Kevin Ayers – RIP

I would guess that most people haven’t heard of Kevin Ayers, who has recently died, aged 68. Ayers spent most of his adult life battling addiction problems, whilst making some of the most innovative and influential pop music of the 20th Century. If interested you can find a post about it here. Instead of going over old ground I’ll pay tribute to Kevin Ayers by playing his tracks from a live album called June 1st 1974. Recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London, on, of course, June 1st 1974, performing at this gig were Ayers, John Cale, Brian Eno, Nico, Mike Oldfield and Robert Wyatt, amongst other well-known musos. The Ayers’ tracks that made it on to this live album were May I?, Shouting in a Bucket Blues, Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes, Everybody’s Sometime and Some People’s All the Time Blues and Two Goes into Four. They are all on side B of the album, as follows (these are direct links to mp3 files that should open in your media player; or right click on the links and ‘Save As’)…

May I?
Shouting in a Bucket Blues
Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes
Everybody’s Sometime and Some People’s All the Time Blues
Two Goes into Four

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