Swiss Cheese

More than a month after the Las Vegas mass shooting, which was the worse mass shooting in modern American history, we still know next to nothing about what actually happened. In fact, due to all the speculation there’s now an almost complete media blackout regarding the event. Instead we’ve had wall to wall coverage of sexual harassment in the show biz world, and more latterly sexual harassment in UK politics (none of which is ‘news’; it’s been known about for a long time). Don’t you just love the presstitutes! Despite the news blackout, to the best of my knowledge there are now at least three lawsuits, filed by victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting, against MGM, the owners of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. This one alleges that the hotel was “negligent or grossly negligent” in failing to notice or take precautions against the shooter stockpiling guns in his room, and that employees were not adequately trained to notice and report suspicious activity. This one has ordered MGM to preserve all evidence in its possession related to the mass shooting. As if that’s not bizarre enough, in the last month more than five people who were witnesses to the shooting have died, most of them in mysterious circumstances. Then there’s Jesus Campos, the security guard who was shot in the leg by gunman Stephen Paddock. Campos was booked to give interviews to many of the major news networks, but then suddenly disappeared, only to reappear two weeks later on the Ellen DeGeneres show, with many commentators saying that the guy who was interviewed was not the same person. To add to the morass, the Daily Mail, et al, have even tried to link the Las Vegas shooting to ISIS, although even the Daily Mail can’t take this one seriously; but credit where credit is due: Tucker Carlson, on Fox News, has been the only one of the presstitutes to address all this madness. Perhaps Tucker will soon be added to the list of people who have died in mysterious circumstances?

In my opinion one good thing about the Las Vegas mass shooting is that it’s woken-up many people to the reality of the world they live in. This one’s got so many holes in it that it’s like Swiss cheese. Naw, our glorious leaders and the media wouldn’t lie to us, would they…

The Daily Mail article referred to in the above video can be found here.

The complete UK Column programme can be found here (the above clip starts at approx. 18 minutes into the programme).

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