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A French Lawyer Speaks Out

Despite all the Brexit shenanigans going on in the UK Parliament I’m going to return to France again, because the French are way ahead of the Brits at the moment when it comes to realising what western society has become. … Continue reading

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The Seven Dwarfs

Not unexpected, and delayed for a number of weeks now, seven Labour MPs have resigned and set-up their own independent group. The seven MPs are Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Gavin Shuker, Ann Coffey, Mike Gapes and Chuka Umunna. … Continue reading

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Brexit Brouhaha

Politics in the western world has gone completely mad. The politicians are like five-year-olds on LSD, thus it makes it incredibly difficult to predict anything; but I’m going to go out on a limb here with my take on Brexit. … Continue reading

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An Anxious Life – another excerpt

Ok, enough about France (although Acte XIII tomorrow might be interesting), so here’s another excerpt from the latest memoir that I’m writing, called An Anxious Life. These excerpts are from Chapter 2, which was written last month when I had … Continue reading

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France and Venezuela

Another quick post: Tommorrow’s Acte XII looks like being a crucial one. The gilets jaunes are going to be paying tribute to all the demonstrators killed and injured so far in this uprising. Apparently there’ll be a large number of … Continue reading

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