Hiroshima Mon Amour

On this 72nd anniversary of the nuclear bombs being dropped on Japan I thought I’d link to a previous post of mine, about Midori Naka, a well-known actress who was in Hiroshima on 6th August 1945 and survived the nuclear bomb blast. Unfortunately she died later that month and became the first person in the world to have radiation poisoning listed as an official cause of death. She also provided the first live testimony of the Hiroshima bombing to be widely publicised in the Japanese media. Incidentally, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a uranium warhead, whilst the bomb dropped a few days later on Nagasaki had a plutonium warhead. These were both big cities with little military value. Both nuclear bombs dropped by the Americans were tests, to see the effect on a civilian population (see the link above to my previous post). These two atom bombs killed at least 120,000 people almost immediately, and God knows how many millions since then, because manmade radiation is lethal poison and is the gift that keeps on giving, and also kills many generations that follow.

Also on this 72nd anniversary of these nuclear bombs, John Pilger has published a very good piece about how we are on the cusp of a nuclear war right now (and he’s right). It’s why I haven’t posted much on this blog recently, because I feel like I’m living in a complete lunatic asylum, all egged-on by the absolute cockroaches in the mainstream media. What can someone like me do against the biggest propaganda machine ever seen in history?

But don’t worry, I will continue to rant and rave right up until the moment we are all incinerated.

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