Born on the Fourth of November

The official narrative of the Las Vegas massacre keeps changing and has so many holes in it that it’s laughable. Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo gave two press conferences in the days following the massacre. Lombardo was joined by FBI Special Agent Aaron Rouse, who’s in charge of the investigation. This brief clip is from the second press conference…

If interested you can find the complete press conference here. I give the link because the body language between Sheriff Lombardo and Special Agent Aaron Rouse is a wonder to behold.

YouTube is removing videos which say that the Las Vegas massacre was a false flag event. However, if you do a YouTube search for “Antifa 4th November” you get a plethora of videos, and all of them are talking about a violent uprising in the United States of America, on this coming 4th November. This kind of thing is much more incendiary than conspiracy theories about the events in Las Vegas, yet instead of removing the “Antifa 4th November” videos YouTube seems to be promoting them.

Antifa are funded by George Soros and claim to be left wing. The reality is that there’s no left wing in America, outside of socialist parties with tiny memberships (there’s even a Communist Party in America). When people in America talk in a political sense about ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ they are addressing an illusion (likewise with the New York Times and the likes of MSNBC). The left wing in America was almost totally destroyed in the former part of the last century, as the ruling elites became terrified about what had happened with the Russian Revolution (these elites also bankrolled Hitler during the 1930s, knowing that there was every likelihood that the Nazis would attack the Soviet Union). Republicans and Democrats are two sides of what is essentially the same fascist coin. Compare this to just about every other western nation, which have a large constituency of left-leaning voters (in France, for example, the Communist Party has the third largest membership).

If you wanted to cause chaos in America you would install Donald Trump as President. Oh yes, we now have President Trump, and despite everything he’s said and done 40% of Americans still approve of Trump. If you wanted an excuse to roll-out the full-blown police state in America you’d create a phony organisation like Antifa, which would then start a violent uprising against Trump & Co. Oh darn, martial law will just have to be declared. I should add that I’m not talking about the fringes of American society here. This fourth of November stuff is being heavily pushed by the likes of Alex Jones and Lisa Haven, people who have huge audiences.

I just hope I’m wrong about all this. We’ll find out in a little over two week’s time.

Postscript: although I’ve had a Facebook account since about 2008, it’s not a web site I use much, except to give links to my blog posts. Facebook is not allowing me to link to this particular blog post.

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