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The Last Waltz

This was a top story on the Guardian earlier today… This Guardian piece contains barely anything that’s factual, and is full of assertions and suspicions and ‘sources tell us’ and ‘our contacts’. It was apparently written by three people, … Continue reading

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The Corbynite Manoeuvre

At PMQs today Jeremy Corbyn wiped the floor with Theresa May, despite May’s feeble attempt to bring antisemitism into the proceedings. All six of Corbyn’s questions were about a chaotic Brexit and the disarray amongst the Tories. Corbyn is having … Continue reading

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Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Last week Lionel (real name Michael Lebron) was given a tour of the White House and met with President Trump. Lionel is an internationally syndicated radio, television and YouTube legal and media analyst, and is firmly on the right of … Continue reading

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The Battle for Britain, and Indeed the World

It’s embarrassing, it really is, the way the Presstitutes, the 1% and those who fawn to them are going into a tail spin because the 99% are now starting to fight back (“but that’s socialism!” to quote Mitt Romney). All … Continue reading

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The Mind-Body Problem

The nature of consciousness is one of the most fundamental questions of human existence, if not the most fundamental one. What’s known as ‘the mind-body problem’ has intrigued and frustrated philosophers and scientists since the start of recorded history. Is … Continue reading

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I Know How Kyle Kulinski Feels

Kyle Kulinski has a huge audience on the likes of YouTube, yet his channel still reaches a fraction of the ‘Great Unwashed’, most of whom who are too busy on the hamster wheel to get only snatches of news from … Continue reading

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The Psychopaths Who Rule Us

I’ve never been a big fan of Alex Jones, but what they’ve just done to him is beyond the pale, because free speech is so important, even if you don’t agree with what’s being said. I’m of the opinion that … Continue reading

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The Oxford Union Is Now a Total Disgrace

I often feature Oxford Union debates on this blog. Here are some examples: Malcolm X and self defense The Snowden Debate Beware of Bankers Bearing Gifts The Oxford Union (OU) usually provide lively and democratic debate from … Continue reading

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UK Politics Is Rather Complicated at the Moment

As usual, where to begin. I suppose we could begin with last week, when the UK Parliament closed down for the summer recess (aka a three month jolly). Prime minister Theresa May tried to table a motion proposing to shut … Continue reading

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The Two Last Voices Left in British Journalism

I’m talking about George Galloway and Tony Gosling. In the present total dystopia we now live in, how these two are still allowed to broadcast is beyond me. Galloway is on the mainstream TalkRadio UK, and his show is usually … Continue reading

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Is Climate Change a Result of Human Activity, or Is It All Bollocks?

Last week, with regard to politics, was the craziest I’ve ever witnessed (and I’m now 54 years old). It’s getting to the stage where it’s difficult to comment on such madness. Here’s the online headlines for the Guardian, today 23rd … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Fundamentalism

The following is a photo of President Bush junior holding a prayer meeting at the White House shortly after 9/11, led in prayer by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (I know, you couldn’t make this stuff up, could you): Here’s … Continue reading

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Tim Murphy RIP

The American poet Tim Murphy died last week. Tim was one of the most brilliant formal poets that I’ve ever encountered. He could weave together metre and rhyme so skillfully that often you had to look twice to realise that … Continue reading

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A Mega Hailstorm in South West France

Yesterday is a day I won’t forget for a long time. At this time of year you often get huge electrical storms in these parts. Yesterday the weather was very close; bruised clouds were building up; there were distant rumblings. … Continue reading

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The Sinking of British Civil Society

I wasn’t surprised to come across this in yesterday’s Guardian… The man whose claims of a VIP paedophile ring sparked a £2m Scotland Yard investigation targeting pillars of the establishment has been charged with 12 counts of lying to detectives … Continue reading

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