It Gets Darker and Darker

Here we go again: I’ve never seen anything like it, with regard to the recent hit pieces by the Guardian, BBC, CNN et al, against independent journalists, academics, indeed any relatively high profile person who questions the official narrative (Moon of Alabama have recently published a very good piece which chronicles these attacks/smear campaigns). What’s terrifying about these (very clumsy) hit pieces is that they are co-ordinated across the entire mainstream media, a mainstream media that does not question the official narrative and hold power to account, which is what it is meant to do. The rot here goes back many decades. The following is a Guardian piece published in 2000, one year before 9/11:

Has Fleet Street been over-run by the intelligence agencies? David Leigh unravels the hidden network of spooks at the heart of the British press

(the link I’ve given is to an archive site in Iceland, because in this 9/11ian age things tend to go down the memory hole. At the time of writing the piece is still up on the Guardian web site and can be found here)

The almost complete take-over of news/information has been documented more recently in this 2016 piece by the Red Green Alliance:

Top German Journalist: MSM News is Propaganda, We All Lie For The CIA!

What’s even more terrifying than the fact that we no longer have any kind of a free press is where this is quite obviously leading to. We’re almost at the point now where any criticism of the official narrative could result in your arrest and imprisonment. The psychopaths who rule us have been passing laws to this effect ever since 9/11, and in this respect the UK is top of the tree:

Theresa May’s new Fusion Doctrine is the policy of a dictator. There was no discussion or debate with elected representatives. The surveillance state has just announced it has no limits. This really is quite scary stuff.

The Espionage Act of 2017 is designed to arrest and imprison whistleblowers, journalists and their editors and then treat them as foreign spies. The Committee to Protect Journalists defined this law rather charitably as “preventing journalists from fulfilling their mission to hold power to account.”

Here’s Scottish MP Tommy Sheridan, being interviewed earlier this week on the Richie Allen Show. Whilst Sheridan doesn’t go into too much detail about the subject matter of this post, I find the interview to be an interesting snapshot of where we are at the moment. Yes, I’ll say it again: it’s quite terrifying…

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