Jeff Beck live at Ronnie Scott’s Club

The following performances show what you can do with just six strings (or in Tal Wilkenfeld’s case, four strings) but let’s not get into an arguement about who’s the best guitarist of all time. I think many people will agree that Jeff Beck is up there amongst them. In 2007, Beck had a week long residency at Ronnie Scott’s Club in London. Joining him were Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Tal Wilkenfeld on bass and Jason Rebello on keyboard. All very talented musicians and one of the best line-ups that Jeff Beck has ever had (you can find a post about Tal Wilkenfeld here). The boy from down Croydon way done good. I’ve selected just five pieces from the Ronnie Scott’s gigs. If you want to see the entire performance you can find it on Amazon.

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