Ichiko Hashimoto – Beauty

I’m not going to go down the rabbit hole again in this post, because more often than not you find yourself having to scrape some incredibly unpleasant stuff off your shoes; so instead some more music: this is the opening track from Ichiko Hashimoto’s third album, which is called ‘Beauty’, and the track is I Love Your Music

Ichiko Hashimoto was born in Kobe in 1952 and spent her formative years in Tokyo. A jazz pianist, composer and singer, I suppose you could describe Hashimoto’s music as a kind of mish-mash between new age, ambient and experimental. This next track from ‘Beauty’ is called Sculptured Blue

‘Beauty’ was released on vinyl in 1984 and was also released a year later on CD, which shows how dated it now is. As far as I’m aware the album is no longer available as new. This next track is called Cinnamon and Clove

Ichiko Hashimoto has also been involved in film and television, most notably in the anime series RahXephon, where she did both voice-overs and wrote scores for the programme. This final track I’m featuring from the ‘Beauty’ album is called Naja Naja

If interested you can listen to the full ‘Beauty’ album here.

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