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The Hitlergate Hearings

Last weekend has seen two big protests. In London the Extinction Rebellion (read their web site and weep) blockaded bridges across the Thames as a protest against climate change and the use of fossile fuels. The Extinction Rebellion are mostly … Continue reading

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Another Day In The Life

This has been one of the most amazing days that I’ve ever witnessed in British politics – talk about a bunch of ferrets in a sack, what with Brexiteers, Remainers, Blairites, Corbynistas, and all the rest of it. Probably most … Continue reading

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Brexit and the Future UK Government

If press reports can be believed (here), today the UK government has reached a leaving deal with the EU. At the time of writing there are no details of this deal. Apparently there’s going to be an emergency Cabinet meeting … Continue reading

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The 11th Hour of the 11th Day, Etc

My grandfather ‘served’ in the First World War. His name was Robert Foster (I was named after him). Back then you could join the army at the age of 16. My grandfather Robert was 15 and lied about his age. … Continue reading

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The Infestation

I’ve now been banned from commenting on Craig Murray’s blog on two occasions. That’s fine, because it’s Craig’s blog and it’s up to him who’s allowed to comment. But, I always say, when these sort of blogs start asking you … Continue reading

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An Anxious Life – first chapter

I’m in the process of writing another memoir, which is now the fifth one. Does the world need another memoir by Rob Godfrey..? probably not, but this one is an attempt to explain the anxiety attacks that have plagued my … Continue reading

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War and Peace

With not much more than two weeks to go until the Midterm elections in the USA, a ‘migrant caravan’ of more than 7000 people has crossed the border from Guatemala to Mexico. Apparently the migrants are planning to then storm … Continue reading

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The Jamal Khashoggi Rollocks

Have you noticed that all the recent ‘terror attacks’ in the West have suddenly stopped? Here’s a run through of some of the major ones (most of which happened in France) set against events in Syria (I’m not going to … Continue reading

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The Three Maggots

I mean the three Ms: Merkel, Macron and May (by the way, that link I gave for President Macron doesn’t mention that he voted himself a 54% pay increase last June; this while millions of French workers have been out … Continue reading

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Main Lines and Branch Lines

I’ve always had a fascination with railways. Part of this might be because I was born in London and grew up there. London, of course, has an extensive rail network. I can still just about remember working steam engines on … Continue reading

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Is Trump for Real?

On yesterday’s Richie Allen Show he interviewed the independent film maker John Hankey, who’s best known for his films about the JFK assassination. This month John Hankey has released a film called Is Trump for Real? The film is about … Continue reading

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It Looks like the Psychos Are Going to Start a War with Iran

Has anyone wondered why the justice Brett Kavanaugh stuff has been so widely covered by the MSM, and in particular the MSM outside of America? It’s because there’s an agenda here, and the Brett Kavanaugh malarky is all pure theatre; … Continue reading

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Vietnam and the Airbrushing of History

I’m in a project at the moment that involves the Vietnam war. Naturally enough some of this research is on YouTube. I was perhaps not so horrified to see that over the last five years or so all criticism of … Continue reading

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A Noisy Night In South West France

At this time of year I always have a big conscience issue. Even though it’s late at night the cows are still crying out for their children. All the calves are being taken away to the slaughterhouse, and the cows … Continue reading

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Fire and Rain

Someone I was very close to here in France died unexpectedly last July. Cut a long story short, I finally got the urn containing the ashes of this person this morning. The urn is now sitting on the dining room … Continue reading

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