Lunatics and Liars

People like a certain former British ambassador’s take on the New York terror attack this week seriously degrades the narrative despite the fact that it comes on top of the ‘Las Vegas attack’ at the start of October, an attack that has so many holes in it, and seems so blatantly to be a (botched) false flag that it has now been completely blacked-out from the mainstream media. This in itself is of note, but I could go on and on with all this, but to be quite frank it bores me. If you want an example of the madness/propaganda at the moment you could check out this piece in the Guardian today (the comments are interesting). Also this demolition by Offguardian of a similar piece.

With regard to the lunatics and liars, it looks like it might all kick off this weekend, but more about that tomorrow.

The point of this post is to try and show the complete lunatics and liars we are now faced with, lunatics and liars who seem compelled to take us into another world war.

I make no apology for using the term ‘lunatics and liars’ numerous times.

You have to know your enemy.

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