Shoot the son of a bitch..!

… is what one American commentator said about Julian Assange’s new show on RT, The World Tomorrow. The second programme aired this week and was much better than the first one. But before we get on to that here’s a short RT news piece about the reaction to the first show…

The second programme of The World Tomorrow aired last Tuesday and was a somewhat chaotic debate between the colourful Slavoj Zizek, a Slovenian philosopher who describes himself as a communist, and David Horowitz, who’s now a hardline American conservative but used to be a hardline lefty. Zizek was in the studio with Julian Assange. Horowitz was at home and took part in the debate via Skype. Horowitz’s phone rings twice during the programme (first rule of interviewing: always turn off or unplug telephones). It was rather hilarious. In my opinion this amateurish and largely uncontrolled programme had an air of charm about it. It’s also a good example of how vacuous intellectual thought is these days. If interested, see what you think…

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