The Lights Are Going Out

Yesterday the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) adopted the appalling Article 13 proposal by Rapporteur MEP Axel Voss, during its vote on their Report on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. Just 25 MEPs on this committee (JURI) voted on this, with 15 yays and 10 nays (here). There are at the moment 751 members of the European parliament divided among the 28 member states. Just 15 of them on the Legal Affairs Committee have been allowed to vote through what is the most egregious assault on freedom of speech in EU history. If you want some idea of what EU Article 13 means see my previous post about it. How on Earth the EU can undemocratically push through totalitarian legislation like this is quite breathtaking. It will mean that blogs like mine will effectively be shut down, under threat of legal action if they’re within the EU. Discussion boards won’t be able to operate. The likes of Google/YouTube will have to censor everything posted within the EU – although Google/YouTube, et al, have been carrying out heavy censorship worldwide for at least the last two years (they’re a complete joke, folks).

In recent years the psychopaths who rule us have been losing control of the narrative (aka idiotic propaganda). It’s inevitable that the psychos will try to take back control. We’ve also had this recently in the USA with the repeal of the Net Neutrality Act. What I find even more worrying is that there’s been very little discussion in the so-called alternate media about all this, despite the fact that just about all of the alternate media will be closed down by the likes of the EU Article 13 and the repeal of the Net Neutrality Act in the USA. Talk about dying with a whimper as the lights go out.

There is still a slim hope, though, with regard to the aptly named EU Article 13, but don’t hold your breath on that one. Cantankerous bastards like me (with their own domain and web space) will continue to speak truth to power regardless. If these psychopathic criminal scum want to try and prosecute me for free speech, bring it on.

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