Common Sense and Common Law

On this blog I often bang on about what’s going on in France, a country that’s on the cusp of revolution, none of which ever gets properly reported by the mainstream media. Well, in Britain, too, there’s a huge social upheaval going on at the moment, but it’s more reserved (and of course not reported by the Presstitutes). I could use the term ‘a very British revolution’. In recent years this ‘reserved revolution’ (maybe Brits should eat more garlic) has been very evident in election and referendum results, and in strikes by NHS doctors, etc. The burnt-out image of Grenfell Tower embodies it all.

The following piece is very interesting to watch. It’s Jason Liosatos interviewing Justin Walker, Campaign Director of The British Constitution Group, on Liosatos’ Outside The Box podcast (which is always worth a listen). I’ll give my usual caveat, in that I don’t agree with everything that’s said here. I find it interesting because it shows a side of British society that most of the public are largely unaware of, because the Presstitutes don’t report it…

There’s also what appears to be genuine undercurrents happening in America at the moment. I can’t vouch for what’s going on in America, because I haven’t yet had time to investigate it properly, but it does give some indication of the public mood.

France, Britain, America, something is going to kick-off here, and it might not start in France first.

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