They’re Gonna Get Us All Killed

“I’ve never seen anything like it” is an oft used term thesedays. The latest jaw-dropper is the Sergei Skripal poisoning case, where Colonel Mustard seems to have done it in the Library with the Lead Pipe. On Monday prime minister Theresa May made a statement to the Commons in which she all but declared war on Russia, a country bristling with nuclear weapons…

If you watched the above news report you would have noticed the total bias against Russia and the complete acceptance of the official narrative. What the report didn’t touch upon is that in the aftermath of May’s statement there’s been calls to ban RT (Russia Today) from the UK airwaves (they tried to do this last year by freezing RT’s UK bank account). This is part of a massive clampdown on the so-called ‘alternate media’, a clampdown that’s really geared-up over the last year. When you get this level of censorship combined with a tidal wave of propaganda and hysteria it usually means only one thing: war.

The Sergei Skripal poisoning case comes as a reply to Putin’s state of the union address earlier this month, in which Putin once again stated that Russia will no longer tolerate American hegemony, and then he listed some of the new weapons that Russia has developed, which he claimed were far superior to anything the West has. The plot thickened earlier this week when the American UN ambassador Nikki Hailey threatened that her country would bomb the government quarter of Damascus, to ‘save the poor little children from Evil Assad’s barrel bombs and chemical weapons’ (see my ‘war’ link above). This would involve bombing a large number of Russian troops and personnel and Russia has stated that if it happens it will retaliate in kind. Whether you believe the anti-Russian propaganda or not is beside the point here. We are on the tipping point of World War Three, and it’s the West who are pushing us there with reckless abandon (and principle in that is the absolute cockroaches in the mainstream media).

The prevailing lunacy was on show today in the House of Commons, when prime minister Theresa May gave a statement in which amongst other things she said “There is no alternative conclusion other than the Russian state was responsible for the attempted murder of Mr Skripal and his daughter” (here). In the Q & A there was the usual Pavlovian response from the dolts who make up our body politic. I didn’t watch all of the Q & A, but from what I did see only two MPs said that there should be some concrete evidence that the Russian state was behind the poisoning before taking highly provocative action. These were the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and the Conservative MP Alec Shelbrooke. Both were roundly booed by the dolts for trying to bring some sanity into all the hysteria.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Editing in: listening to UK radio phone-in shows this evening it’s obvious that the psychos have completely lost control of the narrative. People are no longer buying into the bullshit. It will be interesting to see how the psychos try to manage this.

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  1. freddy says:

    It has been said (walk past) doctor and nurse, were first on the scene, they have not been named and apparently they were not infected by the nerve agent novichock, next on the scene was a detective searg, he attended them, then ransacked the Skripal homestead, he apparently got novichocked.
    Nobody is yet reported to have become dead.
    Yet novichoke is said to be the deadliest of nerve agents.
    If it is so deadly, why no deaths?
    novichoke was apparently manufactured in Uzbekistan.
    Yanks have been using Uzbekistan, since the downfall of the U.S.S.R.
    for actions against, Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iran/Iraq/Syria.
    Yanks have cleaned up and disposed of the novichoke facilities, it would be eXtraordinary, if Yanks did not have novichoke.

    • freddy says:

      An American helicopter has crashed near the Abu Kamal-Al-Qa’im
      border crossing between Syria and Iraq.
      This part of Syria is still held by Islamic State, they say it crashed in Iraq.
      The MH-60G Pave Hawk’s primary mission is insertion and recovery of
      special forces personnel.

      • freddy says:

        Things seem to be hotting up somewhat between The United Kingdom and Russia.
        ‘Not proxy’: Lavrov says US, British, French special forces ‘directly involved’ in Syria war
        Ever heard of Nancekuke?
        British Chemical/Biological warfare plant

        • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

          Freddy, thanks for the good info. Most worrying, Lavrov has openly said that the West are planning to fake a chemical weapons attack in Syria as a pretext to attack Damascus and other targets.

          • freddy says:

            Rob, there is a small pocket of Islamic State near Damascus, this has not been challengned yet?
            There is a largish pocket of Islamic State adjacent to UNDORF, also close by to Israeli held GOLAN, this has yet to be challenged?
            Then there is the Islamic State strip, East of the river Euphrates, adjacent to Iraq. After many years of war, these enclaves have not been eliminated? Perhaps they are, at least partially, under protection?

  2. I am sure that the world will make the right choice and will put the point in the world despotism and the desire of a separate state to be kings

  3. freddy says:

    Hi Rob, recently an American helicopter was “downed” in Western Iraq, very, very, very close to the border with Syria.
    Now the Israelis are admitting they stuck Syrian Nuclear site, a decade ago.
    This is in the area, that the Americans were desperate to conquer, it is an area where Islamic State, still persists.
    This was a precursor to the Syrian “Civil” war

    • freddy says:

      Syria strikes down Israeli war plane overflying Lebanon and Syria.
      Israel officially announces ( a decade late) that it used its airforce to bomb
      the Syrian Nuclear facility on the East bank of the Euphrates, not far from Deir ez zor
      The Srians push the Islamists out of Ghouta ( no gas attacks -yet)
      Turks invade Syria.
      American helicopter is downed on the banks of the Euphrates, at the Abu Kamal-Al-Qa’im border crossing, between Syria and Iraq ( not far from the bombed out Nuclear site)
      A couple of Russians get Novichoked in Salisbury and the price of cruse oil goes up.
      I wonder if any of these events are connected?

  4. freddy says:

    The Golan, sooner or later the Syrians/Russians will move to take back The Golan, there is a large Islamic State enclave on the current Syrian side of UNDORF.
    Never a mention about this in the press.
    Then there is this
    Elbit Systems
    Fik/Pik Airfield
    Pik is an airfield in the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel, near the Israeli settlement and kibbutz Afik. The airfield is used for private aviation activity and operated by the Golan Regional Council. Elbit Systems to test their Unmanned aerial vehicles.
    So the Elbit unmanned aerial vehicles are based just four miles from the Islamic State enclave, on the Syrian side of UNDORF.

    • freddy says:

      It could be imagined that the Israelis could direct their drones from Pik four or five miles, over the demarkation zone, into Syria and take out the Islamic State
      but they do not?

  5. freddy says:

    The Russian Investigative Committee (SKR) has asked the UK authorities to render legal assistance in the criminal case over the poisoning of Yulia Skripal, the daughter of ex-double agent Sergei Skripal, SKR representative Svetlana Petrenko said Thursday. Russian investigators asked their British colleagues to carry out procedural actions aimed at establishing the circumstances of the crime and to provide copies of the materials of the criminal investigation. The SKR is asking for the results of the examination of the place where Yulia Skripal was found unconscious, as well as the results of her medical examination and the examinations conducted by the British investigators. RT

    It is now being said the Skripals were Novichoked by touching the door handle to their gaff, in Salisbury.
    If that is the case, the nerve agent took “quite” a while to become obvious?

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