Is Climate Change a Result of Human Activity, or Is It All Bollocks?

Last week, with regard to politics, was the craziest I’ve ever witnessed (and I’m now 54 years old). It’s getting to the stage where it’s difficult to comment on such madness. Here’s the online headlines for the Guardian, today 23rd July…

I’m over the chest infection now (and I’m afraid I’m back on the roll-ups) but my health is still not 100% because of some other issues. So, instead of commenting on current events, I’m going to chuck in this video, the latest one from Chris Hedges’ On Contact RT programme. Hedges interviews Adam Frank, an astrophysicist. As usual I don’t agree with everything said here. I include it because Adam Frank does a very good job of explaining how mind-bendingly vast the Cosmos is. Frank is a successor to Carl Sagan in this respect.

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