Luh Dontist – part 2

Is anyone remotely interested in my teeth..? Of course not, but other people blog about boring things so I reserve the right to do the same.

Yesterday I went back to my dontist for the crise cardiaque, the estimate for how much it’s going to cost to fix my teeth. You realise just how bad your French is, let alone your teeth, when you’re sitting there talking to a dentist in France about what treatment you need (technical stuff), and how much it’s going to cost. If I understood my nice lady dontist correctly, 13 of my teeth need to be repaired (fillings, crowns, etc)…

Nine of my teeth need to be extracted…

And then I’m going to need some false teeth…

It all comes to a grand total of just under 4258 euro (approx. £3587, or US$5572). In old money – cause it sounds more dramatic – that’s about 30,000 French francs, 10,000 francs for each of the three decades of neglect of my teeth.

I’m selling my Citroen 2CV to fund my Colgate smile (see Luh Dontist – part 1). 2CVs sell for quite a lot of money thesedays, if they’re in good condition. The car only has 36,000 klicks on the clock, which is amazing for a car that is 30 years old. Unfortunately, much like my teeth, my 2CV has suffered over the years. It needs a new canvas roof and a battery, but more than anything there’s quite a bit of rust on the panel below the windscreen. This means that I’ll only be able to get about 2000 euro for the car. This still leaves me 2258 euro short of a Colgate smile.

By the way, did I mention that some of my books are available on Amazon? (ha!)

Amazon’s Rob Godfrey Page

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