Hillary’s going down (but not on Bill)

As if things could not get anymore bizarre at the moment, the spawn of Hillary and Bill, Chelsea Clinton, has tweeted the Church of Satan wishing them a happy new year. Chelsea Clinton is also said to wear an upside down cross around her neck. Read into all this what you will, particularly the link I’ve just given, which is to a Guardian piece that tries to portray Satanism as being cool and trendy; and of course the piece makes no mention of Pizzagate (which purportedly involves the rape and murder of children) or the Stygian corruption that surrounds the Clintons, particularly Hillary. Which brings me on to the present incumbent of the Oval Office…

The above is part of a Trump Tweet storm last weekend, in reaction to a just published book by Michael Wolff, a book which amongst other things portrays President Trump as being childlike and mentally unstable. This book is just the latest in a continuing vicious assault on Trump. Never in the history of the United States has a sitting president been attacked in this way. This begs the question: why are the deep state going after Trump? after all, there have been equally awful presidents in the past, and Trump seems to have done everything that the deep state requires. At this point I need hardly add that I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. I’ll also say that I don’t think he became President by accident. Politics in America is totally corrupt and controlled (it’s much the same in the UK). Nothing happens without design. If that were not so Bernie Sanders would now be President, although Sanders would have been equally controlled.

In the Trump Tweet I’ve featured above he’s revived his ‘crooked Hillary’ mantra. This is no doubt because Trump has just ordered another investigation into the Clinton Foundation. There’s so much dirt on Hillary Clinton, including totally heinous things like child sex trafficking, that even corrupt FBI officials will have a hard time finding no evidence. I think that this new investigation will result in Hillary, and others connected to the Clinton Foundation, having criminal charges laid against them; but how does this fit in with a totally corrupt and controlled political system, of which the Clintons are a part? Well, in 2008 a smooth talking Obama, Mr Hopey Changey, seemingly came out of nowhere to take the presidency. After 8 years of the ‘first black American President’ nothing has changed, in fact it’s got much, much worse for the 99%. The result is this:

Huge Human Inequality Study Hints Revolution is in Store for U.S.

The plebs are revolting, and to appease them we get a ‘character’ like Donald Trump installed as President, with his promise to “drain the swamp”. The unprecedented deep state attacks on Trump reinforce this notion. Perhaps Hillary & Co are being thrown to the wolves in order to keep up the illusion, and keep the deep state in power?

Editing in: Dick Morris is a political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster, political campaign consultant and general political consultant. Morris used to be a Democrat who was very close to the Clintons. He’s now a Republican and is more to the right than Trump. Morris has recently started a YouTube channel. This video about Hillary’s imminent arrest is from a few days ago…

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