Fraud And Forced Adoption

People laugh at me when I tell them that to all intents and purposes Britain is now a police state. Still not convinced..? Howabout the Conservative party election expenses scandal. This took place during last year’s general election, when up to 29 Conservative candidates are believed to have fiddled their campaign expenses, as revealed by Channel 4 in what is thesedays a very rare piece of investigative reporting. This is now being looked into by the Electoral Commission and 10 police forces. The Conservatives won the 2015 general election with a slim majority of 18. If the 29 Conservative MPs are found guilty of election fraud – and there’s every likelihood of that – it will mean that each seat will have to be contested again. This could mean that the present Conservative government will no longer be the government.

Now, I think most people would consider this to be a huge story, the biggest scandal in modern-day politics, but has it been widely reported..? Nope, particularly in the run-up to last week’s local elections. The Conservative election expenses fraud has been reported in the MSM, but only in coy copy buried away in the back pages. Media Lens have recently done a very good two-parter on how the mainstream media operates. It doesn’t directly address the Conservative election expenses scandal, but it does show how the propaganda arm of the UK police state works.

Still not convinced..? Howabout the forced adoption scandal, which is all about corruption and making money. If you’re not familiar with forced adoption I’d strongly advise you to watch this recent ITV documentary. If this isn’t a corrupt police state I don’t know what is…

Further info about forced adoption and help can be found here.

Update: for a brief moment today the Guardian featured this prominently; no reader’s comments allowed, of course…

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