It’s not 2016, it’s 1984

Chunky Mark, aka ‘the artist taxi driver’, really hit the nail on the head today…

What Chunky Mark is talking about relates to a secret tax evasion deal done with Google.

In the six years since Osborne became chancellor he has doubled the national debt to a record-breaking more than £1.5 trillion (which the citizens of the UK have to pay an eye-watering amount of yearly interest on – enough to pay for the national health service). No one calls this out, because the entire mainstream media has now become a neo-con propaganda machine, and it reaches into all corners of the internet. It’s all about robbing the citizens blind and severely restricting their civil liberties. Watch how the presstitutes try to defend this outright criminality, and attack anyone who tries to challenge it:

John McDonnell (Labour shadow chancellor) on Channel 4 last night:

And on the BBC last night:

We are now in 1984-land, and people need to realise this; and as is usual with totalitarian states, we are governed by people who are not fit to run a car park.

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