Random Thoughts on Fascism

Our phone line has just been fixed after being out of order for eight days. This is not unusual in this part of the world. However, this time it wasn’t farm vehicles accidentally bringing down phone lines in the lanes, it was a fault with the phone wiring within the house. Cut a long story short, the telephone guy turned up on Friday morning and we managed to sort it out with some temporary wiring. The telephone system in our very large property is horrendously complicated and it will probably take me a while to figure out where the fault is. In the meantime, at least we now have some telephone and internet connection again.

Talking of which, for eight days the only access I had to information in the wider world was via our tv satellite system, which is all mainstream media. Oh-My-God, it’s dystopia writ large (which some high profile people are now railing against). We now live in a fascist lunatic asylum, a fascist lunatic asylum that is champing at the bit for World War Three, which will be the final war on this planet. These people are completely, totally and utterly insane. Fortunately there are still some who retain a modicum of sanity, whether you love George Galloway or loath him. I should also add that the HSBC are the most corrupt bank on the planet and to all intents and purposes they run Britain…

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