Spies, Lords and Predators

I used to post a lot on this blog about child sex abuse in the UK, child sex abuse carried out by high profile people. Of course, most child sex abuse is carried out by ordinary members of the public, but the fact that the high profile people are never prosecuted is an allowing mechanism for all the other paedos. Such sick and disgusting behavior has always been a part of the British Establishment and the perpetrators are rarely, if ever, prosecuted. It all gets covered up. However, three years ago, which was the last time I tackled this subject, there was real traction to start prosecuting these Establishment perverts. Here’s the first part of one of my last posts about it:

Tuesday 30 June 2015

On Sunday, Alison Saunders, the director of public prosecutions, announced that Lord Greville Janner will be prosecuted for historical child sex abuse offences (here). Saunders was forced to reverse her earlier decision not to prosecute Janner following an independent review, conducted by David Perry QC, which concluded that it was in the public interest to bring proceedings before a criminal court. It’s the first time that a director of public prosecutions has been made to overturn a major decision. The announcement on Sunday took everyone interested in this case by surprise, and it’s perhaps not a coincidence that it came at a time when the media was saturated with stories about Friday’s massacre in Tunisia.

At this stage it looks like Lord Janner could face a ‘trial of the facts’, in which a jury hears the evidence against an individual considered too ill to stand for trial (it is claimed that Janner has dementia). The charges relate to alleged offences of buggery and indecent assault committed against children between 1963 and 1988 by the former Labour MP. The youngest alleged victim was an eight-year-old boy at the time of the alleged offence. Janner is charged with indecently assaulting him between 1969 and 1970, and of buggery against him between 1963 and 1969. Another alleged victim was nine at the time. The others were aged between 12 and 16.


Shortly after I made that post, ABC’s 60 Minutes programme put out a piece called Spies, Lords and Predators, a detailed expose of the Westminster child sex abuse scandal. It was quite breathtaking that Australia’s state broadcaster had put out such a programme (if interested you can find it here). At the forefront of the calls for prosecution of these Establishment figures was Exaro, an online investigative news agency based in London. Exaro were mentioned a lot in the ABC documentary because at the time Exaro was also publishing pieces about former chancellor Kenneth Clarke, former Home Secretary Leon Brittan and many other high profile people. They also published pieces about the notorious Kincora Boys’ Home in East Belfast (MI5 used the Kincora Boys’ Home as a kind of honeytrap for high profile paedos, including leading members of Irish para-military groups).

In December 2015 the very elderly Lord Greville Janner died, apparently from natural causes, and the forthcoming trial against him was dropped. Shortly after that the mainstream media started doing a demolition job on Exaro (example from the Daily Mail, example from the Guardian, when it was still just about a real newspaper!). In July 2016 Exaro was closed down by its owner, which is a bugger because on this blog there are many links to Exaro articles and their web site is no longer online. Incidentally, during the period I’m covering here the Home Secretary was Theresa May, who had set-up an Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse (an inquiry which was designed to fail) and who is now prime minister.

It’s all been swept under the carpet again, and what’s hard to get your head around with all this is that while there are some really sick and evil people in this world, the vast majority of us are upright citizens: with so many people with knowledge of it how can they keep sweeping this child sex abuse under the carpet? John Wedger is a former Metropolitan Police detective constable. A few months ago Wedger gave witness testimony to The International Tribunal for Natural Justice. His testimony, in which he names some very high profile people, gives a real insight into the child sex abuse cover up…

The above is a somewhat formal testimony from John Wedger. You can find a less formal interview, in which Wedger gives more info, here.

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