Psychopaths and Cockroaches

On Wednesday the American aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman, accompanied by seven warships, set sail for the Middle East. This flotilla will reach the eastern Mediterranean in about nine days time. Nine days until the end of the world..? Possibly – Trump, May, Macron and the rest of them are all batshit crazies who should be in jail rather than in public office. However, I do see some hope here: the psychopaths who rule us fear one thing more than anything else, and that thing is us, the plebs. Never have I seen public opinion so enraged with regard to this latest illegal war of aggression, a war being launched on the back of the quite blatant Salisbury poisoning and Syria chemical attack false flags (anyone who believes these events were real is, quite frankly, brain dead – and I should add that the aforementioned psychopaths are well aware that these events are staged). A YouGov opinion poll earlier this week showed that 43% oppose this latest war, with 22% in support and 34% don’t know. Going by what I see and hear, I don’t think this YouGov poll accurately reflects public opinion. An online poll conducted yesterday by the Glasgow Herald seems far more accurate, with 95% against military action. Likewise, Daily Mail reader’s comments tell a similar story. No one is buying this bullshit anymore. This is against the backdrop of continuing ‘austerity’ and an economy that’s about to collapse again, and the psychopaths want to blow billions of dollars on more murder in the Middle East while risking World War Three.

This brings me onto the presstitutes. Well, what can you say about the psychology of such cockroaches..? cockroaches who take a six figure salary to lie to the public and deliberately inflame tensions in a world where there’s still thousands of thermo-nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert. In the present climate all it will take is just one missile fired accidentally and that’s it, we’re all dead. These cockroaches should be prosecuted; but at the moment the presstitutes are in ‘consideration mode’; ie, they’re trying to make it appear that this is not a mad rush to war. The Salisbury poisoning false flag, etc, shows what a lie this is. Consideration Mode does bring up some good moments, such as yesterday on the BBC Breakfast programme, when they interviewed Peter Ford, the former British Ambassador to Syria. Mr Ford tells it how it is and is well worth watching…

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