Corporatism, Calamity and Fukushima

Looking at the likes of the BBC and the Guardian today, you wouldn’t know that there’s a major war kicking off in the Middle East. Just about all wars are for corporate profit, and what’s going on in Syria is no different. To bamboozle Joe Public to go along with what are essentially humanitarian disasters we have the biggest propaganda machine in history. It’s not just news and current affairs, but also game shows, chat shows, soaps, Hollywood movies, et al, it all pumps out a message to condition Joe Public to think a certain way; the corporate way. The almost complete media blackout on Fukushima – which is another corporate humanitarian disaster – shows how extreme the conditioning, the mind control, has become. Here’s the latest on Fukushima:

Officials from Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, released the results on Thursday. They said the radiation reading was taken near what appeared to be fuel debris, the term used to describe a mixture of molten fuel and broken interior parts. The finding shows that nearly 7 years after the meltdowns, radiation levels remain so high that they present a major challenge to decommissioning work. During the probe, 42 sieverts per hour of radiation was also detected outside the foundations of the reactor

Just three sieverts will kill a human being in a matter of minutes (depending on the exposure), and these insanely high radiation levels have been detected periodically throughout the almost seven years of the horror story known as Fukushima, a horror story we hardly ever hear anything about. This lack of proper reporting brings me onto Arnie Gundersen, of Fairewinds Energy Education. Arnie gets a bad press from some sections of the anti-nuke brigade, who say that he’s a shill for the nuclear industry. As a nuclear engineer and whistleblower, these accusations against Arnie Gundersen are perhaps a bit unfair. To the best of my knowledge, Arnie is the only qualified person who’s been to Japan on a number of occasions, has taken radiation readings and reported his findings back in the West. His most recent trip to Japan was last September, and his findings are the most up to date information we have on what’s actually going on. At this point I should add that the 2020 Olympics are being held in Japan, and some of the events are being held in Fukushima prefecture. I know, you really couldn’t make this stuff up, could you.

Last December Arnie Gundersen gave a talk at DePaul University in Chicago, relating his most recent experiences in Japan. Note that he’s not speaking in a hall crammed with people, but in a room with a handful of people…

The complete original event, which includes other speakers, can be found here.

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