‘P’ is for Presstitutes

This week we’ve had more absolute Alice In Wonderland stuff…

US issues warning to Syria after finding ‘potential preparations’ for sarin attack

Pentagon prepared to take action after unusual public warning appeared to be intended to deter the Assad regime from repeating its use of chemical weapons


Why would Assad use chemical weapons against his own people, when he knows that such an attack would initiate a massive military response from the US and its allies? It seems an obvious question. Only the batshit crazies in Washington and Langley believe their own childish propaganda. The ‘Russian threat’..? A CNN political commentator admitted this week that the ‘Russian threat‘ is complete, made up bullshit…

That is the USA, and this is Britain…

Evidence of fakery in BBC “Saving Syria’s Children” is now undeniable

The level of lies, deceit and propaganda in the western mainstream media is now quite breathtaking. This moral vacuum is very apparent in the Syria conflict…

The White Helmets supply the majority of the propaganda and videos that “become news in the US and Europe”. This group of Al Qaeda’s helpers in Syria are funded by the same NATO and Gulf states that are funding and arming the multitude of extremist brigades that are bringing bloodshed to Syria, including Al Qaeda. The latest atrocity, caught on film in Daraa, southern Syria, exposes yet another White Helmet criminal participating in the disposal of dozens of murdered and dismembered bodies of Syrian Arab Army prisoners of war. This operative clambers over the freshly slaughtered and mutilated corpses before he extricates the Syrian flag and throws it to the ground.


The White Helmets are promoted by the western media as some kind of heroes, whereas the reality is that the White Helmets are a part of the propaganda to promote and make the public swallow wholesale slaughter and plunder. These bods in the western mainstream media are total cockroaches, who take a buck to lie to the public about matters of life and death. They are beneath contempt.

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