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This is all absolute bollocks to distract you from what’s going on at the moment

Assange Never Met Manafort. Luke Harding and the Guardian Publish Still More Blatant MI6 Lies There’s revolution in France, and we’re on the verge of war with Russia. How can anyone take Craig Murray seriously? The Danse Macabre doesn’t sum … Continue reading

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Here’s how it works (the banking system)

Henry Ford (of the Ford Motor Company) once famously said: “If Americans knew the truth about our banking and monetary system, there would be a revolution before morning.” Here’s what Henry Ford was talking about: what’s now politely called ‘the … Continue reading

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And even more bullshite from Craig Murray

Please note that the likes of Craig Murray never directly address the issues here… Officers and Agents It’s all bullshit and bollocks, to make you believe that he’s an insider trying to ‘tell truth’. The reality is very different. These … Continue reading

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More Complete Bullshit From Richie Allen

Strange, non, that Richie Allen hasn’t made one mention of the huge protests in France, despite the fact that the ‘future Mrs Allen’ is French. It does make you wonder about ‘controlled opposition’, and all that. I know, I take … Continue reading

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More Complete Bullshit From The Guardian At the risk of sounding like the record’s stuck, Jeremy Corbyn has been a lifelong opponent of the EU project. However, a majority of Labour MPs (mostly Blairite trash) are Remainers, and as leader of the party Corbyn has … Continue reading

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These people are an absolute joke

Here we go… Revealed: faulty medical implants harm patients around world (Oh, wow, the Guardian has ‘revealed’ something). Next breath on the same front page… May to warn MPs that rejecting Brexit deal would put UK ‘back to square one’ … Continue reading

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Paris Burnt Last Night…

… and here’s one reason why: When you look at the likes of the Guardian, who originally tried to explain the protestors in France as ‘right wing extremists’ you can only weep. The media in the West is now almost … Continue reading

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The Revolution

Absolutely no word of what’s going on in France at the moment… Paris has been like a warzone today. But keep on taking the Kool Aid, folks.

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Why Am I the Only Person Saying This?

It’s a bit like being in a lunatic asylum, and here’s why: The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) have torn-up their agreement to keep the Conservative party in power… The Conservative government under Theresa May no longer has a majority in … Continue reading

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The Hitlergate Hearings

Last weekend has seen two big protests. In London the Extinction Rebellion (read their web site and weep) blockaded bridges across the Thames as a protest against climate change and the use of fossile fuels. The Extinction Rebellion are mostly … Continue reading

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Another Day In The Life

This has been one of the most amazing days that I’ve ever witnessed in British politics – talk about a bunch of ferrets in a sack, what with Brexiteers, Remainers, Blairites, Corbynistas, and all the rest of it. Probably most … Continue reading

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Brexit and the Future UK Government

If press reports can be believed (here), today the UK government has reached a leaving deal with the EU. At the time of writing there are no details of this deal. Apparently there’s going to be an emergency Cabinet meeting … Continue reading

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The 11th Hour of the 11th Day, Etc

My grandfather ‘served’ in the First World War. His name was Robert Foster (I was named after him). Back then you could join the army at the age of 16. My grandfather Robert was 15 and lied about his age. … Continue reading

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The Infestation

I’ve now been banned from commenting on Craig Murray’s blog on two occasions. That’s fine, because it’s Craig’s blog and it’s up to him who’s allowed to comment. But, I always say, when these sort of blogs start asking you … Continue reading

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An Anxious Life – first chapter

I’m in the process of writing another memoir, which is now the fifth one. Does the world need another memoir by Rob Godfrey..? probably not, but this one is an attempt to explain the anxiety attacks that have plagued my … Continue reading

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