Inverted Totalitarianism

Earlier this month Chris Hedges gave a very good speech at the Earth at Risk Conference 2017. Those familiar with Chris Hedges will know that he often talks about ‘inverted totalitarianism’. What I liked about this particular speech is that Hedges gives the concept a lot of context, starting from the end of the Second World War to the present, and he talks about resistance movements. Hedges also mentions the civil liberties lawsuit he took out against President Obama (with regard to a law that’s been passed that allows for the indefinite detention of Americans without trial), which Hedges initially won but which was later overturned. If interested in the background to it all, you can find one of my posts about it here.

This is the mid part of the speech Hedges made earlier this month, and although he is talking about America it applies equally to many of the western nations, particularly Britain…

The complete speech can be found here.

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