I know this is not scientific, yet listening to a lot of UK phone-in shows today I would say that somewhere between 70% and 80% of the callers do not believe the official narrative about the Salisbury poisoning affair, and bear in mind that these radio stations try their best to screen these callers. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such rumblings from the public, not even in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Even more incredible, there seems to be a similar thing happening within parts of the Establishment, as evidenced yesterday when the head honcho of Porton Down, the appropriately named Mr Aitkenhead, gave a press conference in which he said that Porton Down scientists could not confirm that the ‘chemical weapon’ used in Salisbury came from Russia. This statement showed the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to be a complete liar (yet again), and has cast grave doubts on the already shaky Theresa May government, a government that I predict will be gone by the end of this coming June, following disastrous local election results in May and continuing fall out from the Salisbury poisoning false flag. This, despite the fact that the presstitutes give the Tories a free ride. What can I say about this bunch of appendages…

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