Superorganism – Something For Your Mind

I’ve long been reaching the stage where, politically, things are now so mad (and this madness is accepted by the public) that I’m not sure if I can continue commenting on it. As if all the false flag ‘terrorist’ attacks in recent years were not bad enough, so far this year we’ve had the Sergei Skripal poisoning affair (which was like something from Monty Python) and this week we’ve had the fake murder of a Russian journalist called Babchenko. ‘Surreal’ doesn’t do justice to the current state of play (particularly since it could result in the final war on this planet); so, let’s have some music:

In February 2017 a group calling themselves Superorganism independently released online a single called Something For Your Mind. In the space of a few days, the song landed in Spotify’s esteemed New Music Friday playlist, racking up millions of streams. There are a number of extraordinary things about Superorganism and I’ll start with the first: although many musos collaborate via the internet (in early 2017 most of the members of Superorganism had not met in real life), it’s the first time, as far as I’m aware, that an independently released hit single came out of it. Here’s Superorganism performing Something For Your Mind in December 2017, recorded by KEXP in Rennes, France…

The second perhaps not so extraordinary thing about Superorganism (considering that they were collaborating entirely via the internet) is that the band has 8 members who come from all four corners of the world. In March of this year they released their self-titled debut album, ‘Superorganism’, released by Domino Records. Here’s a track from it called Relax

Apart from coming from all four corners of the world, the ages of the 8 band members varies widely. When Superorganism formed last year the youngest member was Orono Noguchi, the lead singer, who was just 17 years old, whilst the oldest member of this newly formed band was 36 years old. Here’s what I consider to be one of the best tracks from their debut album, and it’s called Night Time

With their disparate ages, all 8 members of Superorganism now live together in a big house in the East End of London (go figure, especially since there’s a strong transgender theme to the band). Their debut album has some weak points but what I like about Superorganism is that they’re so off the wall. Take the lead singer Orono Noguchi, who looks to be about 12 years old (she’s actually now 18) and always looks sullen/deadpan when performing (Orono actually has a terrific sense of humour). This next track is called Everybody Wants To Be Famous and was recorded by KEXP in Rennes, France…

I’ll be very interested to listen to the next album that Superorganism put out. In the meantime here’s a recent brief interview with them, to give you a flavour of just how off the wall they are…

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