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La La Land

Over the last three months I haven’t been very active on this blog. This is not only due to the fact that I’ve been writing a book but also because I continue to have computer problems. This, of course, hasn’t … Continue reading

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The Iberian Job

Writing a memoir is always an interesting and exhausting process. In effect you are re-living it all and talking about it, the good the bad and the ugly. It’s a bit like being on the psychiatrist’s couch. Writing my latest … Continue reading

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More Memoirs

I’ve been quiet on this blog for the last month, because: A) my internet connection has been up the wall, and B) I’m writing the third volume of my memoirs, which is called The Iberian Job, after a mad business … Continue reading

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UKIP surfe sur la misère

Last Thursday, 9th October, the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), won its first parliamentary seat. The winning candidate was Douglas Carswell, who shortly before the by-election had defected from the Conservative party (here). I’m not going to bang on about … Continue reading

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Assassins and Asylums

This is now my third post about Dana Durnford’s ‘Expedition for Life’, a voyage around the coast of British Columbia to document how much of the flora and fauna has been damaged by Fukushima. The funding for the expedition has … Continue reading

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Just over one year ago the 51st state of America voted against military intervention in Syria (here). British MPs came under intense pressure from their constituents to vote no. Shortly afterwards, America followed suit. Now, today, America has started bombing … Continue reading

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Perfidious Albion

If the Scots had voted for independence yesterday, the following three things would have been constitutionally banned forever in Scotland: 1. Weapons of mass destruction. 2. Unelected representatives (House of Lords). 3. Privatisation of the NHS. Of course, the British … Continue reading

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Independence Day

As I’m writing this there’s a big Yes vote rally going in in Glasgow, against BBC bias (livestream here). I doubt if any of the mainstream media will cover this rally, just as they haven’t covered many other Yes vote … Continue reading

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From King James to McDonalds

Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603. The unmarried Virgin Queen had no successor. The Parliamentarians, and chief minister Sir Robert Cecil, had already decided how to deal with the situation. For the previous three years, Cecil had been in secret … Continue reading

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The Gift of Idleness

Earning a living in middle-of-nowhere France used to be fairly easy. The housing boom in the UK produced a wave of Brits who came over here and bought rural properties, which were comparitively dirt cheap. Many of these properties needed … Continue reading

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