The Liberation of East Ghouta

On yesterday’s Sunday Wire podcast Patrick Henningsen interviewed Vanessa Beeley for the best part of an hour. Beeley is on the ground in Syria and reports on the last of the western-backed terrorists to be removed from the Damascus suburb of East Ghouta. This effectively means that ISIS & Co have been totally defeated in Syria, by the Syrians, the Russians and the Iranians. Our western media constantly tell us about how evil these twerrible twerrorists are, yet they don’t seem to be reporting this defeat. Mind you, they did report widely on the ISIS ‘terror attack’ in France last week, which by funny coincidence occurred one day after riots in Paris against the Macron regime. The defeat of ISIS & Co in Syria is a major blow to the American Empire, as is the launch today of the petro-yuan. The big worry is how the American Empire will react to these things, particularly since The Donald has now surrounded himself with a bunch of absolute psychos. As per, you really couldn’t make this stuff up.

The following is a 12 minute segment from the interview Henningsen did yesterday with Beeley. For once I’ll keep my big mouth shut and will let this clip speak for itself…

The complete interview can be found here (it starts at about 32 minutes in).

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