Could You Fall in Love with Frankenstein?

This week the likes of Paul Craig Roberts and Peter Koenig have been very critical of the Russian response to the latest round of Russophobia coming from the West, in the wake of the totally ridiculous false flag that was the Salisbury poisoning affair. Roberts and Koenig and many others think that the Russians should have reacted more strongly to the wave of false accusations and insults coming from the West. Well, in my opinion the problem here is that when it comes to the American Empire the Russians, and the Chinese, are dealing with complete psychopaths. As I often say, it’s like a demented Frankenstein stomping around the world leaving behind mountains of death and destruction, a demented Frankenstein that’s dressed-up like Bambi by the biggest propaganda machine in history.

How do you deal with psychopaths who are in possession of the biggest military machine ever seen, which includes thousands of thermo-nuclear weapons..? I would say, very, very carefully, which is what the Russians and the Chinese have been trying to do. However, of late both the Russian and Chinese governments have issued very strong warnings that they are no longer going to tolerate the demented Frankenstein. The latest warning from the Chinese government came yesterday, with regard to American interference in Taiwan. This is against the backdrop of the petro-yuan which is going to be launched next week. The petro yuan will mean the demise of the petro-dollar, and it’s the petro-dollar that feeds the demented Frankenstein. Will the Frankenstein listen to these warnings? no, of course not, because it’s totaly demented and thinks that World War Three will be a walk in the park.

The only hope I see is if the ordinary people in the American Empire say that enough is enough. I don’t see this happening in America itself, because the people are so propagandised it’s a wonder they can still function as normal human beings. However, the false flag in Salisbury earlier this month is another matter. On Monday I did an airport run, to pick-up a relative who had flown in from the UK. She’s a Daily Mail reader, and all the rest of it, and yet was saying that the Salisbury poisoning and resulting attacks on Russia were ridiculous and a disgrace, risking a major war. Many, many people in the UK are now thinking this way, helped on by the five-year-olds on LSD, such as defence secretary Gavin Williamson and foreign secretary Boris Johnson.

Former British ambassador Craig Murray has done stirling work on the Salisbury poisoning false flag and as a result has come under heavy attack, both on a personal level and with attempts to take down his web site. If the Theresa May government falls as a result of the Salisbury poisoning false flag it will be like giving the Frankenstein a frontal lobotomy. It might just prevent the next world war.

Note: I appreciate that Frankenstein by the New York Dolls will not be everyone’s cup of tea. I include it here because it was released decades before 9/11. Listen to the lyrics.

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