Phone Lines and Pizza

On the 5th of November, which was the weekend before the American presidential election, a tractor accidentally brought down the phone lines in our lane. This is the third time this year that we’ve had such an incident. The previous two times were back in July and August, and each time it took seven days before the phone company repaired the line.

The problem is that telephone lines in rural France are slung from quite low poles. Over the decades farm machinery has got bigger and bigger, and as the farmers drive in and out of their fields they do sometimes bring down the telephone line. You put up with it when it happens only occasionally – after all, the farmers are earning a living and it’s not their fault that the lines are so low – but three times in one year is a bit much.

This time round it took nine days before the telephone line was repaired. Thus when I got back online on the 14th of November, Donald Trump was the president elect. This is the first blog post I’ve made since then, despite there being an awful lot to comment about. It’s just that things are now so horrendous that the weight of it all gets a bit much at times.

So, I’m not going to say too much in this post, but I will concentrate on the latest memes being pumped out by the Presstitutes, these being ‘fake news’ on the internet, and in the UK, footballers who were sexually abused. These memes are quite blatant attempts to divert the public’s attention from what came out from Wikileaks during the US presidential race. I talked about this in my previous post on the 3rd of November, shortly before the telephone line went down. At the time even more horrendous stuff was emerging from Wikileaks about people in or connected to the Democrat Party. I didn’t cover this in my previous post because I hadn’t yet looked into it properly. Having now done so, whilst there isn’t definitive proof that heinous acts were carried out, there is very, very strong suspicion of it. I’ll let David Seaman explain, and I’ll reiterate what he says, in that Wikileaks have been publishing for ten years now and not once have they put out false information; and if you don’t think there’s a massive cover-up going on here, try searching on the internet for any of the stuff that Seaman mentions in this video…

Here’s some of the related Wikileaks leaked e-mails:

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