Shine On You Crazy Diamonds

As always these days I don’t know where to begin; it’s now all so fecking mad where can you start with it?

I know, the obvious conclusion of neo-conservatism is fascism. Benito Mussolini once said: “The definition of fascism is the marriage of corporation and state”, and that’s where we are now, with a huge, bloated military industrial complex, a revolving door between politics and corporations, civil liberties torn to shreds and the mass surveillance state that at the flick of a switch can be turned into the full-blown police state; and to keep the plebs in blissful unawareness we have the biggest propaganda machine in history, so that the plebs don’t wake up to the fact that they are now back to square one.

As Tony Benn once said, every single generation has to fight the same battles over and over again. I fear that present generations are so zombified by tv and their smart phones, zombified by the propaganda, that they don’t even know that there’s a battle that has to be won. The neo-cons are ideologues, complete nutcases just like the Nazis were, and the neo-cons quite literally worship Thatcher and Reagan.

One big part of that battle used to be the Arts. Under fascism there is no real creativity (the price of everything and the value of nothing, and all that). This is where we are now at: there’s almost no highlighted creativity at all. So, this post is a reminder of what we used to have, before the corporate state.

First up, the last few minutes of Rob’s Radio Hour No.10, a series of radio shows I made back in the day…

In the above clip I give a brief intro to the song Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Here’s an hour long documentary about this song, and once again it highlights what we have now lost in the fascist lunatic asylum we now find ourselves in….

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