Libya: enough of this bollocks

The western powers have now started military strikes against Gaddafi’s regime, as per UN Resolution 1973. Now many parties are throwing up their hands in horror, saying that this shouldn’t happen and many people will be killed and it will all turn into another Afghanistan/Iraq.

So what should have happened, the West sits back and lets Gaddafi massacre his own people? The Arab League appear to be wavering, but the Arab League are a complete joke, and are made up of states that are not much better than Gaddafi’s regime. After the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, the revolutionaries said “two down, twenty to go” (with regard to repressive regimes in the region). After their revolution the Egyptians also said that “one day there will be a proper Arab League”.

Hooray to that, but in the meantime we have western powers taking direct action in Libya. I would guess that most Arabs won’t like this (and who can blame them). Gaddafi is a hamster, a dumb rodent. Listen to what he says. None of it belongs in the 21st century. Gaddafi is a complete madman by anyone’s standards.

This won’t be an Iraq or Afghanistan because people are a bit more sophisticated and well-informed these days. Here’s an interesting piece from Al Jazeera about the hamster Gaddafi…

Framing Libya..debate

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