The Dog and Pony Show

On Sunday Hillary Clinton made a surprise guest appearance at the Grammy Awards. She read some excerpts from Michael Wolff’s new tell-all book, Fire And Fury: Inside the Trump White House. The crowd went wild with delight…

I last made a post about Hillary Clinton a few weeks before her appearance at the Grammy Awards. At that time a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) memo had surfaced. The memo is only being made available to members of the House of Representatives, and apparently it shows that President Obama, in collusion with Hillary Clinton and the FBI, used a FISA warrant to totally illegally spy on Donald Trump, both in the run-up to the presidential election and ever since Trump became president. The Alt-Right and Fox News started clamouring for the memo to be made public. Outside of Fox News the mainstream media totally ignored this sensational news. However, last week the #ReleaseTheMemo meme gained so much traction that the presstitutes couldn’t ignore it any longer (although in this clip I think they actually managed to avoid mentioning the memo, and instead touched upon some of its contents)…

The plot thickens, because yesterday evening the House Intelligence Committee voted to release the four-page memo to the public. All that needs to happen now is for President Trump to sign off on the release, and it’s widely believed that he will do this. If the memo is released it could reveal a far bigger scandal than Watergate, which of course will delight Trump’s troopers and Hillary haters. Things don’t appear to be what they seem, though, because the House Intelligence Committee was the driving force behind this latest attack on the Constitution:

During the past three weeks, Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law vast new powers for the NSA and the FBI to spy on innocent Americans and selectively to pass on to law enforcement the fruits of that spying.

The above is typical of the Trump presidency, which is just a continuation of the Obama presidency, which was a continuation of the Bush Jnr presidency, etc, etc; and with each successive President things get ramped-up more and more: the police state, the illegal wars, the corporate plunder, and all of that. Now, at the start of 2018, living conditions for the vast majority of Americans have fallen dramatically and there’s revolution rumbling. That revolution is more likely to come from ‘the deplorables‘, most of whom are armed to the teeth. I’ll opine again that this is why The Donald was installed as President, with his promise to ‘drain the swamp’. It could be that Hillary & Co are being thrown to the wolves to reinforce this notion. If Hillary & Co do go down we could well be faced with the prospect of Trump winning a second term in 2020.

Editing in (yet again!): this is now such a fast moving story that it’s hard to keep up with it all. This is the latest broadside from Hillary & Co, with regard to Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s links with Russia, an investigation that’s been going on for more than a year now and is yet to find one shred of evidence; and incidentally, rumours are flying around that Trump is going to fire Meuller.

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