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Donald Trump

When Trump first became President I was prepared to give him the benefit of doubt; after all, a character like Trump might really be someone who slipped in under the wire. This allusion only lasted for a month or so … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn

Whether you love or hate Corbyn, his keynote speech yesterday, closing the 2018 Labour party conference, was an absolute blinder. The only criticism I have of it was when he referred to the Salisbury poisonings as the ‘work of the … Continue reading

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Gemma O’Doherty

The presstitute’s reaction to this year’s Labour Party conference has been hilarious, to say the least. Today John McDonnell gave a speech outlining some of the most radical proposals that have been seen in British politics in more than three … Continue reading

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The Last Waltz

This was a top story on the Guardian earlier today… This Guardian piece contains barely anything that’s factual, and is full of assertions and suspicions and ‘sources tell us’ and ‘our contacts’. It was apparently written by three people, … Continue reading

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The Corbynite Manoeuvre

At PMQs today Jeremy Corbyn wiped the floor with Theresa May, despite May’s feeble attempt to bring antisemitism into the proceedings. All six of Corbyn’s questions were about a chaotic Brexit and the disarray amongst the Tories. Corbyn is having … Continue reading

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