are largely unaware of, because the Presstitutes don’t report it…

There’s also what appears to be genuine undercurrents happening in America at the moment. I can’t vouch for what’s going on in America, because I haven’t yet had time to investigate it properly, but it does give some indication of the public mood.

France, Britain, America, something is going to kick-off here, and it might not start in France first.

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C’est la fête de la Bastille!

Since I’m in the middle of a rather boozy Bastille Day I thought I might as well post some French music on this blog. French pop music is widely perceived to be crap. In light of this, when my neighbour Stefan is working in the garden, as he often is, he always has CD music blaring, and it’s all English language songs, though Stefan can’t string even a few words of English together. He often sings along to the songs, mimicking the English lyrics, not knowing the meaning of what he’s actually singing. This is particularly hilarious when it comes to racy lyrics: If you want my body and you think I’m sexy come on, sugar, let me know. If you really need me just reach out and touch me come on, honey, tell me so, tell me so, baby (Stefan’s voice booms out in a little hamlet in France).

Conversely, when I’m working out in the garden I also have music blaring, but I listen to France Bleu, the local radio network. France Bleu play a lot of English language songs, and if they had the choice they would probably like to play almost entirely English language songs, but by law at least 40 percent of songs played on radio stations must be French language. This brings me back to French pop music. If you have the inclination listen to the following songs and make up your own mind as to whether French pop music is crap. I’ll be playing both old and more modern songs. From whatever era, in its time it was all pop music. I’ll kick off with dear old Edith, and no, it’s not Non, Je ne regrette rien (which at the time of writing has more than 56 million views on YouTube). This one’s called La Foule and was released in 1957. Edith Piaf might have had a hard life, but for the era she lived in she certainly had wonderful teeth (and don’t let the French language put you off. Many of the songs I highlight here also have English language lyrics)…

This next song was a big hit shortly after I arrived back in France in 2007; or at least, they played it practically non-stop on France Bleu. Laurent Voulzy has been around for ever and has a big following in France. The song is called Jelly Bean. Note the use of English language in this piece, something that’s now very common in French pop songs…

Charles Trenet was a prolific singer-songwriter who only ever recorded his own material. He died in 2001 at the age of 87. I’m not quite sure what you’ll make of this next song (Trenet is best known for La Mer). My last romantic involvement before I left London in the early 2000s was with a young woman who was crazy about all things French, including Charles Trenet, and in particular a song called Menilmontant, which was recorded way back in 1939. Not much more than a year later the Nazis had invaded France and installed themselves in Paris…
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Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

I live in a part of the world where just about everything stops for two or three hours in the middle of the day. It’s called Lunch; and talking of food, do you remember the phrases cheese eating surrender monkeys and freedom fries? These phrases were bandied around by the Americans in the aftermath of 9/11, and they were directed at the French because the French refused to take part in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. At the time Jacques Chirac was president of France. Chirac was a Gaullist and on the right of politics (although as a young man he started out as a communist). Charles De Gaulle had always been a thorn in the side of the Americans, because he refused to allow France to become a full member of NATO, and he maintained an independent nuclear deterrent and an independent foreign policy. In fact, De Gaulle pissed off the Americans so much that in 1961 they tried to assassinate him.

President Chirac’s refusal to take part in the 2003 invasion of Iraq also mightily pissed off the Americans. They needed to get rid of him, and so they nobbled the 2007 presidential election and installed Nicolas Sarkozy as president. Sarkozy was bought and paid for by Washington. He made France a full member of NATO and committed the French military to the jollys in North Africa and the Middle East. Uncle Sam was satisfied, but then we had the 2008 economic collapse, in the aftermath of which Sarkozy started becoming very unpopular. So, the Americans nobbled the 2012 presidential election. It was a case of ‘you can have the blue pill or the red pill’, and a ‘socialist’ called François Hollande won the election by a narrow margin. President Hollande proceeded to do Washington’s bidding, one strand of which was to push through reforms to the employment laws in France. These reforms, which Hollande pushed through by Presidential Decree, made him the most unpopular president in French history and led to massive civil unrest. François Hollande did not even attempt to seek a second term in this year’s presidential election, which was won by a ‘centrist’ called Emmanuel Macron.

I’m running through all this history at a fast pace because I want to get to the point of this post. If interested in it all, the links I give above go into much greater detail.

The history outlined above, 2003 to the present, mirrors my own time living in France. When I first arrived here in 2003, Jacques Chirac was president and France remained an independent country. Now, in 2017, we have as president a creature called Emmanuel Macron. President Macron is a blatant puppet of Washington and the neo-cons, making France now a total poodle of the Americans, just like the UK is. Macron has been president for not much more than a month, and already he’s said that if he can’t get a vote in the French parliament he will push through further reforms to employment laws by presidential decree. Macron has also said that he wants to cut the members of the French parliament by a third, reducing the National Assembly from 577 members to 385, and he wants to extend the state of emergency (which was introduced by President Hollande after the November 2015 terror attacks in Paris, and has now been extended 6 times) and introduce further ‘anti-terror’ laws. Not since Napoleonic times has anyone ruled France in this way. It’s very worrying stuff.

In one sense it’s worrying because there’s massive opposition to Macron and the neo-cons, which means that the civil unrest in France will now probably get worse. This opposition is embodied by Jean Luc Mélenchon and his La France Insoumise (Unbowed France) movement. Mélenchon is an independent politician who came fourth in the 2017 presidential election, not much more than four percentage points behind Macron. Mélenchon has a huge support base and is described as being on the ‘far left’, whereas in old money he’s more a left of centre social democrat. Here’s Mélenchon giving a short speech after last month’s legislative elections (in which he won a seat in the National Assembly). The extraordinary thing about this speech is that Mélenchon is saying that if Macron tries to force through the neo-con agenda the people will rise up against him. There will be a revolution. I’ve never heard a popular politician in a major western nation use such language…

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A Very British Coup – Nuclear Disarmament

Some good news this week:

More than 120 countries approved the first-ever treaty to ban nuclear weapons Friday at a U.N. meeting boycotted by all nuclear-armed nations. To loud applause, Elayne Whyte Gomez, president of the U.N. conference that has been negotiating the legally binding treaty, announced the results of the “historic” vote — 122 nations in favor, the Netherlands opposed, and Singapore abstaining.”We have managed to sow the first seeds of a world free of nuclear weapons,” Whyte Gomez said. “We (are) … saying to our children that, yes, it is possible to inherit a world free from nuclear weapons.”

If Jeremy Corbyn becomes the UK prime minister (and there’s every chance of that happening) then the dynamics of this UN treaty will completely change, because of course Corbyn has been a life-long advocate against nuclear weapons (although, rather bizarrely, Corbyn seems to remain a supporter of nuclear power stations). I am reminded of an excellent BBC tv drama called A Very British Coup, first broadcast in 1988. Here’s the relevant clip from it (7 minutes long)…

(Editing in: YouTube have informed me about the above clip: “Due to a copyright claim, your YouTube video has been blocked in some countries. This means that your video is still up on YouTube, but people in some countries (UK and Ireland) may not be able to watch it”.

(My reply to you, dear reader, is if you’re unable to see the above clip it should be viewable here).

The first part of the above clip highlights something that I often bang on about; ie, the primary purpose of nuclear power stations is to provide fuel for nuclear weapons (because nuclear warheads need fresh fuel every five to ten years). When it comes to providing verifiable links for this, people like me are handicapped, because it’s all heavily covered by the Official Secrets Act and various other laws: by documenting such information people like me could well end up serving time. That’s the completely mad society we now live in.

The book of the same name that the tv drama A Very British Coup is based upon was written in 1981, at a time when Tony Benn looked likely to become deputy leader of a Labour Party which was led by Michael Foot (he of donkey jacket fame), which at the time was strongly challenging the government of Margaret Thatcher in the opinion polls. This tv drama echoes the attempts by the Establishment and security services to undermine and destroy the socialist Labour Party. You would never see anything like A Very British Coup on tv today, which is a strong indication of just how right wing and closed-down Britain has become (likewise with satirical programmes like Spitting Image).

Incidentally, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser in the A Very British Coup clip is played by a great old character actor called Oscar Quitak. He also played the same role in a Yes, Prime Minister episode two years earlier.

A Very British Coup is now obviously very dated, yet it’s worth watching because if Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister we’ll get an almost exact re-run of the plot line. Surprisingly, the programme can still be found on YouTube, and if interested you can find it here (although probably not if you live in the UK and Ireland, because we ain’t like China, are we)…

A Very British Coup episode 1

A Very British Coup episode 2

A Very British Coup episode 3

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Will common sense beat the psychopaths?

Once again, I don’t have the energy to comment on this right now. Ken Loach at the Durham Miners’ Gala this week…

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Corbyn has a strong surge in the opinion polls…

… even though most of the MSM are not really reporting it:

Labour surges 8pts ahead of Tories in latest poll

I’m too tired to comment on all this at the moment, so instead I’ll give you just one voice, of many, from ‘the streets’…

The new channel he’s talking about, YounesTalksPolitics, can be found here. I find it really uplifting that people, of all ages, are now more willing to embrace reality and step outside The Matrix.

If you’re incapable of thinking for yourself, you’ll find a queue of people who will want to indoctrinate your brain.

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Abby Martin Meets the Venezuelan Opposition

Another excellent piece of journalism from Abby Martin, published a few days ago…

To put this into context:

Overthrowing Other People’s Governments: The Master List of U.S. “Regime Changes”

And for some more background as to what’s going on in Venezuela here’s another interview by Abby Martin conducted in early 2015…

Why the CIA Won’t Give Up on Venezuela – Interview with Eva Golinger

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens if Jeremy Corbyn becomes the prime minister of the UK; and indeed if the blood-soaked American empire will then be in the final stage of its inevitable collapse.

We can only ponder on these things.

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Grenfell Tower – Incendiary Opinion

The Monbat published a good piece in today’s Guardian, in which he reveals some of the corruption and immorality that’s at the core of the Grenfell Tower tragedy:

A public inquiry where the government chooses charges, judge and jury puts the bonfire of regulations outside the frame. An independent commission is needed

Gatekeeper George seems to be gaining a conscience, as does the CIAdian, although methinks they are just trying to assuage public opinion about the Grenfell Tower tragedy, public opinion that could explode at any moment, because the tragedy embodies everything that’s wrong and rotten about neo-conservatism and 21st century Britain. The anger on the streets has been nicely summed-up by a young rapper called ‘Potent Whisper’ (aka Georgie Stephanou) with a piece called Grenfell Britain

If you want to drill down deeper into what actually happened at Grenfell Tower, and how many people are dead, and the corruption, etc, I can highly recommend last weekend’s Sunday Wire podcast. The original podcast is three hours long, and the Grenfell Tower stuff is interspersed with long segments about what’s going on in the Middle East, so I’ve edited it into a shorter piece entirely about Grenfell Tower. As if the editing wasn’t enough, I’ve had mega problems uploading this and making it available on various video sharing sites; but I’ll get into all that another time…

The original three hour long Sunday Wire podcast can be found here (the segments about the Middle East are also well worth a listen).

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Fukushima Update

A few weeks ago the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled in favor of the sailors who were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, sailors who provided humanitarian aid after an earthquake destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan in March 2011. The court ruled that members of the US Navy can now pursue their lawsuit in a US court, instead of a Japanese court. They are suing the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), which owns and runs the Fukushima nuclear plant. The more than 250 sailors continue to suffer from blindness, thyroid cancer, leukemia, brain tumors and a whole host of other radiation related illnesses. Many of the sailors have already died. To have fought their case in a Japanese court would have involved large traveling expenses, this for people who are very ill, and so the court ruling that the sailors can fight their case on US soil is an important one. For more information about the USS Reagan sailors see my previous post.

There’s also Fukushima related litigation going on in Japan at the moment, with three former TEPCO executives being put on trial. They are charged with professional negligence leading to injury or death at the plant, and have all pleaded not guilty; and still on nuclear matters:

The UK Attorney General’s Office (AGO) is investigating whether the Prime Minister, Theresa May, and the Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, can be taken to court for conspiring to commit war crimes with Trident nuclear weapons.

Nearly 400 people from five campaign groups are bidding to prosecute the Westminster government for breaching criminal law by being prepared to unleash a devastating nuclear strike on Moscow or other foreign cities from submarines based on the Clyde.

This is related, because nuclear power stations exist primarily to supply fuel for nuclear weapons (nuclear power is a complete financial white elephant, when you consider that governments pick-up the liability for disasters and disposal of spent fuel, much of which remains lethal for geological time spans). Getting back to Fukushima, now more than six years after the disaster began there are still three full-size commercial reactors in complete and ongoing meltdown (and each Fukushima reactor is three times bigger than the reactor that blew-up at Chernobyl in 1986). No one can get anywhere near these melted-down reactors because of insanely high radiation readings. Even robots get fried within minutes, and thus no one knows exactly where the melted cores are. The ever higher radiation readings suggest that fission is still taking place within the cores, and could continue for a long time to come, making a mockery of TEPCO’s 30 year decommissioning plan for the Fukushima plant. It might be a hundred years, or even a thousand, before the cores can be safely removed. The truth is that no one really knows, because this is a first: the human race have never been in this situation before. The latest “highest ever radiation readings” were found in ground water beneath the plant. Fukushima is located on a river bed. They diverted the river when the plant was built. Nevertheless, one thousand tons of ground water still flows beneath the plant everyday, and this ground water goes out into the Pacific Ocean.

You can find my previous post about the death of the Pacific Ocean here. The following video highlights Fukushima, but it also ascribes the death of the Pacific to a number of other causes. Make up your own mind, dear reader, as to what is the root cause of what could well be the end of human civilisation…

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