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Gwenno Saunders – Cornish Psych-Pop

I need a break from all the madness that’s going on at the moment. So, Gwenno Saunders was born in Cardiff in 1981. Her father is a noted Cornish poet and her mother is a Welsh activist. As a result … Continue reading

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They’re Gonna Get Us All Killed

“I’ve never seen anything like it” is an oft used term thesedays. The latest jaw-dropper is the Sergei Skripal poisoning case, where Colonel Mustard seems to have done it in the Library with the Lead Pipe. On Monday prime minister … Continue reading

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Fukushima 7th Anniversary

I wish I could say that a lot has happened in the last seven years with regard to Fukushima, but alas I can’t. It needed a huge international effort to try to contain the disaster. Instead we’ve had incompetence, massive … Continue reading

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Babylonian Poetry

One of the many interesting things about the Sumer civilisation is that it doesn’t get as much attention as the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, despite the fact that Sumer was the oldest known human civilisation, having arisen some 7000 … Continue reading

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I Burn But I Am Not Consumed

For such a relatively small country (population just over 5 million) Scotland has always had an enormous amount of musical talent. I’ll kick off with Annie Lennox and a track called Little Bird. This is from her 1992 solo début … Continue reading

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More About the Five-Year-Olds on LSD

In September 2015 President Putin made a speech to the UN General Assembly. It was the first time he had done so in ten years. Putin’s speech was quite extraordinary. He suggested that Russia would no longer tolerate American hegemony … Continue reading

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The Empire Strikes Back

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn gave a keynote speech in Coventry, outlining the Labour Party’s position on Brexit. As expected, Corbyn said that the Labour Party wants to retain a customs union. On one level this was a neat bit of political … Continue reading

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When A Nation Goes Insane

Last month the UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson claimed that a Russian attack on the UK’s critical infrastructure could cause “thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths”. This comes on top of Prime Minister Theresa May accusing Moscow of military … Continue reading

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Business as Usual

My domain has been down for the best part of six days, while it was being transferred from an American registrar to a European one. This blog is by far the most visited site under the domain, having … Continue reading

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I registered my domain name on 16th February 2000; that’s 18 years ago, and despite my chaotic life I’ve managed to keep it up and running, particularly during the 2000s, when owning a domain name and hosting it on … Continue reading

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Corporatism, Calamity and Fukushima

Looking at the likes of the BBC and the Guardian today, you wouldn’t know that there’s a major war kicking off in the Middle East. Just about all wars are for corporate profit, and what’s going on in Syria is … Continue reading

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M, Q and 007

Of late I’ve been making a lot of America-centric posts. Hmm, maybe I should rename my little corner of cyberspace as ‘The Burlington Blog’. Talking of which, the recently released FISA memo (a memo that outlines some of the spying … Continue reading

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The homeless and luh dontist

I’m in the midst of rather extensive dental treatment at the moment, which amongst other things involves having 13 teeth extracted. It’s painful, yes, but nothing compared to this…

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The Dog and Pony Show

On Sunday Hillary Clinton made a surprise guest appearance at the Grammy Awards. She read some excerpts from Michael Wolff’s new tell-all book, Fire And Fury: Inside the Trump White House. The crowd went wild with delight… I last made … Continue reading

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Walls Come Tumbling Down

For the record, as someone familiar with Warsaw (Poland) in the Soviet days, this pop video made in the 1980s is quite remarkable. Perhaps the most striking thing is that people in the West are now just as enslaved as … Continue reading

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