Catalonia – the White Knight is talking backwards

I posted this earlier this evening on a discussion board. I was going to hold fire on my blog to await the events in Catalonia during the next few days, because who knows what’s going to happen. However, my post on another board this evening is very relevant, so I’ll duplicate it here…

This Sputnik piece was published in June 2015:

“Spain’s elite has learned a lot by observing their Polish peers, and they realized that they can reap specific benefits by being America’s regional doormat. Inviting the US to use the country as a launching pad for neo-colonizing Africa is supposed to raise its prestige in the eyes of American decision makers, who could then lobby their European (specifically German) underlings to lessen the painful austerity measures they’ve forced upon Spain. If the US could command the EU to enact self-inflicting damage with their anti-Russian sanctions, then there’s no question they could also order it to relieve their pressure on Madrid as a political reward to their proxy.

Another benefit that Spain’s leaders want to receive from the US is unwavering support against the Catalonian independence movement. Spain wants to scare the US into falling for a 21st-century ‘domino theory’ in order to anchor its Atlantic ally’s unconditional support for the government, arguing that the independence of Catalonia could lead to a chain reaction of similar movements in Spain’s other regions that would eventually wipe the once-unified country off the map, and with it, America’s new springboard to West Africa. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it further embellishes the fear mongering by hinting that the ‘Catalonian contagion’ could spread throughout the rest of the EU and endanger the US’ other bases, too.”

If interested, some more info…

Also of interest, perhaps, is that Telesur are barely reporting what’s going on in Spain, although Telesur are heavily reporting the satellite that Venezuela have just launched (with the help of the Chinese), and Venezuela have recently announced that they are going to abandon the petrodollar. Here’s the report about the satellite that Venezuela have just launched:

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