This House Believes Israel is a Rogue State

Many years ago I used to have some sympathy for Israel; but not any longer. Last Friday at the UN Security Council the United States was the only nation to oppose/veto a draft resolution calling for measures to protect Palestinians after more than 100 were killed by Israeli fire during protests at the Gaza fence…

This reminded me of a very good debate at the Cambridge Union that I watched three years ago. The motion was: ‘This House Believes Israel is a Rogue State’. I wanted to embed the video in this post, but surprise, surprise, the audio on this Cambridge Union YouTube video has been totally scrambled: you can’t hear anything. I did a search for it on other video platforms, and surprise, surprise, all audio scrambled (I’m not enough of a techy to know how they do this). There’s a ‘but’ here, and that is, if you’ve got headphones and plug them into your computer you can hear this debate perfectly. The proposition team included American academic professor Norman Finkelstein, author of one of the best books about the Holocaust, The Holocaust Industry; Palestinian academic professor Ghada Karmi (University of Exeter) and Jewish human rights activist Ben White.

The opposition team was lead by Vivian Wineman, president of UK’s powerful Jewish Lobby, the Board of Deputies of British Jews. She was assisted by Hannah Weisfelt, director of Israel lobby Jewish group Yachad and Davis Lewin, deputy director of another Israeli advocacy Jewish group, the Henry Jackson Society.

It’s well worth listening to (but you’ll need headphones; and if you want to get to the juicy bit go 1 hour 10 in, when Davis Lewin is roundly booed by the Cambridge Union audience). Here’s the link…

PS, I’ll try to capture this Cambridge Union video and put it up on another platform with full audio.

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