The Empire – A Day In The Life

Yesterday was certainly eventful in the American Empire. Things kicked off with the Catalonian independence referendum, and we started seeing scenes of incredible police brutality towards perfectly peaceful people who were trying to cast a vote (yes, the independence referendum was illegal under present Spanish law, but the violent way in which the state reacted to it has never been seen before in western Europe in modern times). Then, while images of the state violence in Catalonia were flooding social media, we had two ‘terror attacks’, one in Canada and one in France, in Marseille (which is not a million miles from Catalonia). The day was rounded-off by the worst mass shooting incident in modern American history, which took place in Las Vegas. This mass shooting has completely dominated today’s news cycle. What to make of it all?

What we saw yesterday in Catalonia was the veneer of the Empire stripped bare, to reveal the extreme violence within. Anyone who goes against the wishes of the Empire gets totally crushed (watch what happens if Jeremy Corbyn becomes the next UK prime minister). The Empire’s power comes from its dominance of global finance (mostly the petrodollar), the biggest military machine the world has ever seen and the biggest propaganda machine ever seen. So what do I mean by the ‘American Empire’? Well, I would say it’s a combination of a totally corrupt right wing American government (Republican and Democrat – there’s no real difference between them) and trans-national corporations. In otherwords it’s fascism writ large. Just about all the countries in the ‘western sphere of influence’ are vassal states of the Empire, with no real independent foreign policy or independent financial system. Trudeau in Canada, May in Britain and now Macron in France are prime examples of Empire lackeys. They quite blatantly don’t work for their people, so why do people vote for them? why do people buy into this shit? Cue the biggest propaganda machine in history.

When trying to interpret yesterday’s events you have to take into account that the Empire is incredibly psychotic and violent, and it’s an Empire that’s now in its death throes, and so is trying to roll out the full-blown police state to try and preserve itself.

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