Conspiracy Theory

It’s generally known that the term ‘conspiracy theory’ was cooked-up by the CIA in the 1960s, in order to discredit those who challenged the official narrative of the John F. Kennedy assassination (Kennedy was assassinated on 22nd November 1963). Since 9/11 the term has become red hot with use as an ever growing number of ‘terror attacks’ are unfurled on the public. In recent years this terror has turned into a well-worn routine: the assailant’s identity papers are found at the scene; the assailant is almost always shot dead by the police (dead men can’t talk); there’s no clear CCT or mobile phone footage of the event to show what really happened; the mainstream media question nothing and go into an orgy of fear and grief, blindly accepting the official version of the event, a version that’s backed-up by little or no evidence; we never see death certificates of the victims, or their funerals; it goes on and on.

If you think I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist for saying that these ‘terror attacks’ are false flag events, I suggest you might take a close look at the Boston Marathon bombing, because it was so blatantly a false flag that it’s laughable. In fact, the people who perpetrate these false flag events often take the piss out of the gullibility of the public. For instance, the suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena last May was carried out (so we’re told) by a 22-year-old man, who killed 22 people on the 22nd day of the month. This attack came exactly 2 months after the Westminster Bridge attack, which took place on the 22nd of March. The Westminster Bridge attack took place exactly one year after the suicide bombings in Brussels on 22nd March 2016. Similarly, the murder of Lee Rigby took place on 22nd May 2013. The odds on such numerical coincidences are absolutely astronomical (the number 22 has no meaning in Islam). This numbers game runs through many of these terror attacks, although some researchers do take it a bit too far.

The cognitive dissonance that effects a lot of people nowadays could be traced back to 9/11; ie, if you believe 9/11 was a real event you’re more likely to believe that the terror attacks that have followed 9/11 are also real. An influencing factor in this is the absolute horror of having to realise that the ruling class really do terrorise and murder their own citizens for political gain (and there’s countless examples of this throughout history). It’s much easier for the citizen to stick their head in the sand.

The following is a clip from a RichPlanet show earlier this month, in which Richard Hall interviews Dr. Nick Kollerstrom about state fabricated terror…

The complete programme is one and a half hours long and can be found here (it’s in three parts). The programme goes into detail about some of these terror events, including the Westminster Bridge and Manchester Arena attacks. What I like about it is that Richard Hall challenges Nick Kollerstrom about much of what he says.

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