Mr Assange slags off the BBC

Julian Assange has been busy over Christmas. He gave another speech from the balcony of the Ecudorian embassy in London (which follows at the end of this post), and he also gave an interview to the BBC, which turned into a bit of a ding dong. The interviewer is Zeinab Badawi…

I fully support Mr Assange and his ilk and think he’s an obvious victim of character assassination. Another one fighting the good fight is Naomi Wolf, who along with Chris Hedges is part of an ongoing lawsuit against President Obama regarding the NDAA (here). Wolf published a piece in the Guardian over Christmas revealing the “totally integrated corporate-state repression of dissent”. Both the Guardian and BBC have toned down ‘real news’ in recent years (neither of them, for example, report what’s really going on at Fukushima), and I’m increasingly surprised that the Guardian continues to publish pieces like this, albeit tucked away in the back pages…

Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy

Of course, the rich and powerful cracking down on dissent is as old as time immemorial. The difference in the 21st century is that information technology makes it easier for campaigners to expose it. Those in power fight back against having a light shone into their stygian world. Have you noticed how they keep trying to pass laws that will allow them to completely control the internet? It’ll be interesting to see how that one will pan out, because in a sense the genie has been let out of the bottle. Anyhows, here’s Assange’s Christmas speech from the balcony of the Ecudorian embassy…

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