Julian Assange – the Age Old Battle

There’s been a mountain of commentary about Julian Assange’s arrest, and I’m not going to add to it. I’ll just say that it’s a part of the age old battle between good and evil, something I’ve had some experience of just recently. In my opinion one of the best commentaries about the Assange arrest came from Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), on Jason Liosatos’ Outside The Box YouTube channel. PCR is as burnt out as me with all this; but it’s always onwards and upwards, folks. Remember, the adage on the header of this blog is ‘never let the bastards grind you down’…

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Brexit Bollox

This piece in the Guardian today is archetypal of the utter insanity that the western world has become…

May’s appeal falls flat as EU seizes control of Brexit date
(as an aside, the way the MSM reverentially treat President Macron is just laughable, considering that he’s the most hated president in French history and his country is in a state of open revolt at the moment)

The European Union has kindly allowed a two week extension until Brexit, in the hope of forcing MPs to accept Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. The alternative is a no deal Brexit (cue ‘Project Fear’). The twists and turns and legalities of all this are starting to baffle not just this commentator. On the 13th of March MPs voted against a no deal Brexit, but this vote was ‘indicative’; it has no legal standing. The default (legal) position remains a Brexit on 29th March, a week today, deal or no deal. As far as I understand it, MPs will have to vote for an extension (a ‘meaningful’ vote) for the extension to take place. The EU has no say in the matter, beyond offering an extension. Of course, what the EU is angling for is that MPs accept the withdrawal agreement, either before 29th March or during the extension period. The alternative is (cue the sound of thunder and lightening) a no deal Brexit. The withdrawal agreement (which is actually a legally binding treaty with the EU), contains the ‘backstop’ arrangement, which potentially keeps Britain in the EU indefinitely, and with no voting rights. Anyone who signs-up to the withdrawal agreement is, effectively, committing treason, and of course Theresa May should have been carted off to the Tower a long time ago.

People are often surprised when they discover I’m a Brexiteer, since I’ve lived in France for many years. I am pro-Europe, but I’m not pro-European Union because it is run by neo-cons, globalists and banksters and is now far removed from Europe’s socialist roots. Consider the following:

The EU has raped Greece, and has impoverished huge swathes of other Europeans with its policy of austerity and other neo-con goodies (the Labour Party manifesto, by the way, with its policies of nationalisation, etc, is against EU law).

The EU goes along with the totally ridiculous ‘Salisbury poisoning’ false flag, and the following Amesbury poisoning. The official narrative of these events just keeps getting more and more bizarre.

The EU is quite happy to go along with American led sanctions against Russia, despite the fact that these sanctions hurt European countries far more than they do Russia.

The EU is quite happy with NATO encroaching right up to Russia’s border, and deploying missiles. The EU is not concerned about a nuclear war taking place on European soil.

The EU just loves American and Israeli led wars in Africa and the Middle East, wars that have caused a Biblical flood of refugees into Europe.

Further afield, the EU recognises Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela; ie, the EU goes along with totally illegal ‘regime change’ operations by the US.

I could go on and on with this. My point is that the utterly corrupt and shabby institution that is the European Union needs to be taken down. Brexit will be the first big kick. Other European countries will then follow.

If Brexit does happen (against all the odds), we need a Corbyn-led government. Otherwise, if the Tories get in again they’ll turn Britain into a Dickensian theme park, which they’ve half done already.

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If music be the food of love, play on

There’s lots of shite going on at the moment, both on a personal level and a political level. So, I feel a need for some music… the majority of posts on this blog are about politics but there’s also an awful lot of posts about music, which can be found in the ‘Arts’ section. In these music posts I give a brief history of the artist(s) concerned and usually I feature at least five of their numbers. The following is a sort of random selection of what’s called ‘pop music’ (at a later date I might do a random selection of what’s called ‘classical music’). I’ve taken one track from each post, with a link to the original post so that, if interested, the reader can listen to further tracks and find out a bit more about the artist(s) concerned. In light of what’s going on at the moment there seems to be some sub-conscious psychology occurring with regard to my first pick and my final pick.

My father died at the weekend. He’d been suffering from ill health for many years and sheer determination got him to the grand old age of 78. The world into which my father Michael was born in 1940 was one of fire and fury. His parents Nathaniel and Mary lived in the Borough, an area on the south side of London Bridge which includes the site where Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre used to be. With the outbreak of war Mary and her two children, Kathy and Terry, were evacuated to Oxford. Nathaniel had been called-up by the RAF, assigned to the squads that used to recover shot down planes to either be repaired or used for parts. My father was born in Oxford in September 1940 whilst the Blitz raged in London and the Battle of Britain was being fought in the skies.

‘Public Service Broadcasting’ are a London-based ‘alternative’ rock band. They are almost entirely instrumental and mix their music with samples from public information films and other copyright free material. This track is called Spitfire, from their debut album, ‘Inform-Educate-Entertain’, which was released in 2013 and got to number 21 in the UK album charts (I find strong echoes here of Spectral mornings by ‘Cornershop’)…

From Public Service Broadcasting – If War Should Come posted in April 2018.

In 2006, Neko Case released an album called ‘Fox Confessor Brings the Flood’. This track from ‘Fox Confessor’ is called Star Witness, and it always reminds me of the times I lived and travelled in America…
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Brexit on Life Support? or the EU on Life Support?

The House of Commons vote on Thursday, which gave a yay to extend the Article 50 Brexit deadline, was ‘indicative’. It’s not legally binding and prime minister Theresa May can ignore the result of the vote if she wants to. What is legally binding is that the UK exits the European Union on 29th March. That’s the default position. To overturn this there will have to be a ‘meaningful’ vote sometime in the next few weeks for an extension. In the meantime, it looks like May will try for third time lucky next week with her godawful EU withdrawal deal. For some indication of why May’s deal is so godawful, and why it’s already suffered two crushing (and historical) defeats, you could take a look at this.

The UK is in a constitutional crisis at the moment, because of Brexit. This is a whole ball of wool, and at this stage I should point out that there is no written constitution in the United Kingdom; no single document that guarantees the rights of citizens. The UK has what’s known as an ‘uncodified’ constitution; ie, there are a number of documents and precedents that establish citizen’s rights, yet these rights have never been written into a single document bound by law. Some of the principle documents that make up the British constitution are: Magna Carta of 1215 (which outlined the rights of freemen and serfs), the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 (which enshrines the principle that nobody may be arbitrarily detained without having their case heard in a court of law), and the Act of Settlement of 1701 (which outlines royal succession). These archaic documents, along with many others, are what governs the inhabitants of the British Isles in the 21st century; along with precedent (ie, some things are not written down, but instead are done because “that’s the way they’ve always been done”). You have to be both a legal and constitutional expert in order to find all this stuff and understand it. It’s hardly a constitution, and is easily abused by those who have power. With all this in mind, if interested on how the EU effects the British constitution see here.

By way of balance, Craig Murray is a respected former UK ambassador who still has faith in the integrity of the EU. I don’t know if Craig saw today’s edition of CrossTalk, which turned into a right royal row from the outset…

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It’s Got to Be a No Deal Brexit on 29th March

After yet another humiliating defeat for prime minister Theresa May this evening, May should be toast by tomorrow morning.

This still leaves two remaining crucial votes, tomorrow, Wednesday, for a ‘hard’/no deal Brexit on 29th March, or else the vote on Thursday for an extension of the Article 50 deadline.

This really is a no-brainer, because although the majority of MPs are Remainers, the majority of people who vote for these MPs are Brexiteers. If MPs vote for an extension of the deadline it’s just getting back on the merry-go-round. If the MPs don’t vote for a hard Brexit tomorrow, in all likelihood this will happen…

Let’s see how it all pans out. In the meantime, because I haven’t featured any music on here for a while, here’s something to perhaps calm your nerves.

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More on the Anti-Semitism Witch Hunt

Before I get onto the anti-semitism stuff, here’s the bookie’s favourites for the votes in Parliament this week:

Theresa May’s withdrawal deal will be voted against tomorrow: 1/8
Hard Brexit will be voted against on Wednesday: 1/8
Extension of article 50 deadline will be voted for on Thursday: 1/5

I’m taking these odds from here, and now onto the anti-semitism hype and hysteria:

Tony Gosling is a former BBC journalist who’s not afraid to tackle ‘difficult’ issues, which is why he’s a former BBC journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the shenanigans of the rich and powerful. Tony Gosling now does a weekly politics show on BCfm radio in Bristol, airing Fridays 6pm to 8pm UK time. BCfm started broadcasting in 2007. It’s a community radio station and as such it falls under Offcom rules. A group called ‘UK Lawyers For Israel’ complained to Offcom about a show that Gosling put out last November. Gosling had the full support of the management of BCfm and remained on air. However, while awaiting the Offcom ruling he had to really tone down what he said on air. The Offcom ruling was made a few weeks ago, and I’ll let Tony Gosling explain the rest. This is from last Friday’s show and also includes excerpts from some of the topics under discussion.

The complete show can be found here.

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Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It’s Super Jezza!

How many politicians, past or present, could you name who would have been able to survive what Jeremy Corbyn has been through this last three years or so? There are 172 Labour MPs and only about 20 are true supporters of Corbyn. The rest of the Labour MPs are doing everything they can to get rid of Corbyn, which has included two leadership challenges. This has been against the backdrop of an unprecedented character assassination campaign pumped out daily by the presstitutes. The main meme of this campaign is that anti-semitism is rife in the Labour Party and Corbyn is doing nothing to stop it. Things seemed to have come to a head these last few weeks with the suspension of Chris Williamson MP from the Labour Party, supposedly for making anti-semitic remarks. Williamson is Corbyn’s staunchest ally, and the fact that Corbyn seems to have done nothing to prevent Williamson’s suspension has caused many Corbynistas to abandon their man, including George Galloway. To be fair to Corbyn, he’s in an almost impossible position, with the entire British Establishment doing everything they can to destroy him. What do Corbynistas expect their hero to do, run into a phone box and come out a short time later wearing tights, a cape and a leotard with Super Jezza on the front?

What is perhaps fair criticism of Corbyn is when people say that “he’s too nice for politics” or “he’s not aggressive enough”. I would say that this is the whole point of Corbyn: he’s ‘normal’, as opposed to the corrupt psychopaths who mostly inhabit the green and red benches…

A seriously important and highly credible study was published five months ago last October. It was completely ignored by all of the mainstream media. Not one took the opportunity to publish the stunning revelations for fear of what might happen if they did. The report has unpalatable political consequences for the government – in fact, both Labour and Tory are implicated by the exposure of this colossal crime.

On the 5th October the 2018 SPERI report was published. The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute made some stunning statements. Its first paragraph stated that – “(this report) suggests that the total cost of lost growth potential for the UK caused by ‘too much finance’ between 1995 and 2015 is in the region of £4,500 billion. This total figure amounts to roughly 2.5 years of the average GDP across the period.” (I strongly suggest that folks follow this link and read the entire article)

I get the impression that most people see the anti-semitism smear campaign for the total rollocks it is. This week the witch hunt took on new heights of hype and hysteria, when Labour MP Siobhan McDonagh was interviewed on Radio 4. When asked by the presenter, John Humphrys, if she believed that the Labour Party is taking anti-Semitism “properly seriously”, McDonagh replied: “I’m not sure that some people in the Labour Party can. It’s very much part of their politics, of hard left politics, to be against capitalists and to see Jewish people as the financiers of capital. Ergo you are anti-Jewish people” (here).

One of the lesser known victims of the anti-semitism witch hunt is Peter Gregson, a GMB union official who last December was expelled for claiming, amongst other things, ‘Israel exaggerates the Holocaust for political ends’. Last Thursday Peter Gregson was interviewed by Richie Allen. Whatever your views on all this it’s well worth a listen, because Gregson makes some really salient points…

The complete Richie Allen show can be found here.

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1980 and Laissez Faire Capitalism

I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog of late. This is partly because I’m still writing my memoir An Anxious Life, which covers the first 18 years of my life. I’ve now got to the end of 1980, which was quite a year. The Soviets had just invaded Afghanistan and the Cold War was getting hotter. In March 1980 I turned 16 years old. In May the UK government released an information booklet called Protect and Survive, the preamble of which ran: This booklet tells you how to make your home and family as safe as possible under nuclear attack. In June 1980 it was announced that RAF Greenham Common was to become a site for American cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. This controversial decision led to the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, which at times had as many as 70,000 women protesting against nuclear weapons. In July the Olympic Games took place in Moscow. Sixty six countries boycotted the Games. Also in July I left school. Inflation was running at 22% and there were more than 1.5 million people out of work. Despite being in power for more than a year, Prime Minister Thatcher hadn’t been able to come anywhere near to fixing Britain’s economic woes. In October 1980, amid murmurs that she would be forced to make a U-turn in her economic policies, Margaret Thatcher told the Conservative Party conference: “You turn if you want to. The lady’s not for turning.” In November 1980 Ronald Reagan was elected President of the USA. The hawkish Reagan’s election campaign had been largely based on an anti-détente stance. In December 1980 John Lennon was shot and killed in the archway of his Manhattan apartment building.

Yup, quite a year, and the reason I’m banging on about it is because of Thatcher and Reagan, who started the economic madness that has dominated all four decades of my working life. In relation to this, here’s what I thought was quite a good talk given by Mark Blyth in November 2017. The talk is called Why People Vote for Those Who Work Against Their Best Interests

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A French Lawyer Speaks Out

Despite all the Brexit shenanigans going on in the UK Parliament I’m going to return to France again, because the French are way ahead of the Brits at the moment when it comes to realising what western society has become. I think the Brits will also start waking up this coming year, when they, too, start to understand that ‘democracy’ is a total sham and ordinary people are getting royally shafted, and the mainstream media have the morals of a Turkish Brothal keeper and pump out a constant stream of propaganda bullshit.

The gilets jaunes, the yellow vests, originate from my part of France, rural France. We’ve just had the 15th weekend of protests by the gilets jaunes. Many of the protestors feel like they no longer have anything to lose. A lot of them are prepared to lay down their lives in order to make France a working democracy. That’s the strength of feeling. The gilets jaunes are already looking ahead to Acte 17, in two weeks time, 8th to 10th of March, when apparently things will get mega.

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The Seven Dwarfs

Not unexpected, and delayed for a number of weeks now, seven Labour MPs have resigned and set-up their own independent group. The seven MPs are Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Gavin Shuker, Ann Coffey, Mike Gapes and Chuka Umunna. These are all Blairites who want to remain in the EU, and who always support wars and continued austerity, and put the interests of Israel above the interests of the United Kingdom. As events unfold over the coming weeks they’ll no doubt be joined by more rebels, from the Conservative party as well. In my opinion these people are totally out of touch with the mood of the nation, and will go down the plughole of history. Bring on another general election, I say, preferably in June, and let us get shot of these cockroaches once and for all. Incidentally, I find great irony in all this, since we’re just about at the 40th anniversary of when someone called Margaret Thatcher was elected as prime minister, in May 1979, when all this madness began.

Here’s Mr Galloway’s instant response to today’s events…

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Brexit Brouhaha

Politics in the western world has gone completely mad. The politicians are like five-year-olds on LSD, thus it makes it incredibly difficult to predict anything; but I’m going to go out on a limb here with my take on Brexit.

The EU referendum in 2016 should have gone to Remain, because there was Project Fear and the voting was rigged and all the rest of it. Despite all this the referendum went for Brexit. It was the first big protest, in this instance from the long suffering plebs in the UK. That same year the election of President Trump in the USA was the second big protest. It could be argued that the present yellow vest movement in France is the third big protest.

The psychopaths who rule us are well aware of all this, and we all know how cunning psychopaths can be: Theresa May was installed as prime minister to wreck Brexit (and if you want proof that May is one of the psychos, remember that as Home Secretary she deliberately sabotaged an inquiry into the rape and murder of children, and also as Home Secretary she was the architect of ‘police state Britain’).

May’s idiotic EU withdrawal bill is planned to fail, which is why she is quite embarrassingly dragging it out right to the wire: there will be a hard Brexit on 29th March. Yippee! shout the Brexiteers, but don’t celebrate too soon, because the 29th March exit seems to be carefully planned. See, the psychopaths are in a quandary here. They want to prevent Brexit but they know that the public mood won’t tolerate reversing Brexit. A ‘people’s vote’, a second referendum, will most likely have even more people voting for Brexit, particularly since the scales have fallen from many Remainers eyes with regard to negotiations with the EU.

So, I’ll be very surprised if there’s not a hard Brexit on 29th March. After that a new centrist party will be formed by Tory and Labour remainers, a party presided over by the Prince of Darkness, Tony Blair. This will split the Labour vote, which is why it looks like there will be a general election in June, which the polls say the Tories will win with a small majority. The presstitutes’ all out attacks on Jeremy Corbyn (last Sunday’s Daily Mail, for instance, was a wonder to behold) points towards this.

While all this is going on, Brexit Britain will come under heavy financial attack. There’ll be a run on the Pound and all the rest of it, with lots of manufactured chaos. UK politicians will just have to call another referendum, this time asking voters if Britain should rejoin the EU. Job done for the psychopaths.

But there’s a fly in the ointment…

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An Anxious Life – another excerpt

Ok, enough about France (although Acte XIII tomorrow might be interesting), so here’s another excerpt from the latest memoir that I’m writing, called An Anxious Life. These excerpts are from Chapter 2, which was written last month when I had a very bad cold. Hence the writing is a bit rough around the edges. Hopefully I’ll be able to bang it into shape when I do the next draft of the book.

During the Easter holidays Paul Gordon and I set-up a window cleaning round. We built a barrow, using old pram wheels of course. The barrow contained buckets, cloths and detergents. The only problem was we didn’t have a ladder, an item that is rather handy for window cleaners. Paul suddenly remembered that his father had an old ladder hung up in his garage. We pushed our barrow up to Paul’s house. The ladder was big, wooden and had three stages. Paul and I really struggled to get it down and on to the barrow; but then we were set!

Window cleaning was a good number. We pushed the barrow around the streets of Barnehurst, with all those rows of semi-detached houses. Miss, do your windows need cleaning? With hubby out at work, most times the front door would be opened by a housewife, sometimes wearing only a nightie; but Paul and I were in business and had no time for young women wearing nighties. We charged £2 to do just the ground floor windows, or £4 to do the ground floor and 1st floor windows. It was a struggle getting that big wooden ladder into place, yet we didn’t mind because this was serious money for 12-year-old boys.

When the Easter holiday came to an end Paul and I continued our window cleaning business after school and at weekends. All went swimmingly for about a month, until we were asked to window clean a higher than normal detached house. Usually we only needed to use two stages of the wooden ladder to reach first floor windows. On this particular one we had to use all three stages of the ladder. It was a real struggle, but we finally managed to finish the job by cleaning the 1st floor windows at the back of the house. We proceeded to pull the ladder away from the wall and to start getting the upper two stages down. The ladder kept moving backwards, though, and started tipping down on to the prim lawn where there was a large greenhouse. Paul and I jumped clear as the big ladder crashed down on to the lawn. It missed the greenhouse by inches, but we were not saved: the ladder had been badly damaged by the fall. We slunk back to Paul’s house, where we hung the ladder back up in the garage, hoping that Paul’s father wouldn’t notice the damage. Thus ended our window cleaning business…
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France and Venezuela

Another quick post:

Tommorrow’s Acte XII looks like being a crucial one. The gilets jaunes are going to be paying tribute to all the demonstrators killed and injured so far in this uprising. Apparently there’ll be a large number of protestors in Paris, but we will have to see what happens.

The gilets jaunes are calling for an unlimited general strike from next Tuesday onwards. The CGT (which is the biggest union in France) is also calling for a general strike on that day. Problem is, most gilets jaunes don’t want to associate themselves with any union or political party. I’ve no idea how this is going to pan out. I think it will all depend on what happens during Acte XII.

In the meantime, the total lunacy with regard to what’s happening in Venezuela. This seems to be yet another case of how much complete bullshit the brainwashed western public will swallow. George Galloway, love him or hate him, does a very good weekly programme called ‘The History Boys’. Here’s this week’s one, all about the history of Venezuela…

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A Quick Update from France

Acte XI last weekend was one of the biggest yet, and it included the first ever gilets jaunes night protest in Paris. The police response to these (almost entirely peaceful) protests gets ever more violent. In the meantime, in Paris on Sunday there was an anti-Yellow Vest protest by a group calling themselves the ‘Red Scarves’. There were not many protestors there and it was obviously a government staged stunt (here if you want a laugh).

Acte XII next Saturday looks like it’s going to be another big one. Problem is, this is now all turning into a bit of a stalemate between the government and the protestors. The city of Rouen has been one of the biggest centres of protest in France (more so than Paris). The gilets jaunes in Rouen are now calling for an unlimited general strike, starting next week. General strikes are not that unusual in France. The last big one was in March 2016, which was when this latest wave of protests first kicked off. That general strike was a protest against reforms to employment laws, but mostly it was a protest against the state of emergency introduced by the Hollande government after the ‘terror attacks’ in Paris the previous November, terror attacks that took place on Friday 13th and like all the other ‘terror attacks’ it perfectly mirrored the political chaos in France.

These general strikes don’t last very long, but with the mood in the country at the moment this call from the gilets jaunes in Rouen might be answered. As usual if there aren’t English subtitles on this video click on the first little icon on the right of the YouTube toolbar…

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Venezuela – Lines in the Sand

The attempted overthrow of President Maduro in Venezuela is one of the most blatant acts yet by the American empire to push its agenda of wholesale death and slaughter in the name of $$$. Most people reading these words will be well aware of the appalling record that America has. The USA has been at war almost continuously during the more than 200 years of its existence. Post World War Two the USA has been like the Nazis on steroids. The only way that the demented Frankenstein that is Uncle Sam will ever be properly stopped is if the American people revolt and overthrow this monster. There doesn’t seem to be much chance of this, because most Americans are so dumbed-down and are subjected to the biggest propaganda machine in history.

What’s going on at the moment in Venezuela might be a turning point, though. Both Russia and China are heavily invested in Venezuela, and after defeating the Americans in Syria I can’t see any way that Moscow and Beijing will allow this latest shabby exercise by Uncle Sam, because if they do allow it they know that they might well be next for ‘regime change’. This is a line in the sand.

The Global Times is a mouthpiece of the Chinese government. Their Editorial today is worth a read. It’s couched very diplomatically yet plainly states that the Chinese are no longer going to tolerate the antics of the demented Frankenstein. There are similar noises coming out of Moscow.

Who knows where this is going to end..?

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