Maggie Thatcher rides again

When I left school in 1980 there were 3 million people out of work (some things never change) and an entire culture had evolved around unemployment. There were demos, music, art, and there were politicians like Norman Tebbit, who in 1981 was appointed Employment Secretary by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Following the 1981 riots in London and Birmingham, Tebbit told the press about how his own unemployed father, in the Great Depression of the 1930s, had got on his bike and went looking for work. Hence, Tebbit is forever associated with the On yer bike phrase, telling the 1980s unemployed to get off their arses and go look for work.

I have no liking for Tebbit (the only thing we have in common is that we are both agnostics). However, his blog over on the Daily Telegraph is always good for a laugh, and in particular for the comments section – which is mostly arse-licking stuff: ‘Lord Tebbit’, ‘melord’ and all that kind of stuff. I found a recent Telegraph blog post by Tebbit quite interesting, because it shows how the movie industry completely distorts facts. Tebbit talks about the recent movie about Margaret Thatcher called the Iron Lady, with the lead role played by Meryl Streep, who’s a fine actress. Whatever your views about Norman Tebbit, he was part of Thatcher’s government and what he says about the Iron Lady has validity…

If the real Margaret Thatcher had been like Meryl Streep’s Iron Lady, I wouldn’t have supported her

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