The twerrorists are comin’ to get yer

I’m typing this as news is breaking of a ‘cyber attack’ on the UK Parliament; it’s all a load of nonsense, as is just about everything that’s now ‘reported’ by the MSM. I could go into what’s happening in Syria at the moment (with the complete psychos in Washington continuing to play nuclear chicken with Russia), or the totally crazy demands that Saudi (no democracy, fundamentalist headcases) Arabia are making of Qatar at the moment (which will result in a war in less than two weeks time, both sides armed to the teeth with billions of dollars of US and UK arms); but no, instead I’ll include a segment from George Galloway’s show yesterday evening on UK Talk Radio. Galloway speaks to Mike Yardley, who is a historian of terrorism and a psychologist. They talk about the three terrorist attacks in three months (Westminster bridge attack, Manchester Arena attack, London bridge attack), and it’s one of the best assessments you’ll ever get of what terrorism is and how to deal with it (arresting everyone in MI6 and the CIA would be a good start, in my humble opinion)…

The complete George Galloway programme, 23rd June, can be found here.

Mike Yardley’s web site can be found here (you might be surprised).

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