Who is Q Anon..?

In my opinion Q Anon is a psy-op, and a massive one at that. This is all very worrying, but I’ll get onto that in a bit. First, for those unfamiliar with all this, some background: On 28th October someone calling themself ‘Q’ started a thread on the message board 4chan/pol/ called CBTS (Calm Before The Storm). Q claimed that President Trump was being protected by the military and was about to ‘drain the swamp’. Q’s posts were very cryptic and intriguing and more often than not were posed as a series of questions, questions that gave the strong impression of a government insider. Hence, it’s taken that this person’s handle comes from Q clearance, someone who has complete access to all levels of top secret information. Q Anon soon went viral on the internet and even started appearing in the mainstream media.

At the time of writing, Q’s last posts were yesterday, Friday…

Expand further.
Make the connection.
Map currently has 43 confirmed connections.
Important to understand.
When this breaks many won’t swallow.
MSM not trusted.
You are the voice.
We are here to help guide.
Future proves past.
You are the calm before and during the storm.

Q’s final post yesterday contained just this photo…


In the centre of the photo is Kim Jong-il, the former North Korean leader, surrounded by the likes of Bill Clinton, John Podesta, and many others mired in scandal and corruption. Behind them all is a large picture of a wave that is about to crash. Q frequently mentions North Korea in his posts. Q also frequently uses the term ‘Patriots’ and the phrase ‘You are the calm before and during the storm’, and if you read through the posts what’s clearly being pushed is martial law, while they ‘drain the swamp’. Q has also said that the internet will be taken out during the ‘transition period’. (if interested you can find all of Q’s posts here, starting with the newest ones first).

I’ve previously opined that Trump & Co are mad enough to start a war with China, in order to try and save the rapidly sinking petrodollar and US hegemony. If Trump & Co are going to attack North Korea (as seems likely from Q’s posts), and thus start a war with China, they’re going to need a mega false flag event, in order to bamboozle the public into going along with it; and even then, while prosecuting the war, they’re going to need martial law to keep the lid on public protests.

It’s Thanksgiving in America at the moment, and for the second time just recently I find myself saying “let’s hope it’s a quiet weekend”; and we have the Christmas holiday rapidly approaching.

Editing in: whilst previewing this piece before posting I experienced all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff with the formatting. I finally figured out that the problems stemmed from another of Q’s final posts from yesterday which I tried to include here, so here’s a link to it instead…


(Note: Q often makes posts like the one above, as though he is secretly communicating with other agents who are helping to ‘drain the swamp’. The weird code in Q’s post is what was causing me formatting problems on this board. Go figure…)

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