Business as Usual

My domain has been down for the best part of six days, while it was being transferred from an American registrar to a European one. This blog is by far the most visited site under the domain, having had around three and a half million hits since it’s inception; but look folks, no advertising, except for a link up top to the books I’ve published. Actually, when I registered in February 2000 it was intended to be a money making venture. This is a bit of a long, convoluted story but basically it was still the early days of the internet and the infrastructure was a bit primitive (cue the iconic sound of a dial-up modem) and costly, particularly in eastern Europe. Eastern Europe, I hear you say! Well, I was living in London at the time and had a business partner in Budapest (I can’t now remember how I got tangled-up with him) and we were pitching at the tourist industry. Hungary is a very beautiful country, particularly the Lake Baikal region, and Budapest has always been one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. Here’s a pic of Lake Baikal…

The deal was that my partner in Budapest would contact tourist businesses and persuade them that they needed a web site on the up and coming internet. Back in London I would design and build the web site, with photos and info e-mailed to me from Hungary, and the web site would then be hosted under I built and hosted a number of such web sites and for a while I made a bit of money out of it, all paid in US dollars. All well and good, you might say, and you might ask: what happened with the venture? It was the usual thing with me, in that I’ve always been more interested in the creative side of things than the filthy lucre side of things, and we all know how difficult it is to make money from creative stuff. Commuter happened (the web site was built in the early 2000s) and it turned into another long, convoluted story, a story I tell in my third memoir The Iberian Job. It’s how I ended-up living in middle-of-nowhere France, and at the time of writing, broke as always!

Kevin Ayers, Shouting in a Bucket Blues, from the ‘June 1, 1974’ live album (with Nico, John Cale and Brian Eno)…

Kevin Ayers was a reluctant rock star and if interested you can find my post about him here.

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