Do MI5 shop at Lidl?

The terror attack last Friday at Parson’s Green Tube station seemed to be a lucky escape for the people involved in the incident. I say “seemed” because as is often the case with these recent terror attacks there are lots of anomalies. With regard to Parsons Green I suppose the biggest anomaly is that we were told there was a flash and a bang and flames, yet the images of the device show no sign of damage to the plastic bucket which contained the explosive, nor damage to the Lidl shopping bag that the bucket was sitting in, and there’s no damage to the surrounding carriage furniture. Hmm, I wonder what Sherlock Holmes would make of it all?

Since 2009 there have been 9 terrorist incidents in the UK, and 5 of these incidents have occurred this year, including Parsons Green last Friday, and these have been some of the worst attacks over this eight year period. They’re really ramping up the terror, and the question is, why? Well, it’s against the backdrop of an incompetent and deeply unpopular Conservative government. Then there’s Mr Corbyn, a real socialist who seems highly likely to become the next prime minister of the UK, possibly even before this year is out. There’s a growing hatred and distrust of the Establishment, fueled by the plebs being able to access uncensored information on the internet, an internet that the Establishment now want to control and censor (to stop bods like me writing posts like this). There’s all kinds of dynamics to this in the UK, but there’s also dynamics in the wider world that effect what happens in the UK. I’m not talking about the huge amount of bombs the US Empire drops on dusky skinned people. No, I’m talking about the collapse of the US Empire.

US hegemony comes about largely because of the petrodollar, whereby all the world’s oil is traded in US dollars, which gives Uncle Sam a disproportionate amount of financial clout. Some oil producing countries have resisted the petrodollar. In 2002 Iraq started selling its oil in Euros. Likewise in 2010 Libya started selling oil for gold instead of petrodollars. Oh, and incidentally, both these countries had a nationalised central bank. Anyhows, we all know what happened to Iraq and Libya, and needless to say that despite the chaos now reigning in these two countries they are once again selling their oil for petrodollars, and they both now have a private central bank. Venezuela, one of the world’s biggest oil producers, has recently announced that it’s going to stop using the petrodollar. Iran is abandoning the petrodollar, so is North Korea. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture.

The increasingly erratic behavior of the US Empire (little things like constantly breaking international treaties, and stomping around the world like a demented Frankenstein while engaging in endless illegal wars) has pushed Russia and China into an alliance, which includes their own international banking system, trade deals, and (more importantly) abandoning the petrodollar. Before the end of this year the Shanghai International Energy Exchange will open for business, in which countries will be able to trade oil in the Chinese yuan currency, which is backed by gold (the dollar is not backed by gold). The United States of America presently has what is probably its most bizarre government ever (and that’s saying something). How these batshit crazies are going to react to the petro-yuan is anybody’s guess. I’m of the opinion that Trump & Co are mad enough to actually start a war with China.

But I won’t go into all that here. In this post I’m trying to figure out how all this relates to things in Britain, which is the Empire’s premier poodle, a poodle that most likely will soon have a socialist prime minister who’s no fan of the neo-con Empire. So, this latest ramp-up of terrorist attacks: the London Bridge attack back in June took place just days before the general election, and shortly before and after the attack the Presstitutes ran a large number of articles accusing Corbyn of being a terrorist sympathiser (a ‘terrorist sympathiser’ who has banned Saudi Arabia from the forthcoming Labour Party conference). Likewise, the earlier Manchester Arena attack in May took place during the general election campaign. The latest attack at Parsons Green Tube station took place on the same day that a poll was released which showed that Labour will win the next general election with a majority, a poll that was buried in all the hype and hysteria about the ‘terror attack’ (this might be why Parsons Green was such an amateurish attack, because it was done at the last minute to bury the poll). Coincidence? Perhaps you think I’m some crazy conspiracy theorist, because we have a ‘special relationship’ and America would never use violence to try to steer the course of a country’s politics? Well, it’s matter of historical record that this is precisely what America does; and remember, we’re talking about an Empire here that’s starting to come apart at the seams and is growing increasingly mad and desperate.

The British and American security services are joined at the hip (which makes every single member of MI5, MI6 and all the rest of ’em complete and utter traitors; not to mention mass murderers). If interested you can find a long read about it here.

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