I registered my spiderbomb.com domain name on 16th February 2000; that’s 18 years ago, and despite my chaotic life I’ve managed to keep it up and running, particularly during the 2000s, when owning a domain name and hosting it on web space was relatively quite expensive. If you want a laugh look at my landing page…


… because the coding was written in February 2000, 18 years ago, and I haven’t bothered changing it since then. Man, this is one of the most ancient web pages you’ll come across! although you may get a laugh out of some of the web sites I put up at the time.

Spiderbomb.com has been held by an American registrar for all those 18 years, and in the last decade I’ve always had problems with them. In early 2018 these problems have got too much, and I could speculate that it’s part of the clampdown on ‘alternate voices’ on the internet. Who knows; but I’m now in the process of transferring spiderbomb.com to a European registrar. Cut a long story short, my domain name might go dark for a while.

In the meantime, I’m an old grizzly who’s been around the internet block for a long while. If I disappear for ever I’m heartened by the fact that there’s loads of new and upcoming people who are now appearing. Here’s two such in the last year:

Disobedient Media

Graham Elwood

And of course Jimmy Dore has been around a little bit longer…

If spiderbomb.com goes down the swanny my www.localradio.fr domain remains up and running and is still secure (because none of it is based in America) and you’ll no doubt find me ranting and raving there.


Or perhaps…

Allons-y !

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