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Thoughts About Fundamentalism

The following is a photo of President Bush junior holding a prayer meeting at the White House shortly after 9/11, led in prayer by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (I know, you couldn’t make this stuff up, could you): Here’s … Continue reading

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The Sinking of British Civil Society

I wasn’t surprised to come across this in yesterday’s Guardian… The man whose claims of a VIP paedophile ring sparked a £2m Scotland Yard investigation targeting pillars of the establishment has been charged with 12 counts of lying to detectives … Continue reading

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Hats, Health and Honor

The anti-biotics I’m now on are solar-sensitive (if interested in my latest health problems see here). This means that when I’m out in the now blazing sunshine I have to wear gloves and a wide brimmed hat. The hat in … Continue reading

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Spies, Lords and Predators

I used to post a lot on this blog about child sex abuse in the UK, child sex abuse carried out by high profile people. Of course, most child sex abuse is carried out by ordinary members of the public, … Continue reading

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A Not so Harmless Little Tick

I’m dead on my feet at the moment, so this post will probably be brief: a few weeks back I was no doubt boring readers with my recent health problems: mega dental treatment during February and March followed by a … Continue reading

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The Lights Are Going Out

Yesterday the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) adopted the appalling Article 13 proposal by Rapporteur MEP Axel Voss, during its vote on their Report on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. Just 25 MEPs on this committee (JURI) voted … Continue reading

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Nellie McKay – Music and Politics and Censorship

This post is about Nellie McKay, which means we’re going to have a strong mix of music and politics. I’ll start with the music first before getting onto the politics. Talking of which, earlier this month Nellie McKay was interviewed … Continue reading

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The Insanity of Nuclear Deterrence

I could really go into one about all this, but instead I’ll leave it to Robert Green, at a recent TED talk from New Zealand. It runs to about 20 minutes…

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Carry On Korea

Tuesday’s summit in Singapore between President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was yet another surreal moment amongst many in recent years. One of the funniest things about this summit has been the reaction to it. Trump … Continue reading

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The EU Article 13 – You Couldn’t Make This stuff Up

As usual where do I start..? The Trump – Kim Jong-un farce this week? The latest Brexit farce? The Russia World Cup farce? Here’s a subject that’s not a farce: This is something that everyone needs to know, not just … Continue reading

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This House Believes Israel is a Rogue State

Many years ago I used to have some sympathy for Israel; but not any longer. Last Friday at the UN Security Council the United States was the only nation to oppose/veto a draft resolution calling for measures to protect Palestinians … Continue reading

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It Gets Darker and Darker

Here we go again: I’ve never seen anything like it, with regard to the recent hit pieces by the Guardian, BBC, CNN et al, against independent journalists, academics, indeed any relatively high profile person who questions the official narrative (Moon … Continue reading

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Psychopaths and Cockroaches

On Wednesday the American aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman, accompanied by seven warships, set sail for the Middle East. This flotilla will reach the eastern Mediterranean in about nine days time. Nine days until the end of the world..? … Continue reading

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The Guinea Pig in the Room

Last week there was another bizarre twist in the Salisbury poisoning affair, in that two guinea pigs belonging to Sergei Skripal died and his cat had to be put down after they were left in his home for weeks without … Continue reading

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On the Cusp

As I type this on a Sunday afternoon in western Europe, President Trump is in the middle of one of his Twitter storms. Here’s one of his Tweets: Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. … Continue reading

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