Remember, remember, the 5th of November

Gawd, as usual thesedays where do I start..? I know, I’ll start with a nebulous organisation called ISIS: last week a former senior Qatari official admitted in an interview that his country knowingly armed terrorists in Syria and did so with the help and oversight of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States (the interview has since gone viral on Arabic social media). Of course, with the ongoing spate between Qatar and the other Gulf states this statement about ISIS et al could be doubted. However, there’s plenty of other evidence which shows that ISIS is a creation of the western intelligence agencies.

ISIS terror attacks in the West continue to escalate. Some of these attacks have a very theatrical air about them, such as the Paris attacks in November 2015, which took place on Friday the 13th and involved the Bataclan Theatre and a band that most people had never heard of called the ‘Eagles of Death Metal’. Also in France, the Nice lorry attack took place on Bastille Day 2016. This week’s attack in Manhattan took place on Halloween. The timing of just about all of these ‘terror attacks’, and the circumstances around them, are far removed from what real Islamist terrorists would do (and I should stress that I’m not saying that people weren’t killed in these attacks). There’s also incredible numerical coincidences that run through many of these attacks which I’ve outlined in a previous post.

This brings me on to this coming weekend, when:


Antifa (Anti-fascist) are funded by George Soros and claim to be left wing. The Antifa ‘uprising’, which begins on Saturday 4th November, has been heavily featured by both the mainstream media (see this post) and the alternate media. This week Antifa have apparently even taken out a full page advert in the New York Times promoting November 4th. To add to the mix, November 4th is also the start of a three day training exercise being carried out by the US Department of Defense. The exercise will simulate what will happen if a massive solar storm brings down communication systems and energy grids across America. Now, by funny coincidence there’s been a lot of media speculation recently about a North Korean electromagnetic pulse (EMP – from a nuclear bomb) attack on America, which would cause the same devastating affects as a massive solar storm. Lastly, on Sunday, President Trump will embark on his first trip to Asia, visiting Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The Antifa ‘uprising’, the Department of Defense training exercise, President Trump leaving the country, the 5th of November stuff, for me it all has a somewhat theatrical air to it, like a Hollywood script. Is something going to happen this weekend..? Who knows. In the totally corrupt hall of mirrors that is the modern western world it’s very hard to figure out what’s really going on. For example, Antifa have been linked to ISIS. Yup, that’s how mad things have become: one phony organisation linked to another phony organisation.

Let’s hope it’s a quiet weekend.

The image is taken from this very good OffGuardian piece.

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