Everybody Must Get Stoned

I deal with some very heavy duty stuff on this blog, the darkest side of human nature, and dealing with such stuff can tend to make you anxious and depressed; but for some reason it doesn’t get me down too much. The world is, and always has been, a totally fucked-up place, and I seem to have the ability to be able to step back from it, to see it from afar, to see it in a somewhat ironic way.

But not everyone is able to distance themselves, which brings me on to Amber Lyon, an award-winning journalist who used to have a high profile on CNN. Lyon is known for her work in 2011 on reporting human rights abuses against pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain. Lyon was sacked from her job in 2012, after claiming that CNN were censoring news of the Arab spring protests in Bahrain (here). As a result of her experiences in Bahrain, and her career reporting on the worst side of human nature, Amber Lyon found herself suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Lyon had always been clean and sober, yet the PTSD became so bad that she sought relief in psychedelic drugs, and seemingly found a cure. She set up an organisation called Reset.Me, an independent journalism site covering psychedelics, natural medicines, and alternative therapies. Lyon also traveled the world and made a documentary about psychedelic drugs and their healing properties.

At this point I should say that the only drugs I have ever done are nicotine and alcohol, which are bad enough. I’ve also had a lot of personal experience of people who have been totally wasted by psychedelic drugs; but there again, many more people get totally wasted by alcohol. In otherwords, I’m not in any way being judgemental here. What I am trying to say is that I do not endorse what follows in this post, and provide it for information purposes only.

It’s wonderful that someone’s mental anguish can be soothed or cured by psychedelics; but the thing is, however happy you become that awful reality is still out there in the wider world, and we’re not going to improve things unless we directly address that reality. Amber Lyon, a talented journalist, now campaigns for alternative therapies, including ayahuasca, which is one of the most powerful naturally occurring psychedelic drugs and is found in South America. Here’s Amber Lyon, on the Joe Rogan show back in March 2014, talking about her first experience of using ayahuasca in the Peruvian jungle…

The complete Joe Rogan interview with Amber Lyon can be found here.

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